Tantric therapy for women has several incredible benefits. When performed by a professional it has a profound therapeutic nature, but when performed by the partner, it is responsible for a huge increase in delivery and connection in the relationship. And that will be the subject of today!

Although Tantra and Tantric Therapy are highly curative approaches to female sexuality, it is still taboo. When we are in a circle of friends and the subject comes up, it is very likely that some of them still look with fear, fear or even astonishment.

That's because many women still have a distorted view of what tantric therapy is and how important it is. This is natural and part of the repressive creation that we had. Therefore, in today's post we will abandon old beliefs and begin to understand what tantric therapy is for women and how it helps both in the process of personal healing and in a relationship.

Come on?

What is Tantric Therapy for Women?

Tantric massage is a technique based on Tantra. This is a philosophy derived from a series of Hindu scriptures whose teachings try to guide human beings towards development in body, mind and spirit. That is, it is not just about sex itself, but about all of our consciousness and evolution.

Massage, on the other hand, is more recent and its objective of activating the sensations of our body, increasing our perception of pleasure, in addition to working the sensory channels through which this energy circulates, responsible for the balance of our body with our mind. and spirit.

Rather than seeking to relax areas of the body with accumulated stress, tantric massage involves light touches with the fingers, which stimulate the sensory channels. These channels are usually obstructed, due to trauma and mental blocks developed throughout our lives. When unobstructed, energy has more freedom to circulate.

These channels are also responsible for our perception of pleasure and the way we exercise our sexuality. During a tantric massage, whether performed by a therapist or partner, they are stimulated making it easier for the woman to achieve an orgasm.

Although, that is not the focus. The goal of tantric therapy is to acquire the ability to feel pleasure, with the whole body and without prejudice or censorship.

Benefits of Tantric Therapy for Women

There are several benefits of tantric therapy for women. But, before we talk about it interesting that the woman decides with the partner (or as a therapist) as it will be the purpose of that massage. What does she want to change in her sexuality? Does she want to feel more pleasure or perhaps create more connection in her relationship?

This is the key to achieving not only the benefits that I will quote below, but also for it to create its own benefits, through its wills. Creating your healing, your transformation through your own body.

So, come on: how does this practice help women?

Capacity and intensity of orgasms

The difficulty of reaching orgasm is the most common reason for women to seek tantric massage. Most of the time, this is a psychological and not a physical problem, related to the need to give pleasure to the partner and to the restrictions imposed at the time of her creation, that is, fears, limiting beliefs and even trauma.

Tantric massage leads the woman to rediscover the sensation of pleasure throughout her body, which contributes to relaxation during sexual intercourse and self-knowledge. In addition, she does not feel the pressure of the sexual act or of satisfying another person, contributing to an atmosphere that combines relaxation and concentration.

These factors contribute not only to the woman reaching orgasm during the session, but also to learning how to achieve it, either during sexual intercourse with a partner or, partner being alone. In addition, orgasms become much more intense, precisely because they involve the whole body instead of just the genital region.

Healing of female sexual dysfunctions

Vaginismus is probably one of the champions within the tantric therapists' treatment rooms. This is the name given to involuntary spasms in the entrance muscles of the vagina at the beginning of penetration. They occur without any apparent cause, causing pain and discomfort. It is a problem usually related to trauma and mental blocks that the woman has experienced throughout her life.

Tantric massage helps to combat vaginismus exactly by sensitizing the whole body. The pleasure provided even before penetration promotes relaxation, thus preventing muscle contractions.

In addition, the healing process that starts from the inside out, that is, the woman heals her energetic and vibrational field also contributes to the treatment of other female sexual dysfunctions such as anorgasmia, for example.

Decreased stress

Nothing better than an orgasm to relax, don't you agree? But, tantric therapy goes beyond that and becomes a great ally for women to combat stress and depression. This is because, during practice, it is necessary that she learns some principles to get the most out of it. These principles known as “tantra keys” are: breathing, sound and movement. When placed together they relax the body and promote stress reduction, which is essential for a lighter and more balanced life.

Rebalancing of energies

In addition to our physical body, we are also composed of energy that circulates through the energy channels that we have already talked about here. In addition, tantric therapy balances the two energetic polarities present in our system: male and female.

The stress of everyday life causes imbalance, often leading women to lose contact with their feminine energy. What it can generate: Difficult PMS, menstrual cramps, constant irritation and even difficulty getting pregnant.

Therapy releases these channels, which for women means achieving a balance of energies, facilitating contact with your natural feminine energy, with the shakti that exists within it. This process is essential for women's physical health and to have more self-confidence, joy and disposition.

Therapist or Partner?

My partner, can you give me a massage? Or am I obliged to go to a professional? I'm ashamed or even afraid of someone else touching me, how should I do it?

These are completely common doubts for those who opt for a tantric massage session. Of course, the professional approach accelerates its benefits and is more accurate. After all, the therapist has a great deal of experience. However, shame, fear and even insecurity in the relationship cannot be an impediment to your sexual cure.

It is possible that the partner performs a Yoni massage in a delicate and gentle way, this is great for increasing the connection, the intimacy and even the empathy of the partner towards the partner.

The rule here is: there is no right or wrong. There is what you feel ready and prepared to start. Here at Tantra Yoga Lab, our goal is to bring tantric therapy to everyone. Make this practice so powerful reach all people, without shame or fear.

Therefore, in our couples course you will find a unique approach focused on practice, loving and caring.

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