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Become a master in tantric therapy.

Training in Tantric Massotherapy helps many people who are looking for a job where they feel connected with their purpose.

For this reason, in this text we are going to present an ancient Indian technique that grows more and more: tantric therapy.

In addition, we will show you how to become a therapist through the online tantric therapy course.

Meet tantra

Tantra is a set of ancient teachings from a place that today we call India and that seeks the spiritual, physical and emotional development of the human being through its expression and body sensoriality.

Thus, in tantra, the expression of sexuality goes Far beyond of what we know in the West, encompassing meditation techniques, non-verbal communication and personal development.

To go a little deeper on what is Tantric philosophy and its current practice, read this article.


Be a Tantric Therapist

In addition to providing excellent financial performance, tantric therapy provides a high level of professional satisfaction to therapists.

This is because as a tantric therapist you will help your clients to unlock long-standing stagnant energies, traumas, fears and to rediscover their bodies and new ways of dealing with this vital vital energy.

therapy_tantrica_orgasmo_terapeuticoIt is a job that gives you the freedom to be your own boss, to make your own schedules and to travel the country attending.

Another positive point of acting as a therapist is that more and more people are looking for tantric therapists, but in Brazil this is a difficult professional to find.

In addition to learning therapeutic practice, within the online tantric therapy course, you can also learn how to work online.

What does a tantric therapist do?

A tantric therapy professional, that is, a tantric therapist, performs massage techniques, touches and meditation techniques that awaken therapeutic effects to his client and that go far beyond simple pleasure.

Pleasure is part of the context, because when we talk about tantra, we also talk about the body's freedom to feel and react to stimuli, but in tantra pleasure is worked in a way connected with other issues (emotional and spiritual) of the human being.

therapy_tantricBut, it is important to emphasize that this is not a sexual relationship between therapist and client. In the method we use the therapist is never naked and there are rules of bioethics that guarantee the safety of both.

I'm afraid to act in this area and be misunderstood

Don't worry, a well qualified professional in the field has all the ethical knowledge necessary to develop.

In the online tantric therapy course you will learn to publicize your work and exercise your function without violating any code of conduct and responsibility.

You will also learn how to teach courses, meditations and have the option of working over the internet.

How do I become a tantric therapist?

Tantric therapy training courses usually take place in large Brazilian tantra centers or even outside Brazil.

But, the good news is that today there is a possibility to study with experienced professionals with all the support, mentoring and assistance through the Tantric Massage Therapy course.

Why is it worth taking the online tantric therapy course?

The course is taught by Gabriela and Júlio. Both are tantric therapists for 6 years, sex therapists and trained in relationship coaches.

They have their own space, Tantra Yoga LAB, since 2015 and teach tantra courses since 2014.

The online tantric therapy course taught by them consists of 60 hours, including detailed video lessons and pdfs showing the techniques of tantric massage and meditations and

In addition, they give all the guidance to those who want start from scratch in that market.

online tantric therapy course

You will have lifelong access to the course, you will be able to attend classes as many times as you wish and you will have access to all new course updates.

Gabriela and Júlio teach from therapeutic ethics and conduct in care to how to choose a care room, how to set up your room, how to charge a fair amount and how to publicize your work.

In addition, they provide mentoring valid for up to one year from the date of purchase and offer an unconditional 7-day warranty.

All in a very transparent and didactic way.

The programme of Tantric Massage Therapy

This course is probably the most complete course in this area, because it is the only course that offers content so that you can work in different segments of the area.

We have compiled our knowledge, so that you can act both with individual massage therapy services, as well as facilitating group and individual massage therapy courses and we went even further, teaching you how to also develop a work on the internet.

So we simply compiled ALL what we’ve learned over the years.

All of this with updates, as we always improve everything we do, in addition to bonuses such as playlists, pdf, consulting, extra courses ...

Training in Tantric Massotherapy Online

It is more complete Training for Start working with Tantra from scratch...
It is currently the único training that covers all segments of work with tantric massage therapy ...
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It doesn't matter your knowledge, education… none of that matters… all you need to start is on the Training Course.
above-average potential of the Tantric Massotherapy Training Course Online is because we accompany you step by step in everything you need to create your business from scratch, using the method faster, simpler and that gives more results today.


They are married, have two children and since 2014 have taught courses on sexuality for couples and single people and work with tantric therapies and respiratory therapies integrated in Tantra Yoga LAB, special retreats and therapeutic groups founded by them in 2015.
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