Many people confuse intimacy with sex, when in fact, it goes far beyond sex. A simple eye-to-eye can often be more intimate than a fleeting affair. There are people who have the ability to have sex without any intimacy, without any emotional participation.

But there is no relationship that can be sustained without intimacy.
Because it requires connection, trust, complicity, surrender, vulnerability ...

To have intimacy there must be communication. The other needs to understand my needs, my worldview. But it only happens in a two-way street. I also need to understand the other, his emotions and his worldview.

True and sincere communication is essential for a solid relationship to develop.
The exercise of open dialogue, of learning to speak their truths and also learning to hear the truths of others
it is an essential exercise in building trust and respect in a relationship.

Non-verbal communication

However, in addition to verbal, intellectual communication, there is another type of communication.
It is bodily, non-verbal communication. And it is within this context that we can talk about intimacy involving affection, touch, and also sexuality.

Scientists say that this type of communication: intuitive, corporal, non-verbal, is responsible for more than 50% of our communication.
Eye contact, touch, smell, taste ...
All of our bodily senses can be used in this communication as a way of developing intimacy and connection.

It is possible to create new and powerful bonds through bodily practices, which at first glance may seem simple, but which in the long run create a balanced and true harmony.

How to develop bodily intimacy?

And this is where tantric therapy and the development of the relationship through practical and bodily exercises comes in.
No Tantra Yoga LAB work is done that focuses on sensory development and the creation of new ways for the couple to communicate.
Through meditations, Tantric massage and practical exercises can create a contact that goes beyond the physical body. Because the exchange and communication developed in our work also involves the emotional and spiritual bodies.

It is a work of complete communion and a true deepening of the bonds and connection of the couple.

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