The people you relate to were chosen to participate in your life because they have what is necessary for your learning.

To be able to see through them what is inside you, their characteristics and values ​​that are presented in the way you exchange with others.

What is resolved within you flows and is offered spontaneously to the world.

What you have hurt inside you is what you will see in the other person as things that hurt you, you will feel like your pains that you think are caused by people.

When you expect the other to meet your expectations, you are expecting him to fulfill your dreams and your wishes in your own way, the way you believe.

When you override your truth, you are not accepting the other as he is, as an independent soul, just like you, who has his own characteristics and forms.

When you have expectations you don't know how to relate yet. You are trying to satisfy your inner child where others are conditioned to your truth and are fulfilling your desires.

He exchanges with the other when he respects that he is a unique entity that carries his own knowledge.

Dealing with differences is knowing how to use intelligence through love to exchange with the other world creating bridges.

Through your ability to build that true and respectful communication, learn from the world of others, through knowledge different from yours that you add to your growth, which adds up when you find lessons that you still lack in the next.

When you manage to harmonize differences with understanding that we are all different worlds. To respect others is to accept and truly love them.

When you want others to do things your way, you are failing to grow, missing the opportunity to open your head to assimilate new skills, new learnings.

He is insisting on the path of his child's pain that he has no self-confidence in himself and still needs others to satisfy him in the way he expects, in which he needs to be proven and recognized by others that his truths are right.

He did not understand yet that each one has his own truths, he is not seeing the other as he is and opening himself up to know other worlds with other knowledge that adds you because he is still insecure of your own.

Cris Dionísia Devakant


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