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They are married, have two children and since 2014 have been teaching sexuality courses for couples and single people and working with tantric therapies and integrated breathing therapies, special retreats and therapeutic groups at Tantra Yoga LAB, founded by them in 2015.




Tantra goes far beyond the sexual act and can initiate beautiful personal development. It brings a new way of looking at sexuality itself.


Sexual energy is also our vital energy and can be used to its full potential to make dreams come true, create and build our masterpiece on the planet.


Develop intimacy, create new forms of connection and live a more truthful, attuned, full of life and healthier relationship.

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love tantra

Maurício Cintrão


“Tantra Yoga LAB is a wonderful place with wonderful people, where new possibilities of peace, harmony and happiness are discovered.”

Love Tantra

Luiz Tadeu


“Dear, I recommend the Tantra Yoga Lab, coordinated by a couple of beautiful, happy and spiritual people… ..Note 1000. Gratitude for having welcomed my daughter with affection and love, who is also a tantric therapist… .peace and light .. "

Love Tantra

Helena Abelha


“The Sexuality and Tantric Massage course is done with great care, care in the content, attention to our doubts and turned me inside out, upside down and transformed me by clarifying the sensations that I had that something was missing for me to understand about the pleasure, because it is so neglected in our cultures. Pleasure is part of health. Sexual energy is vital energy and it is to flow. Upon stagnation, a sequence of energetic, muscular and respiratory blocks is generated. The result of the course was an Awakening from a decades-long sleep on the sense of pleasure, the orgasm that until then I thought was insufficient and was always needing more, as it was not spread throughout the body. parabéns Tantra Yoga LAB (Júlio and Gabriela) and continue offering online courses. Only then could I participate. ”

Love Tantra

Yasmin Pedrosa


“I have been following the content of the page and the online tantric massage course, I am really enjoying it and I recommend it!”

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Discover the Tantra course online

More and more people are looking for new ways to expand their awareness and achieve greater self-knowledge, and for this reason, the teachings on Tantra have been increasingly sought after. Contrary to what many people think, it is not exclusively about sex, but it deals with sexual energy as an important factor to mature and evolve.
Through our online courses you can start your full personal development and discover new ways to discover and improve your own sexuality.
Through the online Tantra teachings that we provide you will gain knowledge about the entire process that involves tantric therapy in very complete courses. Because they are very didactic, they are ideal for those just starting out.

Is it worth taking a Tantra course?

It is ideal for those looking to develop some areas of their life, such as the following:

  • Sexuality
  • Relationships
  • Professional qualification

For those who want to develop their full sexual potential and break free from whatever is blocking their energies in that area of ​​their life, tantric therapy is ideal. In addition, we have online courses for relationships, which involve meditation and other techniques, so that couples can have a greater connection.
If you wish to obtain professional training in the area, we offer a training course in tantric therapy, for people who wish to work in the most varied segments related to the subject.

How to find free Tantra courses?

Through our website you will find, for example, the free course for couples, which aims to allow your relationship to reach another level in terms of intimacy and sexual awareness.
This free Tantra course is ideal for those who want to know their partner better and everything that their relationship can offer.
Therefore, search for more information about our courses on our page and develop your full potential, so that your life gains more meaning and that you can trace a path of self-confidence towards success.

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