How can we not know?

Yeah! In this article you will understand why this search may be boycotting your sex life, especially if you already have difficulties in this matter.

What does no one say about reaching orgasm?

How many women do you know know how to reach orgasm? How many of them reach orgasm frequently? How many of them arrive alone? How many manage to reach orgasm with their partners? How many do not know whether or not they have had an orgasm? How do women who can reach orgasm easily?

We see many blogs and vlogs talking about the topic. In general, everyone addresses important issues about orgasm, but forgets something, which in most of our visits with tantric therapy is the focus to help a woman get there.

In this article we will try to answer the main questions about female orgasm and in the final parts we will make it clearer what is this “cat jump”, which most experts pass by, but do not speak.

Of course, we couldn't stop talking about everything that is important about orgasm and how to get there. That is why this article is divided into the following topics:

  • Is the search for “how to get there” healthy?

  • Did I ever have an orgasm?

  • What are the main mistakes when trying to reach orgasm?

  • What does no expert say about how to get there?

  • Practical exercises that can help a lot

Women often come to us with needs, difficulties and doubts related to orgasm.

Is it really important and really necessary to know how to reach orgasm?

We can say yes and no. More than yes than no, but you need to keep an eye out.

Yes because it is essential that every woman goes deep in the discovery of herself, who explores her full potential, who knows the individual mechanisms of pleasure, who goes deep in her own sensoriality and experiences everything that she deserves in her sexuality.

After all, God has given you a body full of senses and with wonderful internal mechanisms that can lead us to divine experiences. It is as if paradise is in there waiting to be discovered. And I don't know anyone who doesn't want to know paradise.

No because there is a paradox in the quest for orgasm. Not that orgasm is not important. He is. No doubt. But like everything in life, one should not seek obsessively. After all, everything that gets too tight ends up coming out between your fingers, isn't it?

Instead of trying to "reach orgasm" it might be better to "let the orgasm come".

And, as therapists, what we often notice in women who want to experience orgasm is that the more they feel at ease, relaxed and delivered, the easier, lighter and tastier the experience becomes. I would say that the simple will to explore yourself sensorially and surrender to the experience is the best recipe for reaching orgasm.

Ok. But the main question is:

How do I achieve, relax, surrender, dissolve my internal barriers and let orgasm come? Calm that we get there.

Because before you need to understand well what is orgasm to find out if you’re there or not.

Do I know how the orgasm feels?

Many women confuse the arousal phase, which is when the nipples stiffen, and there is an increase in the amount of blood in the pelvic area with the moment of orgasm. Like the penis, at the time of arousal, the vagina receives a large supply of blood. The tissues swell and everything grows.

The big lips swell, the clitoris swells, the G-spot swells, the lubrication is evident ... some women feel their nipples stiff and feel the pelvic area heat up.

All of these are symptoms that are related to excitement and not to orgasm.

The orgasmic sensation can vary a lot from person to person, but the most common symptoms are:

-Creepy waves and body heat

- Muscle spasms mainly in the abdomen, but which can spread throughout the body. 

-A feeling of lack of control, which may involve shouting and involuntary body movements

Orgasm can be defined as a climax of pleasure, a high point, a moment of ecstasy and great energetic release. This release can trigger emotional processes such as laughter, laughter and crying. It is common for emotional catharsis to happen during or shortly after an orgasm.

But there is no need to be scared. Many times the body is in need of the release of imprisoned emotional contents and orgasm can help to dissolve many of these blocked contents, which accumulate over time and we don't even realize it.

What are the main mistakes when trying to reach orgasm?

Ok. Now that it is already clear what are the most common symptoms and you already know if you already had it or not, it's time to talk about what normally gets in the way and doesn't let women get there. Are some of these little things happening to you?

1. Don't know or masturbate

Knowledge and exploration of the vagina itself is essential in this process. Each woman has her own way to reach orgasm. That path can later become two, three, four, many paths. But if you haven't figured out the first path yet, masturbation and experimentation alone are essential.

