Tantric orgasm as therapy

Orgasmic therapy or orgasmotherapy was already widely used by doctors in the early twentieth century. It was even in this context that the vibrator was invented as a way to lead women to ecstasy.

Doctors performed clitoral massages on their patients in order to cure them of a condition called "hysteria". There's even an interesting film telling a little bit of this story, called “Hysteria".

Therapeutic tantric orgasm
Scene from the movie Hysteria

In a little more depth and looking at a therapeutic and spiritual analysis of orgasm, we can compare it to a moment of death. Osho (a famous tantric master of the XNUMXth century) made this comparison many times and we will talk more about this a few paragraphs later.

“La petit mort” (the little death). It is what the French call the moment of orgasmic climax or the moment immediately after orgasm. This expression inspires artists from around the world to make works related to that sublime and unique moment in the experience of human life.


Because at the moment of orgasm there is no "Ego". Being only É. He lives that moment intensely without representing social masks, without the chattering interference of the mind. There is no rationality. There is only the present moment.

Thus, one can still equate the orgasmic moment with a deep meditation. Meditation is nothing more than being 100% present, here and now. So is the time for orgasm.

The common sexual orgasm

In our society and in common language, orgasm is strictly linked to the sexual act. But that is not the Tantric view. In the tantric view, orgasm is something broader and deeper and does not necessarily have to be related to ordinary sex.

Thus, within tantric therapy, for example, there is a profound re-signification of what orgasm can become and the full potential of its therapeutic use.

In this context, orgasm breaks the limits of sexology, medicine and physiology studies and reaches a new level of meaning and utility in human life.

When men and women experience tantric orgasm, they deeply resignify their sex life. They realize that there are new and incredible possibilities for the use of human vital and sexual energy.

They break down barriers like they never thought possible before.

The new male orgasm

The common man necessarily associates orgasm with ejaculation. For this man, if he didn't ejaculate he didn't reach orgasm.

Unlike men, women do not have, as a reference for orgasm, an event like that of male “ejaculation”. For them, orgasm is something more diffuse and is not necessarily limited to the genitals or a specific event such as ejaculation.

orgasmo_tantrico_homemThe female orgasm is usually more expanded and with greater possibilities of continuity and repetition within the same sexual relationship.

So is the tantric orgasm, and here you can take this experience, previously lived only by women, also to men.

With male sensory development it is possible for men to achieve dry, multiple orgasms as well as full body orgasms.

Rekindling female orgasm

At the same time many women have lost this beautiful connection with life and with this way of experiencing the vital energy in its fullness through the orgasm of the whole body, of a deep connection with the very essence and with the expansion of your being.

Many are getting used to it, just as men already do unconsciously, to "pluck" small doses of pleasure through quick masturbations. They are copying the lousy modern masculine habit and are missing out on something extremely valuable.

Many still find it extremely difficult to indulge in an experience as profound as orgasm. They experience blockades related to their orgasmic capacity for various reasons.

And this is what tantric therapy and the techniques of Tantric massage rescue.

A deep reframing of touch and body sensoriality is done. It is as if there was a rescue and training directed to the expansion of "feeling", to experience more deeply and consciously the bodily and energetic "sensations".

Osho Tantric Orgasm

Osho spoke of an experience called "Ocean experience". This is an experience that is closely linked to the meaning of the word Tantra, which in one of its translations means "expansion and liberation".

Tantric_ orgasmAccording to Osho, the oceanic experience is like the experience of a drop of water that as a drop of water lives in isolation, with well-defined limits.

But when it finds the ocean, it stops being a drop of water, loses its limits that defined it to become something infinitely bigger, the ocean.

So is the tantric orgasm mentioned by Osho. A profound experience of expansion, complete loss of bodily limits and complete integration with the vast and deep existential ocean.

How is the therapeutic orgasm of tantric massage

So going back to the earth a little bit, we can say that the therapeutic orgasm used in tantric massage aims to put the individual in this state of consciousness expansion for a longer time and give him the opportunity to live the absence of the ego for a longer period .


Thus, the individual, instead of having an orgasmic "breath" or "sneeze" as he experiences in ordinary sexual intercourse or masturbation, he can reach orgasmic energy plateaus for a longer period of time.

The result of this is that many profoundly transformative experiences take place after therapeutic tantric massage sessions.

There are individuals who report very special spiritual experiences, others report experiencing regressions to very special moments in their life history, some feel a deep energetic release after the session….

Anyway. It is an experience that needs to be lived and not explained.

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