Spiritual orgasm: Is it possible to live spirituality through orgastic practices?

The mystery of “expanded orgasm”

An expanded orgasm is a more intense and more extensive orgasm than is commonly described as a common orgasm. Because it includes a spectrum of sensations that include full body orgasms, such as those described by Wilhelm Reich. Orgasms that can last from a few minutes to several hours.

The term was created in 1995 by Patricia taylor, who employed him in his research on intense sexual experiences in 44 couples from different backgrounds and in a video he produced in 1998.

So Dr. Taylor describes the reports of practitioners going into altered states of consciousness, which brought them a deep emotional release and rejuvenation, profound spiritual experiences, a consciousness that is not usually perceived during ordinary orgasms, and the perception of energy that expands far beyond the limits of the body itself. A spiritual orgasm!

Is sexual energy spiritual?

Sexual energy is the energy that creates life. There is no denying that. It has a very high potential for spiritual connection.

There is a potential for pleasure and communion with our purest nature, with our essence. I imagine that this was how Adam and Eve lived in paradise.

Without evil, without guilt and in deep connection with the inner divinity.

However, much later, many of the values ​​of the Eden they were corrupted and that vital, creative and divine energy was placed in an unworthy position. Thrown in the mud and obscurantism.

Orgasm and sexual energy at one point became synonymous with sin, dirt.

Nowadays, and as a result of the great repression suffered, many decided to rebel, but still unconsciously.

They used that energy in contexts of promiscuity, trivialization and unconsciousness.

The lack of dignified, reverent, free, open and respectful treatment of sexuality took us to two extremes of unconsciousness and darkness. Most people today still live a primitive sexuality.


Why do we accept so little?

Men crystallized behavior related to masturbation, erotic imagination and energy discharge.

They use sex with the intention of asserting themselves or with the intention of gaining ephemeral pleasure, like eating chocolate.

Rarely does a man experience a significant orgasm spiritually. Because everything happens very fast.

Women, in general, have a more conscious connection to this energy. So they feel a greater need for a deep connection with their partner.

A connection that goes beyond the genitals. However, during sexual practice, they do not have the opportunity to explore their full spiritual potential, either due to the quickness of the partner or even the lack of knowledge of how to go deep in this process.

Orgasm and spirituality in us

A true orgasm can be a spiritual orgasm. It can activate the "divine crystal", the "Christ body" that lives in each of the cells of the human body. But this is not just any orgasm. Nor is it experienced by most people.

Not that it is difficult to achieve. It is not. It is just not practiced with a spiritual intention and many of the tools to get there are not taken seriously.

Because this is a process that requires preparation of the body, the mind. It requires an intention and good choice of partner.

You have to choose someone you can trust, so that you can indulge in the process and be willing to “die” at the hands of that person.


Key techniques for experiencing a spiritual orgasm

An important technique for experiencing spirituality within a sexual relationship is conscious breathing and disconnection from anxiety through a focus on sensations.

Anxiety in a relationship makes it end faster, takes us to a mental attitude and does not let us go deep into the sensations, emotions and feelings that this energy can awaken.

There are many other techniques that assist in this process. If you would like to know a little more try the free tantra workshop:


Abdominal and conscious breathing, whatever the rhythm, puts us in a position of greater awareness and understanding of the experience and takes us out of the mental process that anxiety can take us.

In a traditional orgasm, we surrender to instinct and release all that incredible energy. But usually everything happens in a cathartic way and without much understanding.

With the controlled and conscious use of breathing, one can experience the process for longer and longer. Reach ever higher and lasting levels of pleasure.

Along with the temporal and intensity expansion, a sensory expansion is also gained. We put aside the focus on that small circumference around the genitals, for an orgasm that can be full-body or that can transcend the bodily limits in an experience of what we call "oceanic experience".

This is a time of deep connection with the huge existential ocean, where there is a feeling of complete loss of the boundaries of the physical body.

If we continue to be aware of the breath and remain centered and aware, we can enter deep buddha states where we truly know our nature. Here you can experience moments of “death of the ego”.

Orgasm is like a little death that sets you free

According to Buddhist traditions, the moment of death is the moment of greatest spiritual evolutionary potential. And orgasm, during life, is one of the most intense sensations that we can feel and that can lead us to sublime states of consciousness.

The expression “la petit mort”(The little death) is used by many writers when referring to orgasm. This is precisely because orgasm has a strong potential for transcendence.

When orgasm ceases to be something fast, like a sneeze or a breath of pleasure and lasts for many minutes, we can extend that moment of transcendence and experience a deep dive into our essence.

Techniques such as tantric massages are widely used to extend this buddha moment for an ever greater interval and at a depth never before experienced.

Learn deep techniques about sexuality and tantric massages

No more crumbs!

The more we experience such experiences, the more we become aware of our essence. The more we realize how abundant and prosperous life can be.

Albert Einstein said that a mind that opens up to a new idea never returns to its original size.

Once the soul experiences something so wonderful, we no longer accept a small life. We never settle for crumbs again.

We realized how much life has to offer and started to choose our destiny with courage, consistency and self-love. Because whoever experiences freedom never accepts to live as a spiritual slave again.








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