Is masculinity really toxic?

Of course, we cannot generalize and say that masculinity is toxic. Otherwise, we will end the identity of man as a male being.

However, there is a masculinity that really needs to be revised, because it produces violence, creates trauma and ends the mental health of many men.

And what oriental practices are these that can help to dissolve these values ​​that are making men sick?

In this article you will notice a little bit about toxic masculinity, how it influences your sexuality and you will also have access to free practical tools that can re-signify this toxicity naturally and without contraindications.


The pattern of male conduct prevalent for centuries has been in check since women began to demand their rights in the mid-twentieth century. Since then many myths surrounding macho behavior are falling apart and some men brought up in the old model are already, with great difficulty, living a deconstruction.

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“Men don't cry”, “This is a fag thing”, “Woman doesn't groan” are jargon that are still present, but already sound outdated to many people.

And sexuality? Can it also be toxic?

Of course yes!

If in the sociological sphere, where there is open discussion, it has not yet been resolved. Who knows, then, in the context of the individual's intimacy and sexuality. Men are still educated by the porn industry and learn, right there, how to abuse and rape a woman.

The men's bar is still full of super virile and lying stories. The man still lives on the pleasure of masturbation "fast food" on the sly. And women still suffer from quickness and numbness in bed.

Toxic masculinity shapes a man who does not know sexuality beyond the penis. Creates subjects who do not show affection and have no emotional intelligence. Because they were taught to suppress their own emotions from an early age. And believe me, this is a time bomb!

They are men who only have pleasure during the two seconds of ejaculation, which came followed by the two minutes of penetration. Men who live behind an absurd virility goal, have become emotionally ill and they cannot be real humans.

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And all this I see daily as a therapist. Hard, rigid, ashamed men, full of fear and insecurity. With the emotional age of a child and who hide all this socially under the toxic cloth of virility and power.

It is really sad, but humanity has lived a long time and when everything is going wrong we need to go back to the origins.

So let's now understand: what oriental practices are these and how they can be useful?

Toxic masculinity: Tantra can help!

Tantra is a behavioral philosophy that flourished more than 5000 years ago in a region we now call “India”. The "tantrikas" emerged within an ethnic group called "Drávida". This was a society that was essentially matriarchal, sensory and depressing.

There was a clear veneration for female deities. After all, at that time, life arose through women. And the man, at first, had no active participation in this.

The concept of sin and repression related to sexuality simply did not exist. These are masculine concepts, typical of patriarchal and warlike societies, where the use of force is predominant and governs social morality.

Values, which today are typically feminine, such as generosity, care, affection, affection, creativity were cultivated by everyone.

Over time, successive invasions and wars took place in that region and much was lost. Tantra has long been pursued by patriarchal and dominant cultures. But little has been preserved.

In the mid-twentieth century, an Indian dedicated his life to rescuing Tantric philosophy and adapting it to Western man. This Indian became known worldwide as OSHO and the movement he created became known as neo-Tantra.

Osho created specific meditations for western man. Active meditations that had a high power of liberation and emotional healing. After experimenting with various therapeutic techniques, practices and meditations developed by their master on the skin, his disciples disseminated the tantric therapy they learned throughout the West.

For this reason, the main methodologies disseminated in the West and which involve massage and tantric therapies currently have a strong influence from Osho and his colleagues. Sannyasins, or disciples.

What does tantric therapy have to do with toxic masculinity?

You can already see that the tantric values ​​and methods are diametrically opposed to the values ​​of a toxic masculinity, right?

So there is no point in wanting to impose tantric practices on those who have not yet recognized the toxic masculinity within themselves. Who have not yet shown an interest in improving themselves. But for those men who wish to develop themselves and are in the process of deconstructing retrograde and evil patterns, much can be done.

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Tantric therapy prioritizes the development of bodily sensoriality, the fluid movement of vital energy, the movement and release of harmful emotional contents. It also deals with sensory reeducation and expanding the perception of bodily senses. All of this helps to deal with the difficulty of modern man in surrendering, to release his own emotions and helps him to develop his sensory and emotional intelligence.

In tantric massage or meditation practices, it is very common to experience emotional catharsis such as laughter, crying, release and dissolution of blocks, contents and memories that have long been kept and hidden deep in the soul.

The man learns that everyone cries and that everything is fine. She learns that he can be passive without being fagged, that moaning and screaming can be very good for your health and how good the orgasm experienced by women is, which usually happens beyond the genitals and in some cases expands throughout the body. But she learns that this type of orgasm is not exclusive to women and that it can also get there.

Orgasm in tantric therapy is used as a tool for dissolving the ego. During orgasm, one experiences an ego death. At that moment the individual just IS. He doesn't think, he doesn't judge and he doesn't categorize anything. Just feel. It lives, many times, what we call buddhic state. Some people laugh and cry at the same time, in a sense of profound experimentation with nature and communion with existence.

All of this promotes a rescue of our humanity. The rescue of values ​​such as caring for others, affection, forgiveness, surrender, trust, love…

How to live this in practice?

But how is it possible to get started with tantric knowledge and practices?

We offer a free workshop for those people who want to improve intimacy and connection in their love relationships. Just put your email address on the registration page. Then you will receive in your email all guidance and free content that we offer.

For those who wish to go even deeper we offer our complete course. It consists of all the massages we apply and a lot of wonderful things. It is boring to talk about everything here. But if you want to know everything in detail just check here.


A new sexuality awaits you!




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