How can tantric therapy dissolve trauma, rescue your freedom and your joy of living?

Your inner child still cries inside

How can tantric therapy help?

Since children many of our instincts are repressed. Crying is repressed, wills are repressed. Our expression is repressed. And all of this did not happen for nothing. There was a reason, a need, which basically can be translated as the need to adapt our behavior so that we can live in society, live in a collective environment and be accepted within that environment.

Behavioral adaptation was necessary so that we could live in community. That is why our parents, often unconsciously, put us in the same behavioral system that their parents put them in.

And the damage that this brings is, in many cases, even more accentuated by the parents' lack of time, the lack of understanding, the lack of energy to understand and care for a child.


Instincts are not enemies

The lack of contact with our instincts, which were often placed under the rug, led us to a separation. A kind of detachment from what was part of us, but it couldn't be expressed because it was considered “bad”, “dark”.

They (the instincts) started to have little use, because they were more troublemakers than resolvers. So they were locked up in the basements of our being. We don't realize it, but it can lead us to a cold, colorless, horny life. After all, instincts are our primary vital expression.

And the symptoms of this appear in many ways, because, after all, it takes a very large hold to hold so many repressed emotions and instincts.

The lack of will to live, depression, disconnection with life, coldness ...

Crying as a great ally

Many people do not understand, but that is why crying is such an important mechanism in therapy. It is through crying that our emotions can be released.

According to Alexander Lowen, the father of Bioenergetics, crying is the main indication that a therapy is giving some result.

Because through crying, we return to our childhood. We rescue old memories from our body and often we release content that has been stuck for years.

And if there is a lot of content stored there, it is possible, in a therapeutic session, that we cry rivers of accumulated memories. Old "swallowed cries" from the time of little ones can arise, when they did not give us the necessary attention and we still had to be quiet so that adults could do what they thought "most important" at the time.

When we weren't allowed to put it out or when our parents didn't know what to do and just longed for peace after a long day at work.

Active meditations that use instincts for inner evolution

Thinking about all this complex tangle of emotions and impounded content, Osho created active meditation techniques, which provide not only a strong emotional catharsis in the initial stages, but also later stages of observation and meditation in which moments of deep reflection take place and provide a look external about yourself.


For more details on these techniques, we recommend reading and, above all, practicing the Osho's Orange Book.

At the beginning of the practices it can be difficult to deal with these stored contents. Because we are so immature in relation to our emotions that we still don't know how to deal with them in a harmonious way. We are not used to feeling anger and letting it flow without interfering, to get to know it in depth. In general, it does not manifest itself completely. It is repressed. That is why we are still very immature in relation to many emotions that we classify as "dark".

Tantric therapy deals with the truth that the emotional body presents. It is a way of dealing with these emotions also on the physical, material plane. An opportunity to observe how it all influences our breathing, our hormones ... To perceive, not only intellectually, but also the sensory aspects of it all.

It is an opportunity to give vent to everything that we have always been afraid to express. Our anger, our madness, our sexuality, our sadness, our laughter ... doing everything in a controlled and safe environment gives us a freedom never before experienced to be total, whole. Without fear of reprisals or restraint.

It is a job that brings greater maturity and awareness about the relationship between our physical, emotional and also spiritual bodies. Because during the meditative state we have the opportunity to look at all this with tranquility and free of judgment.

Breathing, feeling, expressing, breaking free

So in our sexuality course and tantric massage we give very important guidelines related to the way we breathe, after all, our emotional state is directly linked to the way we breathe and also with the way we express and move. In addition, we encourage and encourage “free speech”. Both in physical aspects and in expression through voice, crying, laughter and pleasure ...


This whole process has the ability to dissolve old bonds, break internal barriers and promote what we call integration. Integration is the moment when there are no more internal struggles, when we make peace with ourselves.

When we accept what is ours, but which we previously rejected. And when we welcome, we can look without fear and evaluate what is and is not useful and allow the unnecessary energy to be released.

A fuller sexuality

One of the most repressed instincts is the sexual instinct. And this must be looked at closely, because the sex drive is very strong. When we observe this instinct up close, without repression, giving him the freedom to express himself, we begin to move with very deep things and old memories that our physical and emotional bodies carry.

That is why the work of tantric therapy with tantric massages it's so deep. It is visceral work, which touches many of our main bonds and unconscious fears. It is above all a liberating, depressing work that can bring a new meaning to something that was previously condemned and repressed.

Tantric therapy brings a new look to our most primitive instincts, which are not necessarily bad. Quite the opposite. They can be a great source of inspiration. They can be allies to unleash a creative power never before experienced by us and generate extraordinary revolutions in our lives.




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