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Lingam Massage

Lingam is a word from Sanskrit (a sacred Hindu language) that means "support column" or "penis".
Male tantric massage offers men new horizons to experience and feel pleasure. 

Learn to provide this experience to your partner, through complete video lessons.

All the maneuvers of male tantric massage are done in order to decondition the old sexual patterns linked to the addiction of masturbation, linked to the exaggerated concern in erection and ejaculation, through varied maneuvers, which wake up new sensory areas, and, if done in a consistently, creates new erection-sustaining habits and expands male pleasure.
It is possible to achieve dry orgasms, full body orgasms.

lingam massage



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Gabriela Ostronoff

Founder TYL

She is a Tantric and Reborn Therapist graduated from Centro Metamorfose in 2014, Yoga Teacher graduated from Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Center in 2013 and Swásthya Yoga in 2001. Upanisha Meditation Instructor Ananda Mandir (Atmanambi, India) in 2015. Doula, graduated from the Institute Cais do Parto in 2016. Studied Visual Arts at the University Center of Fine Arts of São Paulo. Since 2016, she has been using special pompoir, yoga and breathing techniques to promote a better quality of life for her students and achieve altered states of consciousness. Participated in several workshops on Bioenergetics, body expression and meditation around the world. 

júlio marques

Julio Marques

Founder TYL

He is a tantric and rebirth therapist graduated from Centro Metamorfose in 2013. He holds a degree in Mechanical Engineering from the Federal University of Minas Gerais in 2012. Meditation Instructor from Upanisha Ananda Mandir (Atmanambi, India) in 2015. He taught several Tantra groups such as Caminho do Love, Delerium for couples and individual courses and group courses of Tantric Massage. He specializes in active meditation and human sexuality at the Metamorphosis Center and in Sexual Therapy certified by DGERT (Portugal).
They are married, have two children and since 2014 have taught courses on sexuality for couples and single people and work with tantric therapies and respiratory therapies integrated in Tantra Yoga LAB, special retreats and therapeutic groups founded by them in 2015.


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