Therapist Gabriela Ostronoff

Gabriela Ostronoff (Raga)  she is a tantric and renaissance therapist graduated from the Metamorfose Center in 2014, a Yoga Teacher graduated from the Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Center in 2013 and Swásthya Yoga in 2001. Upanisha Meditation Instructor Ananda Mandir (Atmanambi, India) in 2015. Doula, graduated from the Institute Cais do Parto in 2016. Studied Visual Arts at the University Center of Fine Arts of São Paulo. Since 2016, she has used special techniques of pompoirism, yoga and breathing to promote a better quality of life for her students and achieve altered states of consciousness. Participated in several workshops on Bioenergetics, body expression and meditation around the world.

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