This is probably the million dollar question: what do women like?

Although for many men this issue may be an unreadable mystery, the world between men and women is much easier to decipher than we think. 

All we need is empathy and knowledge.

Empathy to try to awaken our ability to see the world from a new perspective, with the same idea as the next. And knowledge to understand the differences between men and women and how it is possible to balance these points to provide a pleasurable and satisfying sex for both. 

For this reason, in today's post we will talk a little more about what women like and how it is possible to give more pleasure in bed with 5 simple tips!

Let's start? 

What women like: how does the female body work? 

First of all, let's understand: how does the female body work? It is very important to understand that while the man is sexually stimulated quickly and often more visual, the woman is quite the opposite. 

To feel desire and be fully prepared for penetration (or sexual intercourse), women need different types of stimuli, more sensory than visual. Therefore, women need to be touched, kissed and stimulated in several different ways.

It is a fact, however, that we live in a typically patriarchal society, with patterns that refer more to male sexuality than to female sexuality. Therefore, it is common that even women themselves are not fully aware of all their orgasmic power. 

Many, in fact, have never had an orgasm and feel ashamed or guilty for touching. In this case, it is very important to understand that this is her internal process and that it is not exactly about you as a partner. Therefore, it is enough to accept this issue and not pressure it or blame yourself for the situation. 

Therefore, talking about what women like is not exactly a science, but a very particular issue for each one. And so, we fell on our first tip!

# 1 tip: talk about ALS 

It is very common, especially in the first days of flirting or interaction, that we are more daring and playing more with words. And this is great for understanding your partner and understanding what she likes (or doesn't like). Be open to hear what she has to say in a genuine and interested way, without judgment. 

Be prepared to listen to her true feelings and sexual preferences. If she exposes some kind of fear or shame, be patient, embrace those most challenging emotions in an authentic way.

And here is a reminder here: everything she says are her own experiences, based on her experience. As much as you believe in something different, it is very important to be receptive and non-judgmental. 

# 2 tip: Have patience

The sexual arousal of men and women happens differently. While men are quick to arouse and tend to sustain pleasure for less time, women take longer to be aroused, but sustain pleasure for longer. 

And how to circumvent this difference?

It is very important to be patient and find ways to bring pleasure to the relationship. 

At this point, a man who is fully aware of his orgasmic power and who has developed sexual skills is a great differentiator, since he can maintain the relationship for whatever he wishes and can even have an orgasm without ejaculating. 

Therefore, building these sexual skills through male self-knowledge is also important for giving pleasure and satisfying your partner, in addition to self-satisfaction, of course. 

For that, having patience and enjoying every moment is essential. 

After all, we are educated that orgasm is the destination of sex. So, many times we focus on just that and forget completely on the way. To have patience is to invert this issue and to enjoy every part of this magnificent journey that is sex.

# 3 Tip of what women like: explore the 5 senses

Our 5 feelings are like engines of our pleasure. So, stimulate them in a subtle and loving way. Both yours and your partner's. Feel the smells, the tastes, the touches, listen to the sounds and enjoy every moment of the relationship. 

Play with the intensity of the touches, sometimes softer, sometimes more intense. 

Sex is also a time of fun. Have fun together and feel free to explore each other's possibilities. 

# 4 Tip: Breathe together

 Breathing is a very important technique that deepens the couple's bonds. Tell your partner that you would like to try something different, a tantric technique that promotes a greater connection and increases feelings. 

Then, sit facing each other and breathe together, crossing your eyes. Breathe and release through your mouth in a rhythmic way. You can also intercalate and while one breathes the other breathes.

This increases the connection not only between the couple, but between each one individually, detaches us from the outside and prepares a space within ourselves for pleasure. 

# 5 Tip: explore different areas 

The erogenous zones of a woman (and men too, in fact) go far beyond her genitals. The nipples, thighs, neck, arms and even the belly can be areas of great pleasure. For this reason, try to go beyond standard caresses and kiss and caress her in many different ways and in many different places. 

This intensifies the sensations and increases the chances of her having an orgasm. 

These are some simple tips to intensify your partner's pleasure and start and begin to discover, little by little, what women like. But, if you want to deepen your skills as a lover, learn more and more about the female body and how to provide more and more pleasure for your partner, get to know our course SEXUALITY AND TANTRIC MASSAGE

In him. you will find deep and incredible techniques used in tantric massages to provide a new level of pleasure and become an unforgettable lover. 

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