Today our conversation will be about female energy!

We live in a patriarchal society, that is, where male values ​​and constitutions prevail. In this case, to the detriment of the feminine. Thus, for years we were subjugated and forced to fit into patterns that belittle our feminine energy, disempowered us and placed us in a position of purpose and not of human beings.

Although little by little the world is changing, we still suffer from the effects of this influence on our daily lives.

Vyou, at some point in his life he has already encountered obligation to adopt male postures for get place in society and were you frustrated by that? Or have you just complained about why you weren't born a man during a menstrual period? These are signs of the current disconnection with our feminine.

If this has already happened to you, you have probably moved away from your feminine energy and today we are going to talk a little more about it for you!

What is feminine energy?

According to ancestral philosophies, the energetic universe is composed of two different energies: the feminine and the masculine. We can see in our Western culture the reflection of this thinking about dualities like: good and bad, shadow and light, etc.

This duality is the balance of life.

Thus, it is natural that women and men (cis or trans) have a strong connection with the driving energy of their gender.

The Feminine, for women, is nothing more than the feminine essence in each one of us. When we connect with the feminine, we awaken awareness turned for our body, our femininity and mainly about being a woman.

Thus entering into connection with our purpose, our essence, our cycle and with nature.

Female Nature and Energy

In ancient times, the female figure was considered sacred before society, due to its ability to reproduce and its cycles. When we observe nature, we can clearly define its cycles: spring, summer, autumn and winter. Or the cycles of the moon: growing, full, waning and new.

The tribal woman was just like that, her cyclical nature (which remains today) was much clearer and more evident, completely connected to the cycles of nature.

As women, our essence is wild, tribal. Our connection with nature is very intense and to get in touch with the feminine energy, having this intimacy is essential.

Thus, we are more authentic, joyful, happy and free.

Activating this energy is extreme importance for women, as it helps you to accept your own body and our natural cycles like menstruation, pregnancy and childbirth. Understanding what menstruation is, the changes it causes in our body or even how pregnancy works, what we feel as we generate a new life in our womb is to reconnect with its essence.

How to awaken your feminine energy

First of all it is important that you know that everything that is necessary to connect with your feminine essence is within yourself. To reconnect with it, it is essential to look inside.

Before anything, we must disconnect from the external and take time for you, away from cell phones or electronic devices or people who can disturb this moment.

Tantra in this respect provides us with a very deep connection to our energy. Through active meditations and the connection with our Yoni we deepen the bonds with our own body and with our essence.

This is fundamental to awaken the Feminine that lives in us.

Even in the sexual aspect. Our sexuality is empowering and for that reason to have sexual self-knowledge, to understand our desires and our pleasure is to appropriate its essence in a subtle, delicate and loving way.

Thus, developing your own perception of the feminine nature and observing your cycle when you are in your menstrual period is the first step towards that connection. 

Reflect on what menstruation is, how you feel emotionally, how your body feels and what changes it implies in you and try to learn more about your body.

Apply this knowledge in your daily life it will cause changes in your lifestyle and in the way you understand and see things.

Feminine Energy and Empowerment.

Probably at some point in your life you may have heard about empowerment, we know that eUnderstanding yourself and your feminine essence is to reconnect with your consciousness, is to accept your own cycles and this all provides you with a huge gain in self-esteem.

Self-esteem is a fundamental step fora empowerment, and eth, for your time has connection with our happiness and fulfillment. 

One of the safest ways to empower yourself is through the body. Practices that awaken your sensations and your body and energy awareness.

Here at Tantra Yoga Lab, we have a course called Yoni Yoga, where we work on feminine energy through practices such as pompoirism, tantric meditations and Yoni Eggs.

To learn more, access this link.

That's it for today, I hope you next week for a new conversation!


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