Would you like to develop intimacy, create new forms of connection and live a more true, attuned, full of life and healthier relationship?

I think everyone wants it, right?

Every relationship is either moving away or moving closer. In some cases the withdrawal seems inevitable and with each passing day the relationship is getting colder and more distant.

But do not worry. You're not alone!


This post will bring you 5 practical behaviors so that your relationship can evolve and re-enter an approaching movement.

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But it's not just sexuality. Tantric exercises promote very deep intuitive, emotional and non-verbal communication.

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And if you want to check out all 5 behaviors, here it goes ...

1. If you tell a truth, it becomes part of your past ...

... but if you tell a lie, that becomes part of your future.

Lying is what most destroys relationships. Couples do not arrive at separation overnight.

This is the result of the accumulation, day after day, of poorly resolved issues that are being thrown under the carpet and that no one has the courage to touch.

And no relationship is sustained by lies. You have to put the questions on clean plates, speak from the heart and say what's going on inside.


Apologize! Take on your mistakes, betrayals and slips. As difficult as it may be.

I have already witnessed frank conversations that were very painful, but that without certainty, some relationships would be doomed to an eternal cycle of lies and would end in an accurate divorce.

2.Use and abuse assertive and non-violent communication

Avoid using phrases like: "you are this", "you are that". It is important to periodically have frank, genuine and authentic conversations. But these conversations cannot become a game of accusations. It is not just getting in front of the other person and throwing all that emotional garbage on him

The idea of ​​assertive communication is to expose your feelings and the facts that, perhaps, led you to feel a certain way. But without trying to impersonate a culprit.

Phrases like "I felt disrespected at that dinner when that happened", "I felt humiliated when you said that to me", "I felt abandoned the day you left me for work", "I feel rejected when you do it that ... ”can help our partner to understand what's going on inside us without having to blame him.



Talk about you, of the facts and their feelings. Open up clearly and everything will be easier.

3.Learn to forgive, but do not accept the repetition of the mistake.

Forgiveness is one of the most sacred acts that exists and is the hallmark of those who are really strong. Only the weak cannot forgive.

And when someone opens their hearts, and sincerely repents, there is a very valuable opportunity for reconciliation.

However, when an act of betrayal or something serious is repeated periodically it is necessary put a limit and give an ultimatum to the situation. Otherwise, nothing will ever change.

It takes courage, because there are situations that can no longer be sustained. When someone is disrespectful in a way deliberate and repetitive we need to put an end to it.

Have a frank conversation and use the famous "either go or split".


4. Perform a weekly ritual to be boyfriends.

Many couples suffer from the lack of time to enjoy each other. Whether because of a lot of work or because of the children. But this meeting is very important. And here we suggest that this happens at least once a week.

Sexual intercourse works with a visceral and vital energy in our body. The trivialized or unconscious use of this energy can lead to loss of vitality and trivialization of relationships.

That is why we recommend that you cultivate this energy with great affection, care and attention.

Separate a list of songs, prepare a cozy atmosphere, with low light and date. Preferably, use the tantric techniques that we teach in our Free Workshop or in our Complete Course on Sexuality and Tantric Massage.

We teach him very profound and important practical techniques for those who want to expand their sexuality and develop more loving and pleasurable relationships.

Thousands of couples have already free workshop and most report that they have reached a new level of connection, intimacy and pleasure. Worth a try.

5-Don't be afraid to ask for help.

If you have tried all of the above recommendations, but communication is not yet taking place ... consider the option of seeking help.

In many cases, even when there is true, respectful and intense communication, a couple may have difficulties in understanding and getting closer.


Perhaps, in these cases, it is important to seek help from a specialist in couples therapy.

He can be an important mediator in this relationship. It can facilitate understanding and create specific dynamics for the maturity and harmony of your relationship.



