Sexual Energy is Life

A lot of people have asked us how to turn sexual energy into vital energy. That's a great question. After all, the sexual energy produced during orgasmic moments, especially in tantric sex, is a powerful energy and can be used in different ways in our body.
The main use of sexual energy is to repair and rejuvenate the body's organs. If the body is well supplied and nutrition is well balanced, you maintain health, potency and sexual interest throughout your life.


The energy

First of all we have to know a little more about the sexual energy itself. It is nothing more than our vital energy, the strongest energy we have in our body. It directs sexuality, creation, desire.
Sexual energy is concentrated in a chakras. In the sexual chakra (swadhisthana), which is the second chakra, located about 4 fingers below the navel.
In its most basic form, sex is a means of reproduction, but that energy goes far beyond sex. Speaking more broadly, whenever we are sexually active, we are producing a lot of vital energy.


Sexual Energy and Health

In our youth, we hardly notice, but as we get older, it becomes clearer how we produce less energy naturally and therefore spend more energy than we have on our health and vitality.
Following these changes that have occurred in our body over the years, methods aimed at increasing the sexual energy that is located in the lower chakras and washing it down to the upper chakras have also evolved throughout history, distributing this energy to the entire body and nourishing our vital energy.
In other words, the intention is to preserve, recycle and transform sexual energy into vital energy.
Among the benefits of converting this energy into vital energy, this is increased vitality, improved health, increased awareness, greater connection with spiritual dimensions, connection with oneself, emotional release from experiences that we repress and more.

How to Transmute Sexual Energy

Well, to put this into practice, we can use several methods and rituals that help us to revitalize and reuse sexual energy.

• Breathing, Meditations and Guided Images
As we feel our sexual energy rising, we can perform various meditations that often include breathing exercises along with guided movements and even visualizations that help to increase sexual energy. Eg when feeling it, close your eyes and focus on sexual energy (focus your attention on the lower chakras); if it is dormant, you can gently wake it up by pelvic movement. Forward, backward movements, with the knees semi-flexed. Then, breathe in that energy, imagine that this energy that is around your genital area, after being stimulated by you, now goes up your spine, up to your heart. From this point, you can choose to release that energy into the universe, or direct it towards the upper chakras, which you want to energize more, such as the throat chakra or the point between the eyebrows.
When you feel sexual energy, close your eyes and focus on that energy. You can also make hand movements while breathing, taking the energy from the genital area upwards.

In Couple

You can do some breathing exercises before and during intercourse like circular breathing for example. Even certain postures in sex with a spouse, in correct practice, cause the two souls to merge into one for a moment and a powerful connection is created. The transformation is very strong and effective. For more exercises, access our free course.

Practice Example With Your Partner:

Circular Breathing
During or before having sex, they sit hand in hand, looking at each other; the woman contracts her yoni, breathing sexual energy inward, towards the heart, and exhales her sexual energy so that it is breathed by her partner.

In Yoga there are several positions that can be used to help dissipate sexual energy.

The poses most used for this purpose are the following: Utkatasana (chair pose), Halasana (plow) Bhujagasana (snake) and the sun salutation.

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