Do you believe it is possible to find your soul mate?

Or, can the relationship you are in be transformed into a relationship between two soul mates?

After all, it is possible create a soul mate?

By the end of this article you will know how it is possible to develop and take your relationship to the next level of connection and attunement.

What are soul mates?

Soulmate: Soul mates are sister souls. Like two biological twin brothers. But in the case of the soul, it is somewhat more complex and difficult to identify, since we are not able to “see” someone's soul that easily, is it?

According to Plato, our consciousness is divided into three planes: physical(sum), psychic(psyche) and mood ou soul. The word soul comes from the «lat [im] anĭma, and means“ breath, air; encouragement, the principle of life; the soul, as opposed to the body ”.

The physical plane is the plane of the biological body, the most primitive, instinctive and gross sexual attraction. The psychic plane refers to our affinities and tastes, like a song, a book, a movie, a hobby. Already the soul plane is related to our essence, our mission as a spiritual being.

When two beings come together on the physical, psychic and spiritual planes, we say, then, that they are soul mates. Because they connected in essence, in the beginning of life, in the spirit, in what makes us breathe.

This designation goes back to Plato. In "The Banquet", Plato describes Androgynus' Greek myth. In an original time there were three sexes: man, woman and their union.

The latter would be like spheres, with four arms, four legs, two faces, two trunks ... and one soul. In finding themselves superior because they were such a harmonious whole, men challenged the gods. Promptly the gods punished them, dividing them in half. And since then, we have all been looking for the person who, at the beginning of time, was the other half of us.

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Soul mates in Kabbalah

The Zohar, the main book of Kabbalah, teaches that before descending into this world, the soul has at the same time two complementary aspects - a masculine and a feminine.

When the soul is reincarnated, the masculine aspect usually comes in a man's body and the feminine aspect comes in a woman's body (but we know that this can happen differently, which explains homosexual couples).

These two halves of the same soul are soul mates.
Finding and marrying your soul mate, according to Kabbalah, provides the greatest fullness you can feel in this life.

What is a soulmate for?

All souls aim at spiritual evolution, and loving relationships are a fundamental part of this evolution, providing us with some of the most important lessons we have to learn.

But the real goal of getting together with your soul mate is not simply to feel pleasure.
Together, soul mates can achieve the soul's ultimate goal in this world - total connection with the Creator's Light through spiritual transformation.

“When a couple of soul mates unite in this body-soul connection, they will begin to mix their soul energies. 

The practice of sacred sex will allow them to experience the static joy of returning to Unity as a physical experience.

This union and mixture of body and soul energies will create a spiral vortex or path to the realm of Spirit and Source. This energy will then be drained from the Higher Planes to activate and energize the souls and bodies of the two partners.

In the ancient world, the rituals of sacred marriage and sacred sex were practiced by priests and priestesses to ensure the flow of Divine Grace to the community while maintaining the balance of the microcosm in perfect order.

In the New Earth, all couples united by the soul will have the opportunity to enter into "sacred marriages" where they will learn to unite their energies and bring the flow of Divine Grace to the Planet. "

Archangel Michael, channeled by Celia Fenn.


How to find a soul mate?

To find someone in tune with our divine essence, we need to be aware of our soul and our essence ourselves. The deep discovery of yourself leads you to be closer to those who resonate with you.

When we are on a true search for an authentic purpose, naturally, along the way, we find like-minded souls. Without straining. Within this context it is much easier to find someone who is really special.

Soulmates and amorous delusions

Painful experiences, disappointments, mismatches in love relationships are common throughout life. Often these experiences block us and create beliefs that take us away from our more compatible soul mate. But they are part of our inner search and should be seen as learning.

Sometimes the simple fact that we are out of sync with our personal mission blocks meetings and takes us off our natural route as spiritual beings.

There are many ways to break these barriers and facilitate the meeting of a soul mate. There are many therapies, meditations and methods that try to assist us in this relentless pursuit that most of us have at heart.

But is it worth spending your life behind your soul mate?

Great soul love resists through many lifetimes. But the relentless pursuit of that encounter is not healthy. It is good to remember that, ultimately, we are ALL potential soul mates.

We all came from Unity, from the same Creator. The Great Spirit is abundant, and will offer us several suitable “soul mates”. We just need to enter into a Sacred Union or partnership as a way of expressing our inner Divinity.

The intense need to “find” a certain soul does not mean that only that soul is available.
We are allowed to choose the soul that resonates with our heart.

Can the person you are with be your soul mate?

We often build entire lives based on a relationship, but we are not convinced that that relationship is healthy for our spiritual evolution. It is possible that it is possible that it is not. After all, this is not accurate math.

