Do you care about your intimate female health?

I'm sure your routine is naturally hectic. It does not matter whether you have children or not, whether you are married or single. Our modern life is frantic in nature which can cause us to put some very important things in the background and our health, unfortunately, is on that list.

But, there is a very easy and simple way to take care of your vagina without requiring enormous effort or very specific products. And that is the subject we will address here.

With so many products being launched constantly to promote not only health, but even the aesthetic part of that area of ​​the body it may seem impossible that there is a simple and easy way to take care of ourselves.

I would also think so if I had not experienced this ease in my own life.

In the next few paragraphs, in addition to talking about it, we will also talk about the real needs of your body and those thoughts that we need to get out of mind. Come on?

But first: what is effortless for you?

I want you to think with me: how many times have you left your consultation at the gynecologist for later, the performance of some more challenging exam, or simply did not take care of yourself?

If you have recognized yourself in some of these situations, we need to talk a little more.

First, what is “effort” for you? According to the dictionary, the word effort is a masculine noun that means: “what is done with difficulty”.

Do you see promoting your own health as difficult? If so, you may need to think about it a little more.

Promoting your own physical, mental and spiritual well-being is an act of loving yourself. Applying a cream on our body while we massage the tensions, eating a light and delicious food that will nourish and strengthen us and feel the wonderful sensation of walking barefoot in the wet earth are just some examples of small cares.

Taking care of ourselves is taking care of our self-esteem, our self-love so that we are more and more cheerful, willing and with an ability to feel immense pleasure!

Hence the importance of cultivating self-care habits, however simple they may be.

Then you can ask yourself: but, and time for all this!

Calm down! That is exactly what we will deal with next. Having a healthy routine does not depend on time, just small daily habits that will contribute to your entire body!

Women's Intimate Health: what does our Yoni need?

To have an effortless intimate female health, it is necessary to understand what our Yoni (vagina) really needs. After all, the influence of the media and even pornography can make many women feel insecure and ashamed of topics like:

  • The shape of the lips and the vulva;
  • Being too wide;
  • The coloring of the region;
  • Type of hair removal;
  • Its smell or taste.

First of all it is important that you know that you are not responsible for the expectations of others. If you are with a partner and he is not comfortable with your genitals, it is a private matter of HIM and should not be treated as your fault.

You should keep in mind that your Yoni smells, tastes and looks like Yoni. It does not smell of strawberry, mint or tutti-fruti.

Therefore, it is important to understand that this region is naturally moist and has its own system that keeps the internal area clean and healthy.

So, to take care of this region you only need:

  • Sleep naked: sleeping without panties is important to let the intimate region breathe. With this, you prevent the proliferation of bacteria and fungi.
  • Wash only on the outside: the inside area should NEVER be washed with soap and water. (Vaginal shower also does not). The vagina has its own cleaning and protection system when washing the internal area, we are removing this “shield” and making it more prone to infections.
  • If the problem is hydration or lubrication, coconut oil: if you are going through menopause or feel that your lubrication has decreased, the use of coconut oil is great. Apply it with an intravaginal applicator before sleeping 3 times a week. It is a completely natural moisturizer.

Fast and practical, isn't it?

But, there is still an important aspect to talk about.

Women's intimate health: the pelvis and women

The pelvis and pelvic floor are a weakness for most women, but most of us have no idea. And do you know why?

Because this region of the body is responsible for protecting and supporting the weight of the organs and we naturally have less support for this musculature.

Wear of the pelvic floor muscles can cause:

  • leakage of urine (urinary incontinence);
  • difficulty in sexual relations;
  • uterine and fecal prolapse.

These are just the three main problems, the last of which is a case of surgery. that is, talking about pelvic health is no joke.

But, how to care for your pelvis?

One of the ways to work your pelvic floor and strengthen this region is through pelvic exercises like Yoni Yoga.

This practice is based on the ancient pompoarism that was already used by women from different cultures such as India, China and Thailand.

The contractions of this musculature not only take care of pelvic health, but improve issues such as:

  • Vaginismus
  • Menopausal symptoms like lack of lubrication;
  • Low Libido;
  • Small leaks of urine;
  • Difficulty in reaching orgasm;
  • vaginal flaccidity;
  • for pregnant women (only after 3 months) they train the body for the moment of delivery.

In addition, it has an additional benefit: by training the pelvic muscles it is possible to gain mastery as a vaginal canal, enabling erotic maneuvers that drive partners crazy.

If you want to discover this incredible path, which allows you to promote your intimate female health and also expand your sexuality, click on this link!


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