Hello, Namaste! Welcome to our Manual of female pleasure!

This is Gabriela, coordinator of the Tantra Yoga LAB. In the last few days I told you, on Instagram, that we would create content about female sexuality.

But, why do we need to talk about female sexuality? After all, today there is more and more sex-oriented content for women.

Well, there is a growing wave, although not universal, of normalizing sexuality. Talking about sex is getting more and more normal and that's wonderful. But, are we talking about sex in a healthy and educational way? Or do we just reproduce old behaviors that for years have disempowered and disconnected women from their own sexuality?

Thinking about it is the first step to developing a conscious, healthy and pleasurable sexuality, of course! For this, self-knowledge and improving our perception of pleasure are essential.

So, here you will find a little manual of female pleasure!

Female Pleasure Manual: why talk about female sexuality?

During our history as a society, female sexuality was given to men and for a long time female pleasure was considered equal to theirs, or rather, dependent on male desire. Science had no genuine interest in this issue. So much so, that the first sighting of the clitoris was in the mid-1500s and he was given the function of expelling the pee (quite different from what we know today).

It was only in 2009 that we finally had full knowledge of this body, whose function is to give pleasure. This is beautiful, isn't it? It is a wonderful organ, much like a flower. But, that for a long time was a real mystery.

For this reason, it is so important to talk about female sexuality in an open and clean way. Here, we will be talking about very deep subjects that most of the time is only possible in a paid course. But, I will make all of this available for FREE.

With only one condition: that you are present with me. Read, comment and mainly: PRACTICE. Just practice all the content that will reconnect you with your essence and your pleasure.

Ufa! Now, come on?

Pleasure Manual for Girls: meet your best friend!

Ready! Now let's start our practical content? First, before having pleasure, it is necessary to contact our Yoni. In other words, our vagina.

Yoni is a Sanskrit word that represents "sacred temple" or even "source of life". Thus, it is a very beautiful, caring and profound way to call your genitals. In Tantra, we use this nomenclature for an extremely important reason: it is a way of disconnecting from the pejorative and sometimes derogatory names we have been taught.

Basically, our internal and external anatomy looks like this:

Credits / Moon within you

Within our vaginal canal, we have 3 segments that are moved with the pelvic floor musculature. And we also have several areas of pleasure like the G-spot, cervix and etc.

In this IGTV, you can check out a little more about area G and how it can provide pleasure for women!

When we analyze the external aspect (vulva) better, we have the following structure:

Credits / Anatomy and Physiotherapy

And that little button right up there is the clitoris. One of the easiest areas to be identified that gives an incredible pleasure to the woman.

However, it is important to keep in mind that it is not only he capable of providing an orgasm. But, calm down, we'll talk about that later. Now, the time has come to know the internal structure of the clitoris.

The famous clitoris

That “button” is just the outside of it. Internally it looks like this:

For the woman to be ready to receive a penetration it is extremely important that the entire clitoral region (not just the outside) receives the ideal amount of blood. This takes, on average, 20 minutes. While the man only needs a little more than 5 minutes to get ready for sex.

This anatomical difference, which most of the time is unknown, is what makes women feel pain or discomfort during penetration. Taking advantage of the theme, let's make one thing very clear: feeling pain on penetration is not normal!

Men get excited more quickly so it is normal not to be ready for penetration, even if the partner is. And that is why exploring your own sexuality alone, without the need for a partner, is so important, to develop self-knowledge and increase your pleasure in the hour.

The moment you become aware of your body and your pleasure, your sexuality opens up and you always have great relationships. Whether alone, or with a partner.

But, after all, how to start to create a healthy touch habit? To expand your pleasure?

Female pleasure: female masturbation is training your body for pleasure

Female masturbation is an act of love and affection, or even relaxation. But, it is not something "forbidden" that is only done by those who do not have a steady partner or do not feel fulfilled. Calm down! Female or male masturbation is extremely necessary to train your body to capture the most subtle levels of pleasure, prepare your body for orgasm and improve your orgasmic ability.

So, it is important to start taking time out for yourself. Start with 10 minutes and expand the time as you feel more and more pleasure.

The tip here is: prepare the internal and external environment. In other words: take time out for yourself, clear your head of worries and focus 100% on the present. Play good music and stimulate yourself with things that arouse your pleasure.

For example, you can have a glass of wine, eat aphrodisiac foods, or add incense you love: remember this is a gift for yourself.

Take a delicious shower and cream your entire body. Remember to have a lubricant or a vegetable oil like coconut oil (which is great for vaginal flora!)

Then, in a comfortable place with a pleasant temperature, start the auto touch. Touch the outer region of your Yoni, massage the large lips, the groin area.

The rule is: start from the outside in.

When you feel fully aroused, start touching your clitoris or the inner part of the vaginal canal.

Having the habit of stimulating your vaginal canal with your fingers or a dildo is very important to increase the levels of perception of pleasure inside the vaginal canal, which increases your pleasure at the time of a sexual intercourse, allowing fantastic orgasms to 2!

Here what matters is not having a rule! It is not a step-by-step. But, it is to surrender the curiosity of the moment.

Female Pleasure Manual: your Yoni is an amusement park.

Of course, as I said, the intention is not to rule your self-touch in a definite way. You need to know yourself and understand what you like or dislike. But, to make your way easier, I have separated some tips to touch the main areas of pleasure of our body!

  • Breasts - Start by massaging the outside. And only when you are very excited touch your nipples. Delicate tightening, pinching movements with your fingertips or even massage with your palms are interesting.
  • Clitoris - The clitoris can be massaged in several ways. But, try putting it between your fingers and making a back and forth motion. Round or “infinite” movements are also great.
  • G spot - With your fingertips or a dildo, gently press the wrinkled area on the top of your vaginal canal. Make back and forth or circular movements in a delicate but firm way. It's incredible!
  • Cervix - This region, located near the cervix is ​​deep in the vaginal canal. Touching it has the texture of the tip of a nose. To stimulate this region, slow and circular movements are the most indicated.

But, remembering that these were just SOME of the points of pleasure, but to pass all the tantric anatomy with rigor of details is very difficult in a simple post. So, if you want to deepen your pleasure and develop your feminine energy, through pelvic movement and the use of Yoni Eggs (which we will talk more about in another post) get to know the course Yoni Yoga.

Within our Yoni there is an endless sea of ​​possibilities and our whole body is orgasmic. Make time for yourself today and then tell me how your experience was! It can be through the Instagram direct or right here, in the comments.


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