Pompoar is the ability to control the contraction and relaxation of the vaginal muscles. By learning the techniques, the woman is able to control the three circumvaginal rings separately, being able to increase the sexual act only with the movement of her muscles, apart from all the other benefits for the woman's health.

Although for us westerners the technique is still very little explored, in countries like India it is passed from mother to daughter, with the aim of increasing sexual pleasure. But, anyone who thinks that this technique is only to improve sex is mistaken.

The increase in muscle tone in the genital region helps in problems such as urinary and fecal incontinence, in uterine prolapse, prepares the birth canal and contributes to postpartum recovery, combats vaginal dryness (true villain after menopause), increases libido and intensifies orgasms.

Health Benefits
Strengthening the muscles of the vagina.

Prevents bladder fall.

Prevents and helps in the treatment of urinary incontinence.

Improves lubrication in menopause.

Decreased menstrual cramps.

Decreased constipation.

Facilitates normal delivery and helps recovery.

Benefits for sexuality
Increase in libido.

Increases the production of pheromones.

Assists in the treatment of vaginismus.

The trained vaginal musculature will be able to massage and other movements on the partner's penis.

It is common to trigger changes in behavior in Pompoarists, connecting with their personal power, changing the way they walk, dress…

Learn pompoirism in a practical way in a very lively course, where students feel relaxed and comfortable, as it is extremely pleasant to discover what we are capable of doing!



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