We still dance stepping on each other's feet

We live a dance, between the male and female world. Men normally vibrate in a denser, more logical and concrete frequency. Women vibrate in a more subtle, intuitive, perceptive, sensory frequency. This dance can create, in relationships, separation, communication failure and lack of rapport. This can create the feeling in women that men do not love and understand them.

This distance, in general, causes crises in the relationship because if there is no communication, there is no synchrony, there is no harmony and there is no understanding. Men have, in general, an education focused on superficial sexuality, pornography and oriented in a macho manner. So, many times, they see women as material achievements. In contrast, women have a Christian education focused on chastity, on guilt related to pleasure. Such education creates a large part of this communication difficulty.

Oxytocin as a love hormone

The woman seeks protection at the moment of sexual intercourse. She seeks affection, lovingness, connection, harmony. So that she can surrender, if she opens up there is trust in the relationship. How to trust if the man was educated to consume it, to dominate it, to hunt it?

Therefore, this confidence must be achieved through more effective communication and the man's search for an understanding of the female vibrational frequency. He must seek to tune in with a frequency of greater lovingness, understanding, care. For by tuning in to this frequency it helps the woman and induces the release of oxytocin in the female body. Oxytocin is the main hormone that favors female orgasm, it is the hormone that leads women to surrender and confidence.

Pornographic sex education and its consequences for men and women

Pornographic films lead men to live an aggressive, raw, primitive sexuality. For this reason and other things, male sex education is still a sexist sex education, dense, full of domination games. However, this aggressive vibration should not be taken to the moment of love relationships.

Sexual relations cannot be guided by the energy of competition, of aggressive, raw, primitive domination. But they must be guided by the energy of communion, attunement, delivery, care and loving-kindness. These are essentially feminine values ​​and energies.

Women are tired of being beaten and that is why many of them are seeking and living relationships with other women. That is why it is necessary for man to evolve and understand that the world of the future is more feminine, less competitive, more collaborative, less warrior.

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