Who has never consumed a little porn video? Most men are instigated all the time through pornographic, sexual stimuli.

But does it bring you good results? How can you assess the impact of this habit on your love life? After all, does pornography bring more benefits or harm?

In this article we will try to answer what are the impacts of pornography on a man's life and what we can, as men, do to improve our sex life and have a fuller and healthier sexuality.

A first important factor to assess is the type of orgasm that pornography induces.

The psychogenic orgasm

Psycho what ???

Calm down, I'll explain.

Most of us men grew up consuming an incredible variety of pornographic materials. Magazines, films ... in a masturbatory culture and closely linked to the pleasure "created in the mind".

Based on imagination and scenes created on our mental screen.

That's why I usually say that most men don't know what an "actual orgasm" is. Because the psychogenic orgasm is not a complete orgasm.

It is not connected with body sensoriality. It is an orgasm that is dissociated from the body's sensoriality. It is as if we did not exist as a physical body.

And when it becomes a habit, it creates within our body "addicted neural pathways”Or repeated. Our body “gets used” to always respond in the same way.

And most of us are very conditioned to have such "psychogenic orgasms", especially through the consumption of pornography and masturbation.

Okay, but what's wrong with that?

Evil is in the habit of taking pleasure in a way that doesn't take into consideration another real person, who has needs, desires and real expectations.

And when you're in a relationship “really”With a person from“flesh and bone”Many reflexes of these habits appear in your body and in your emotional state.

It is as if the body "waits" for the usual stimuli, but a totally new situation presents itself.

At the moment you have sex, you need to take into account the "exchange", the "connection", the delivery to the other ... things that do not exist in the practice of consuming pornography.

What ends up leaving us on alert, tense, apprehensive and afraid of failing.

And it directly affects the relationship we establish with our partners.

Develop a new relationship with your partner. Learn tantric techniques that promote connection, intimacy and much more pleasure in your love relationships.

The relationship with women goes into swamp

The relationship with women goes to the swamp when we absorb the culture of the porn industry and here I can quote at least 4 evidences of it

1- The first factor I already mentioned above shows that when you are used to the consumption of pornography, you do not take into consideration that there is another being there, who has expectations, needs and desires.

2-The second factor is that female pleasure, in most of these films, is shown as if they like to feel pain and as if they love a giant stick and penetrating deep.

There is nothing more distorted and unreal than that.

I think you should already know that the main female pleasure organ is outside the vaginal canal, and not at the bottom of the vagina, you know. It is the organ that suffers the most from loneliness and abandonment in sexual relations, the clitoris.

They don't want a giant stick going deep. Much less do they want it right from the start, as most men do.

A porn movie will definitely not help you give pleasure to your loved one. Quite the opposite.

3-The complaint we receive most from women in our care is: "I don't have orgasms, my partner is too fast".

And why this happens? Because men want to go straight for penetration and think that performing well is "penetrating without ejaculating for a significant time".

This is another lie that the pornographic film tells men and most of them do not even realize that it reproduces these practices so disconnected from reality.

Before they want a giant stick penetrating deep, they long for connection, intimacy, exchange, delivery, spontaneity, sensitivity.

This you will rarely see in a pornographic film.

It is a culture that simply excludes women's needs and puts them in a very different position than they occupy today in our modern world.

The relationship of man with his own body

Another very important thing that we need to look at is how pornographic films influence the vision and expectations that man creates for himself.

1-The first question has to do with penis size. A man's masculinity should not be measured by the size of his penis.

This creates a feeling in the man that his penis is never big enough and can do significant emotional damage.

To give you an idea, according to research released by One Library “Only 2,28% of men are of a size considered a candidate for a penis enlargement operation. However, according to other recent studies, 85% of women are satisfied with their partner's penis size, compared to 55% of men, 30% less satisfied than them. ”

2-The common man does not use his full orgasmic potential. Often due to ignorance of new ways of feeling pleasure. The habit of conventional masturbation leads you to experience pleasure in a very limited way. Usually, pleasure is only related to penetration or the simulation of penetration through masturbation.

Many men do not know, but it is possible to experience dry, multiple and full-body orgasms. But this is not possible if you stick to the habit of conventional masturbation as the main source of pleasure.

And luckily all of that can change. It is possible that man knows all his orgasmic capacity that has not yet been explored through sensory development techniques, meditation techniques and stimulation in couples.

There are techniques for using body senses to improve the ability to feel and live orgasms dissociated from "psychogenesis"

Learn now simple and free techniques to improve both your sensory and orgasmic ability and that of your partner

Is it possible to improve my sexuality?

As I said above, the main complaint of women is "I don't have an orgasm, my partner is too fast".

And men live tense, concerned with a performance that most of the time has nothing to do with what really brings sexual satisfaction to both themselves and their partner.

Most people are not happy sexually.

Sex education in a man's life is, for the most part, guided by the pornographic industry. The porn movie is often that man's primary teacher.

After all, is there a school on sexuality? Are there teachers who teach about pleasure, about intimacy, about intercourse in a sexual relationship?

And that is why we are here writing this text. Because we need to become aware and change the way we deal with our sexuality.

Because a freer, more loving, much more pleasant and conscious sexuality is possible.

My name is Júlio Marques, I am a sex therapist, a tantric therapist and I developed with my partner, who is also a therapist, a complete course on sexuality and tantric massage.

If you want to start today, with a free material I recommend you take our free workshop, but if you want to go deep and have access to a complete material and composed of detailed video lessons and with real models, meet our complete course of sexuality and tantric massage.

A new sexuality awaits you.







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