In these times of forced social detachment and isolation, we have all seen some jokes circulating on social networks about how difficult it is for couples to live closer to each other and for long periods!

Jokes aside, we know that there is a background of truth that deserves to be treated with more attention.

In this publication, we will give you some tips on how Tantra can help when these issues come up. 

How is your relationship with yourself?

That is the first question you should ask before starting to analyze your relationship! 

Imagine that your best version may be stuck in meaningless bodily and psychological patterns.

If we look for the meaning of the word “anguish” in the dictionary, we will find: narrowness, space or time reduction, lack, anxiety. If you experience any of these symptoms, it is very likely that a little awareness of yourself is one of the causes. 

In quarantine times, it is normal to be distressed, so it is essential to discern well what is going on inside you.

Becoming aware

Remember the old saying, "Know yourself"? This knowledge is not limited only to the attention paid to our thoughts, but also the sensations that our body offers!

Muscles are not only made to produce movement, they are also sensory organs. They serve for feel all movements and positions. There is a little different word that gives the name to this concept: proprioception, the perception of oneself, quite worked on in the practice of Yoga.

In short, working the physical body is a great way to free the body from this anguish! With simple techniques and free, who work with passivity and softness, we can reprogram our automatic and reactive actions within the relationship. 

And the relationship with my partner ?!


There is a great chance that your partner will be experiencing the same limiting processes. The good news is that there is a forma pleasant and efficient to overcome these obstacles together!

Loving Tantra meditation, with sensory experiences, can be a new way to get around the tedium of quarantine confinement and take the relationship to an even higher level than before the pandemic started!

If, due to the current isolation, you realized that there is anguish or any other strange feeling in your relationship, most likely these issues were already present. However, due to the frantic activities of daily life, there was no awareness of this.

For loving meditation to offer all its benefits, there must be a gradual deepening of intimacy and a reduction in the distance between partners. Believe me: there are many couples with many years of relationship but very distant from each other!

So it is time to take advantage of adverse external conditions to immerse yourself and your partner's intimacy in an infinite cycle. Although there is isolation outside, there will be union in your intimacy! 

No Online Course on Sexuality and Tantric Massage, you will find ways to carry out this process of inner connection and with your partner. 



Written by Renato Sá Barreto, Aluno do Online Course on Sexuality and Tantric Massage


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