Therapist Ivy

Specialized in sexual dysfunctions / difficulties. Researcher of female orgasm problems. Advisor for a happier sex life.

The service is directed, according to the needs of each person and aims to provide self-knowledge, healing and a new sensory experience. All work is aimed at increasing the capacity for pleasure in life as a whole.

Takes courses for couples and individuals.

Brooklin Space Coordinator.

Graduated in Dentistry, she opted for the Body Therapy area by vocation.

Psychotherapist Graduate Student in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy at CETCC

Post-Graduation in Therapy and Sex Education at CEPPS Institute

Yoga teacher for over 15 years. He uses many techniques in his service.

Tantric Therapist for over 9 years

Researcher of the pleasures of the female body and its relationship with emotions and beliefs. He considers that sexual pleasure is a capacity that everyone has. It is only necessary to learn how to leverage it.


  • 2010 Training in Tantric Therapeutics
  • 2014 Couples Delerium
  • 2014 Post-Graduation in Human Sexuality-Pérola Byington Hospital / CEPPS
  • 2004 Yoga Training - University of Yoga do Brasil


  • Meets with Tantric Massage
  • Meets with Tantric Therapeutics
  • Meets with Course for Couples
  • Minister Individual Course of Tantric Massage

Schedule a session with Ivy:

+55 11 96247-5867