When it comes to relationships it is possible that we are with someone who is not our most compatible soul mate, but who on many levels is in tune with us.

But is it possible to develop a relationship to the point of transforming it into an alchemical, tuned and connected relationship?

Tantra says yes!

“In the East we have developed a science: if you can't find a soul mate, create one. And that science is Tantra. Finding a soul mate means finding the person with whom your seven chakras naturally meet. This is impossible. From time to time, a Krishna and a Radha, a Shiva and a Shakti. And when it does, it is tremendously beautiful. But it's like lightning - you can't depend on it. Tantra is the science of turning normal lovers into soul mates. And that is the greatness of Tantra. It can transform the whole earth; it can turn all couples into soul mates. ”Osho.

There are tantric meditation techniques that bring the possibility to accept the challenge to look at the truth of that relationship head on. To know if we are ready to receive our soul mate or not. To realize if the other is really with you in search of this divine marriage or not.

Tantric techniques for deepening relationships

The couple meditation techniques, which we provide in this free ebook, even serve as a diagnosis of the level of connection and delivery of a relationship.

There is no need to be afraid if an incompatibility becomes evident. Be sure that the universe has a much more compatible soul for you!

But if you feel that your relationship has potential and you want to go beyond what you have already achieved, perhaps our method can take you even further.

For there to be a connection of souls it is necessary to be open, vulnerable, surrendered. In our practice of Tantra, Sacred Sex, Maithuna or whatever they want to call it, we learn to surrender.

We learned to remove the masks and show our essence. When reciprocal, we managed to unite the three planes of Plato's man: Soma, Psyche and Nous. Learn more about our complete method for couples, who wish to learn in practice about tantric sexuality.

“Tantra is a scientific approach. Tantra is alchemy; you can transform your centers, you can transform each other's centers, you can create a rhythm and harmony between you and your loved one. That is the beauty of Tantra. ” Osho.

Give yourself a chance and try our free online workshop. register here.

Want to know even more about soul mates?

We leave a video of dear Lúcia Helena Galvão, in a beautiful and enlightening class on Soul Mates:




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  2. Maria de lourdes February 20, 2019 at 09:31 pm

    How to discover soul mate

    1. admin February 22, 2019 at 06:39 pm

      Good morning Maria!
      You are in a relationship? If so, we recommend that you start this process of discovering your soul mate by taking our free workshop: Remember that at first we are all soul mates, because we came from the same creator. But there are more compatible souls. When we feel this incompatibility, it is possible to “get the pointers right” and maintain a healthier relationship, with compassion and love for others using simple techniques.
      If you have not yet found a person, we indicate that as soon as you meet someone who shows a possibility, that you use the techniques of the free course to identify, right away, the degree of compatibility.

  3. Adriana Luisa da Silva February 22, 2019 at 08:55 pm

    I lived with a person for 20 years, today we separated, I met a person ten years older than me. I have thirty-eight status. Person is forty-eight. At the beginning everything was very good, but now it is always in trouble and making it difficult to get closer. I always text her views and didn't respond and when she responds and just the basics. So yesterday I sent him a message saying that I was going to get him out of my life because he was not caring about our feelings. I was thinking all night that I did the right thing. I like him more.

    1. admin February 23, 2019 at 05:53 pm

      Strengthen yourself Adriana. Look for activities and environments that have to do with you. Take care of yourself. Nurture self-love. Travel, meet new people and in tune with you. So you will feel better and will stop putting energy in those who do not deserve your affection. There is nothing more aphrodisiac than a happy and loving woman. 😉

  4. Cleuza Silva Bezerra February 24, 2019 at 09:45 pm

    Good morning. I'm with a man 15 years younger than eight years ago I don't want anything more serious like a husband because I think the age difference is too big if we see each other three to four times a week and eight years and everything is wonderful you know one incredible tune more often I think that the difference in age and big I always tried I went out more never with him he comes after me I love him and I know that he despite me he never said I love you in words but his attitudes always shows that he loves me very

  5. Valda Lopes February 25, 2019 at 16:57 pm

    I would like to know why my relationship doesn’t go ahead dating with this man for 8 years I like him a lot and he likes me but it seems that something is working we don’t know what it is

  6. Alcivania March 10, 2019 at 08:09 pm

    I want to know but I was never happy in love

  7. Aline March 11, 2019 at 12:44 pm

    Soulmate, it seems such a beautiful word, never before did I believe that there would be someone who was compatible with me, in every way, when I finally thought I had found it, in fact it was an illusion of my mind, everything seemed connected but still something was missing. I still want to believe, no matter how difficult it is, I know he is somewhere.


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