  1. Karin August 12, 2019 at 09:50 am

    I live with a man who goes out and spends days on the street I already tried to talk he already swore he wouldn't do it anymore and continues the same way

    1. admin August 19, 2019 at 09:06 am

      Hi, Karin. Have you tried to become more independent and take care of your own light? A man who sees his partner evolving and growing up feels a natural need to evolve as well. Try to develop your self-love, taking care of your body, eating well, cultivating sincere and welcoming friendships. Go after your dreams. Look for your independence ... there is nothing more challenging and aphrodisiac for a man.

  2. Joana oliveira marques sampaio August 16, 2019 at 10:19 am

    I always read the tips, to help me, but I live a failed marriage, because I don't love my partner, I live to set an example for the children, but the bed is already cold, there is no connection or attraction at all

    1. admin August 19, 2019 at 09:01 am

      Hi, Joana. Have you ever sought help from a professional? Perhaps a couples therapist can help you. I don't know if living in a disharmonious and worn-out relationship is a good example for children. If you can restore the marriage and love it again, then I can see the meaning of it and your children will have a good example. But is it really worth maintaining a false situation as an example?

  3. Junior valdenir September 4, 2019 at 02:27 am

    I want to learn

  4. Luca September 9, 2019 at 22:14 am

    Hello. I have a relationship that was initially going very well. However, with the occurrence of some things it has gone very far. And I suffer a lot ... Because every day we lose our connections (we had a very beautiful and strong emotional, mental and intellectual connection), we have tried several times to solve this problem. We talked well ... the problem is that he is very hardheaded and does not give up anything, and I am very heated and fought a lot .. currently, we came back from a separation in which I was fine with the end, but that was ironic of fate we were put together dnv (both are connected with spiritual things. We are mediums of a spiritual house)… but I am afraid that it will not change toxic behaviors, which triggers toxic behaviors in me (they work in me .. I am aware of where I make mistakes ... he also ... the difference is that there is a lot of resistance coming from him)

    1. admin September 23, 2019 at 13:55 am

      Hi, Luca. Are you married? Did they go through a ritualistic marriage process? I ask this because I also study Kabbalah and my answer would be different depending on the degree of commitment that you have. For us, marriage is a very sacred thing and a path of evolution, but if you do not have that intention, you can get along more easily. But it is important that they are very clear how much they want to commit. Your birth chart would also be interesting to analyze, but in general, relationships are for making us evolve. For example, your hot temper can be worked on when you need to deal with someone who is stubborn. It is the evidence that life brings us. I also believe that we attract what we are vibrating, so somehow you are on the same frequency and end up mirroring each other and this is the time to do a self analysis and see where you are also wrong and if you feel that he deserves your compassion, your love, your patience ... go ahead that the means to dissolve these blocks will appear. I am suspicious, but I strongly believe in our Sexuality and Tantric Massage course to make this connection that brought you back together flourish again. Good luck. Love, Gabi.

  5. Beatriz September 16, 2019 at 04:56 am

    Hello. I am separated from my husband for two months but we talk every day, we argue a lot out of jealousy, sometimes we go out laughing and dating. We have a 7-month-old son and he wants me to come back to our home, but he expects the change in me, he says he will change that he wants to raise our child together. And I feel very lost because he drinks and he threw me out of the house, because he threw my clothes on the street as if I were just anybody, and today he is sorry. What do you advise me?

    1. admin September 23, 2019 at 12:45 am

      Hi Beatriz. I don't know your case closely. But the fact that he has drinking problems seems to be an important issue there. Even more so if he becomes violent when he drinks. Perhaps the two need to agree on what each is willing to change so that the relationship can be restored. I don't know what the main reasons are about jealousy ... it has to be seen up close, but in general jealousy is something that should be avoided as much as possible. Lack of trust is something that must be remedied in a relationship. Because jealousy is nothing more than fear of losing the other or fear of being betrayed.
      In practice, I would not return home before he resolved these issues, both about drinking and jealousy. I would only return after the changes took place, not before.

  6. Roseli January 15, 2020 at 20:27 pm

    How much does a therapy session cost you? I already know a little about tantramas, I have locks on letting go and feeling orgasm.