Knowing, touching and stimulating the clitoris itself, the erogenous areas of the vagina such as the inner region of the labia minora, the area where your G spot is. All of this is good and brings essential self-knowledge for your orgasmic development. Having a moment of pleasure with yourself can cure many issues related to sexuality.

2. Treat pleasure as a sin

Many women have distanced themselves from their vagina and sexuality for moral reasons. The guilt of feeling pleasure distances many women from their sexuality and their genitals. But you can say: "it doesn't happen to me".

But many times this guilt is deep inside and unconsciously influences us without us even realizing it and it ends up boycotting our sexuality.

The fact is that God placed an organ in the female body that serves only and exclusively for pleasure, the clitoris. Orgasm is one of the ways to connect with our purest nature, our divinity.

It is a time when there is no ego, when you are just "É" and are fully in tune with the source that generates life. Orgasm is one way to experience God. So it shouldn't be associated with guilt or sin.

3. Don't show your partner “how to do it”

Communication failure is a major cause of frustration and disagreement in love relationships. It is necessary that the woman knows her own body and the orgasmic process well so that she can show her partner what the path to get there must be.

Being frank about sexuality is very important and can prevent many future problems.

Telling him how he likes and dislikes is essential for the couple to evolve and have healthier and more pleasurable relationships. Many women spend their lives having painful sex simply because they are unable to be frank with their partners about what they feel and how they would like the relationships to be.

4. Pretending to orgasm

Because they do not want to hurt their partners, many women pretend to orgasm. And this is more common than you can imagine. Many report that everything is fine and that they don't mind pretending. But this in the long run creates problems that can be difficult to solve.

Over time the relationship gets colder and colder and the man doesn't realize that you are not enjoying yourself. And you go, little by little, swallowing frogs and "killing" your sexuality. We need to shed light on sexuality and find a way to talk about these issues more openly.

In these cases, learn Tantric massage they can bring more confidence and be a bridge to a more open discussion about sexuality in the relationship. Another solution is to seek help from a specialist in couples therapy.

5. If you worry too much or be afraid of reaching orgasm

As I said at the beginning. The collection and obsessive search can bring a lot of disappointment and break expectations. It takes relaxation and learning to live the moment in a fluid way. In addition, the fear of getting out of control can often block the experiences.

And it is here that there is something little explored by specialists, but that is the key to deal with all the fear, the blockages and the difficulty of delivery at the time H.

That key is BREATH!

As tantric therapists, we have seen many processes in which the turning point was the breath. The focus on breathing can bring you to the present moment. You can take your mind off the stories and help you feel the moment with relaxation and fullness.

And in the specific case of orgasm, a breath taken in through the nose and exhaling through the mouth and letting out a slight sigh when breathing out can make a big difference. Inhale through your nose and exhale through your mouth with a “aaaaaaaaaahhhhh”.

Try to make your breathing more fluid without pauses. Extend your exhalation while releasing the breath. Test this exercise and then tell us, in the comments, if it has had any effect.

Practical techniques to facilitate orgasm in relationships

Here at Tantra Yoga LAB we offer several very useful content for those who are looking to improve their sexuality and have healthier, more mature and pleasurable love relationships.

Tantric practices activate the entire endocrine system in order to prepare and facilitate the orgasmic process both in the man's body and in the woman's body. Through couple breathing techniques, meditation and tantric massage techniques, a new sexuality can emerge.

If you are in a relationship and would like to start tantric practices for free, you can sign up for our free Tantra workshop for couples.

If you are interested in developing yourself, connect better with your own hormonal cycle and do a deep connection with your feminine energy. Yoni Yoga. A tantric pompoir course with crystal gems.

And if you wanted to know our complete method, learn various meditation techniques as a couple, tantric massage techniques for both men and women, check out our Course on Sexuality and Tantric Massage. There you will find a very practical material composed of the main techniques used by the best tantric therapists in Brazil.

Extra exercise

Here is a video that has everything to do with the theme, you can complete even more what we wrote throughout the text and brings a really cool practical exercise:





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