Most of us, Tantric Therapy practitioners, know that Tantra brings many benefits to our lives, but did you know that Tantra of Love is a profound and efficient way to have healthier relationships?

This year, in June, the month that Valentine's Day is celebrated, much has been said about the hashtag #NoEraAmorQuando, where people shared phrases that showed signs of an abusive relationship. The measure served as a warning to many people who could be in this type of relationship.

But, the question that this situation leaves in the air is, why in the XNUMXst century, with freer and more open relationships, and a higher sexual maturity on the part of the population, are there still people who are trapped in these relationships?

To understand a little more about this question, we need to understand a little more about love! So, let's understand how Tantra do Amor helps us to maintain a healthy, free and empowered relationship!

Our relationship with love

Love is essential for survival in society, and we humans are often looking for it.

However, love does not mean having a partner. Contrary to what we are led to believe, love is not about finding someone else.

The real thing we really need is love in its broadest sense.

Therefore, self-love is an essential condition for a healthy, full and happy life and love for others is the basis for us to have a healthy social life.

It can manifest itself in various ways, but for love to exist it must be present.

Okay. Here we will talk about another aspect that few people address: presence.

To be present is to be fully aware of the situation, to give yourself to that. It doesn't matter if you spend time alone, practicing your self-esteem or with a partner. You need to be 100% present.

When we feel like talking to someone, from the company or even in intimate or more superficial acts, we are unconsciously manifesting our state of presence.

It happens naturally, but it is possible to further increase that connection through the Tantra of love.

In a relationship in which there is love, according to Tantra, there should be no ego, jealousy, attachment or competition between the parties. Based on the principles of love and freedom, we must genuinely love so that each one develops deeply and that the relationship is lasting.

Tantra do Amor and a healthy relationship

Being a very deep path, which goes beyond the psychological limits of each one, Tantra do Amor addresses the energy and the direct connection between mind, heart and genitals.

If we stop to reflect on therapies aimed at couples, the vast majority of them have a methodology centered on a particular approach. This does not mean that I am wrong, but we, as a couple in a long-term relationship, felt the need to go beyond those limits.

Completely integrating our relationship with what we are individually, at this point Tantra of Love was (and is) very important. Through it, we can promote our intimacy, creating a sacred time and space, even with the day-to-day challenges.

Therefore, we understand that love is a broad and totally ego-free feeling. He is intense and magnificent, not easily shaken by fear, insecurities, blockages or jealousy.

And of course, we also learned a lot about respect. Tantra of love, whether for heterosexual or homosexual couples, teaches how to respect differences and understand each other with love, affection and attention.

But individually, it also has many benefits. After all, it works with all our orgasmic potential, promotes sexual health and rejuvenation.

It also wakes up our erogenous zones that have been asleep for a long time, awakens the kundalini.

Now, how about two amazing tips Tantra do Amor can give us?

2 important tips according to Tantra of Love

As we said earlier, Tantra of Love goes far beyond this limited concept and teaches us the purest and most intense approach to this feeling.

For this reason, we have separated two (perhaps untraditional) advice from Tantra do Amor for a healthier and happier relationship.

Come on?

Before you love the other, love yourself

This is one of the most important phrases you will see today: we are only able to love each other when we love each other.

In other words, Self-care and self-love are essential to maintaining a relationship.

When we have a low self-esteem, lack of self-esteem and even toxic thoughts, we inevitably begin to show harmful behaviors for the relationship.

Some of them are:

  • Reactivity: everything your partner does seems like a provocation or that was harshly premeditated to stop irritating
  • Compulsive behaviors: Eating too much, drinking too much or even wanting too much sex are signs that there is a lack of self-love that is not met.
  • Jealousy: do you constantly think your partner is going to betray you or can you leave?

These are just some of the signs. Did you identify yourself? So, it's important to start dedicating more time to yourself. Investing in meditative practices that provide self-knowledge and openness of the heart, such as Tantra do Amor facilitates this process of falling in love with yourself.

Be there (for you and your partner)

Be present with your partner. For this, our tip is to set aside a day of the week for the two of you. Leave cell phones and computers and do something you both like.

In other words: take the day off to "date". Go to the cinema, listen to music or take a walk in the park.

It doesn't matter what, as long as they are together and present in the moment. This implies who:

  • Hear the other without judgment
  • Speak your feelings or your opinion with sincerity and lovingness
  • Open your heart and lower barriers
  • Pay attention to the moment

Also, be present for you too. On challenging days, avoid charging yourself. Be your best friend.

This is the lesson Tantra do Amor gives us at the individual level: be your best friend.

Only then do we find the true essence of loving-kindness present in ourselves.

Do you want to go deeper into Tantra of Love?

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