Tantra deals with human development by bringing harmony, inner peace and happiness. As it has the ability to touch different parts of the human psyche, it is another treatment method for depression. Depression can be lodged at different levels in our subconscious.

How does depression arise?

Depression usually appears when there is stagnant vital energy, from "wounds" that we suffer during the course of our existence. Most start in childhood.

All sorts of pains, traumas and difficult experiences accumulated in our body involve our emotional and physical bodies. They create a deep body weight.

All these injuries, accumulated during life, become part of our being and are not always felt consciously. They begin to express themselves in thought first. Our thoughts become heavier, pessimistic, more depressive, hopeless, suspicious.

Depression usually comes as a result of our distance from source, of our deep and calm self. The essence, inhabits all of us, in those moments of depression is found there in the background. We forget our true nature because we are carrying so much pain. When you start treating depression through Tantra, you start working on all aspects of your life.

Tantra to alleviate depression

We can begin with the fact that the deep connection with pleasure is transformative in itself. The feeling of intense pleasure can help us achieve deep and healing spiritual experiences. Coming the pains of our subconscious. There, this energy begins to transform this hard and painful reality. Creates a more optimistic outlook on life, where you feel more safe and comfortable.
The process is done through physical, breathing and emotional expression exercises.

It is impossible to live a world of joy and vitality when the physical body is heavy, dense, closed. This weight of the body affects our thinking, our optimism. Our ability to make us aware that we are in a good, safe and resourceful place. With Tantra, you learn to open up, to surrender, using exercises and movements; and when we “let go” we give the brain the message that everything is fine. The brain then turns off the "close" mode. Later, we started to practice emotional work. Moving emotions, moving energy within our body and reusing it in other parts of the body. This supplies our chakras superiors

Vital energy

As we have already explained, the sexual energy it is the strongest physical energy that drives our body, and our vital energy. Generally depressed people have low vital energy and have nowhere to draw strength to begin a transformation. Through Tantra, you learn how to release sexual energy, how to move it in your body. Learn to move it into your heart to open up and allow yourself to feel fully. Read more about it here

It may also happen that you discover that there is a lot of pain, sadness, anger and all kinds of feelings kept.
The person suffering from depression usually sees no future at all and all predictions are bad. Through Tantra paths begin to be created within us, opening space for significant changes in our reality.

The pleasure

Let's remember that this path is a process, it doesn't happen overnight. You have to make a commitment to yourself.
Another way that Tantra helps in depression is through an energetic trance. Thus, one can reach our subconscious. Release layers of pain and emotional armor that have been built up over the years.

With Tantra people can be taught to experience pleasure at levels they do not yet know. Not just sexual pleasure, (more specifically with the energy of orgasms), but a profound transformation of energy into pleasure. A pleasure that spreads throughout our body.

All of these delicious sensations are powerful tools that penetrate the subconscious mind directly. These tools provide the deepest healing path known to man.

With pleasure and through deep spiritual experiences, people can release the layers that are tightly closed in the depths of the subconscious (those that are creating a difficult and painful reality).

With Tantra, they can begin a transformation, creating a more optimistic point of view.


Close your eyes. Perceive your whole body. Realize all the energy that passes through your body. Stand with your knees semi-bent, feet parallel and hold for 5 minutes. You will notice an increase in energy in the thigh region. Visualize this energy going upwards. Going through the entire trunk until you reach the top of your head, while slowly extending your knees beeeem. Then analyze your internal state. Take deep breaths. Comment the results below!

We also leave a video on Tantric Meditation, so you can understand more about it:



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