Tantric massage

Among several holistic therapies that address sexuality, tantric therapy, without a doubt, is the one that most covers all of our bodily, emotional and energetic aspects.

This causes the benefits of this type of massage to be addressed in various media.

Because it is surrounded by popular taboos and beliefs, most people feel a certain fear when we put this matter in check.

But, calm down. Today our conversation will be full of love and explanations so that you understand what a tantric massage is and how it can benefit your life and that of your partner.


After all, what is tantra?

Tantra is a Western philosophy based on Hindu, Taoist and Tibetan traditions. Its appearance is extremely old, an exact dating is very complex, but some scholars believe that it appeared in AD VI or VII.

Its characteristics are egalitarian and sensory. Where the masculine and the feminine are seen with equality and sacredness, the body and its sensations are worthy of admiration and not repression.

The word "Tantra" comes from Sanskrit and is composed of two acoustic roots: tan, which means "to expand" and tra, which means "instrument".

So, when we look at the word in the literal sense, we understand that this philosophy literally means an “instrument to expand”. But, expand what? Expand our awareness, our ability to feel and give pleasure, our self-love and our spirituality.

This is Tantra.

Tantric massage

Benefits of tantric therapy: what is this therapy that uses tantric massage?

Tantric massage therapy is a holistic treatment that uses the knowledge of the philosophy we have just presented to promote energy rebalancing, overcome trauma and blockages, undo limiting beliefs, awaken sexual energy and expand the ability to feel pleasure.

Although Tantra is very old, massage as we know it today is more recent. The official appearance is dated 1977, in Berlin / Germany.

It is a complex and advanced study, which combines Tantric philosophy with studies in several other areas. We can cite as theoretical references: Wilhelm Reich, Carl Jung, Carl Rogers, Alexander Lowen, Mantak Chia, Joseph Kramer and Annie Sprinkle.

Ufa! How much, isn't it? Now you must be asking yourself: why do I need to know this, to know the benefits of tantric therapy?

It is extremely important to understand the ancient wisdom and the most modern studies that support this type of therapy, to understand how it works to achieve incredible changes in patients.

In addition, it guarantees a quality and professional service. As it is a branch linked to sexuality, one of the ways to mask other types of services such as prostitution is to use the term "massage parlor" or "erotic massage".

It is worth mentioning that the tantric massage is a TECHNICAL procedure, where the therapist remains DRESSED, respects and does not exceed the client's limits. It is not just linked to pleasure, but to the countless possibilities of our bodies.

Ready! We went through all the technical parts and now, let's talk about the benefits you can find for yourself and your partner through tantric massage. Whether practiced by a therapist, or applied by the couple themselves, provided they follow the principles of the technique.

Tantric massage

What are the benefits of tantric therapy?

There are several positive points in starting this type of therapy. Let's start?

Dissolution of blocks, traumas and fears

Sexuality in our society is treated as a taboo. So, we spent all childhood and adolescence listening to phrases like:

"Take your hand off there."

"It's dirty."

"It doesn't do what's wrong."

Although these types of phrases are very common in the vast majority of families, they are the first signs that create resistance to sex and our own bodies.

Added to this is our load of personal experience. Frustrated experiences, demands from society and abusive relationships contribute to the emergence of disparaging thoughts and fears that only reinforce problems related to sexuality.

Tantric therapy breaks down these barriers and shows that your body is capable of giving pleasure and has incredible orgasmic ability! This type of massage brings body awareness and breaks these limiting beliefs in a very loving and subtle way.

Healing sexual dysfunctions

Sexual dysfunctions are a reality for a large part of people around the world. Only in Brazil, at least 40% of men Brazilians suffer from erectile dysfunction.

This is just one of them.

Men can present in short form: premature ejaculation, rapid ejaculation, delayed ejaculation, low penile sensitivity and low libido.

Although many people believe that these problems are purely male, women are the ones who suffer most from problems related to sexuality. A good example of this is that a large portion of them have not yet experienced an orgasm.

Women may have: Anorgasmia, low libido, disorganization, vaginismus, etc.

It turns out that the minority of these disorders has a physiological origin. In other words, the vast majority of them originate from the psychological, emotional or energetic side, which are exactly the points worked on in tantric therapy.

The alignment of the chakras, breaking of taboos (as we talked about in the previous topic) and even the process of self-knowledge and self-liberation that occur in a session are the factors that enable this benefit.

Awakening sexual energy and creative potential

Within our body is the strongest energy that exists. She is responsible for all of our creative and materializing potential. Sexual energy, also known as kundalini, is a powerful driver of our lives.

According to tradition, it remains dormant in our spine until it is awakened.

Tantric massage sessions are ideal for waking up that base energy that exists in all of us.

This is essential to irrigate our entire body and thus, our life. When we let our base flow, our whole life follows and we achieve peace, balance and prosperity.

Deepens the couple's connection

Meditation techniques and tantric massages, when performed by couples (one partner does the other) deepens the connection and creates a deep intimacy, which is the basis of any healthy and happy relationship.

One gets to know the body of the other “like the back of his hand”, he is free to explore areas that were not touched before and to provide gigantic pleasure.

Another important point is that the practice as a couple strengthens ties and intimacy, after all, we are giving ourselves completely. Whether for those who play or for those who receive.

Improves communication

This is a very important issue these days. It is very likely that you have already realized how much people are distant and ultimately end a relationship simply because of the lack of communication.

Some do not know how to express what they feel, while others end up imposing their wills uncontrollably. This problem that is already rooted in various relationships out there is simply an imbalance in communication.

The practical tantric techniques promote an improvement in communication for two different reasons.

The first is that when rebalancing all your chakras, including the person responsible for the way we communicate and express ourselves to the world.

The second is due to the intimacy we mentioned in the previous topic, which aligns the couple in an indescribable way that only those who have already proven this connection and integration are able to describe.

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