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Learn more about sexuality for couples

One of the aspects that has the potential to bring about greater transformation in a couple's life is sexuality. A tantric massage course for couples allows you to learn techniques to take your sex life to the next level.

Our learning platform is ideal for those who want to learn these techniques remotely. The online couples course allows you to practice everything your instructor teaches in the comfort of your home with all the privacy you want. Thus, this teaching method is ideal for those who want to fix the learned content more efficiently.

Sexuality for couples taught by those who understand easily

Tantric sex is still a topic that often generates many doubts among people, since it is rarely addressed in everyday life. However, those who come into contact with these techniques are able to transform intimacy with their partner and still improve their self-esteem.

In the couple course, tantra is also taught in theory, so that the student has a solid base and that he / she enters into the practices with all possible security. In addition, our platform provides all the support for students to take all their doubts, offering 1 hour of consultancy in 3 months with instructors very experienced in the area and who have been working in the field since 2014.

In addition, our course, being online, allows couples to return the videos whenever they are in doubt, another benefit in relation to the face-to-face classes.

What is the content of the sexuality course for couples?

In our course the student will get in touch with 11 modules that will allow him to have contact with a comprehensive content on the subject. The modules are as follows:

  • What is Tantra?
  • Modern Sexuality
  • Tantric Therapy
  • Initial Connections
  • Smell-Gustatory Experience
  • Sensitive Massage
  • Extrusions
  • Yoni Massage
  • Lingam Massage
  • G spot, P spot, Penetration
  • Complementary material

In addition, our couple therapy course also offers bonus Yoni Yoga content, a practice that has gained an increasing number of followers in recent years and which aims to benefit female health and sexuality. The student will also have access to the Bonus Course: Primordial Man, which aims to transform the male journey in search of deepening their sexuality, to the Bonus Course: Cosmic Woman, so that students learn to develop healthier relationships, and to ebooks and other resources .

There are many benefits involved in taking a course like this, after all, a couple can make their intimacy an even more "welcoming" place with the techniques learned, and experience a full partnership. Sign up for our course right now to realize the full potential of your relationship.


They are married, have two children and since 2014 have taught courses on sexuality for couples and single people and work with tantric therapies and respiratory therapies integrated in Tantra Yoga LAB, special retreats and therapeutic groups founded by them in 2015.

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