    1. admin January 24, 2020 at 08:16 pm

      Hello, ROseli. We are in Portugal. If you are here call us on whatsapp. I will be happy to help: +351 915451456

  7. Julia January 31, 2020 at 17:50 pm

    Hello so my partner and I started the relationship well. But we love going through a difficult time of anxiety and depressive crises for their past, and even so we understand that we were helping each other and the issues were not between us, but each one. It turns out that when we met neither of them liked sex very much, it was something almost dysfunctional, but as we got to know each other we experimented with different things and different places, free of charge and with the feeling of falling in love that she writes names in notebooks of the party hers for example. When we came to live together 5 months ago things got weird, she didn't feel comfortable relating to me, she started to avoid kissing me, or flirting, including touching because she said she was boiling down to sex. Her crises started to become strange and this generated many discussions between us, because it shook our exits, games and relaxed, she saw it go away. The more I tried to talk, the worse it got because she started screaming that she didn't like sex, and that changed her way of treating me and not wanting any more romantic romantic action or thinking more about me during the day, today we are another month without us to relate, the maximum kiss she wants to give me is a kiss, don't touch me anymore, nor flirt, nothing connected to the body, if I touch the subject she freaks out and says that depending on her she wanted a romantic relationship with me because she loves me very much , but he doesn't want to have sex anymore. I feel confused because I was always cautious, she says she wants to never like it, it is much more of spontaneous moments. And I don’t know what to do with all this distance, I feel like I’m losing her, her anxiety attacks keep us away, we don’t have any more of our moments, she no longer draws cute things, nor does she like surprises or outings, adventures anymore of pleasures are over, she has been very intoxicated and denies being different with me. We are from the same terreiro, and there we had several other problems of people making jealousy a good one, which made us get away from it. Please help me, I don't want to lose you, but I feel I can't do anything to change these situations

    1. admin April 16, 2020 at 08:30 am

      You must first ask yourself if she is really the person in your life, with whom you want to marry and build a home. Remember that living together is not getting married. If you feel in your heart that this is it, you will have to be strong and put up with the crisis, because an hour will pass, if she also feels that you are the person in her life. In the most it is meditate. You can do therapies aimed at the feminine. we have the Yoni Yoga course, which can help to regulate this anxiety and know how to better deal with your own sexual pleasure and desire. https://go.hotmart.com/T8046883E?dp=1

  8. Someone February 2, 2020 at 06:53 pm

    I have a beginning 15 years ago, tumultuous in the beginning where afterwards it was wonderful, 1 daughter home, life. Unfortunately today he left and does not want to know more about me. Because you know I hurt her in the past, for lack of attention, thoughts of well being for the family. And I left there Only the most important person is beautiful I have. Today I don't own anything. And with that I get the following message. The flower has dried and it is not reborn! I am currently doing what I should have done in the past, but it does not attract attention and does not touch your heart anymore.

    1. admin April 16, 2020 at 08:22 am

      Someone, repent wholeheartedly and focus on doing good. If the situation does not resolve, at least you will be aware that you have done your part to evolve. Her part, which is forgiving, is also evolution and it is up to her. Kisses.

  9. Larissa Santos Da Mata February 4, 2020 at 09:39 pm

    Hi, I fought with my boyfriend because he works at a distributor for his father and I help them, but in the dry he went out to lunch and didn't come back, I was alone at the distributor
    And he said that he had gone to solve some things more then I found out that he was drinking with his friend and the brother was upset and said that I was going to close or call his father, I came and he simply answered that he said bad words and told me to go shit
    Feeling humiliated and very angry and I told him to me you died
    And he said shut it up well you don't need this humiliation
    I replied, you don't have to send me more messages for me, you died
    I'm sad because besides that he made me he still has the right to be angry or to explain himself he didn't talk to me anymore I need advice

    1. admin April 16, 2020 at 08:18 am

      Larissa. We will work on self-love. If you cannot change the other, change yourself. Kisses in the heart.


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