This week I decided to talk about a powerful method of curing female sexuality: the Yoni Eggs.

Yoni Eggs is a term that mixes the Sanskrit word "Yoni", which is used to name the female genitals, with the English word "Eggs" which means egg. That is, they are small crystal eggs that are inserted in the vaginal canal and support pompoir practices that go beyond strengthening the pelvis.

Do you want to know more about this practice that promotes healing, the release of challenging emotions and the expansion of female sexuality? So, stay with me!

Yoni Eggs: The power of crystals!

Throughout human history, crystals have been used in various ways in Western civilizations. As examples I can mention Japan, China, India and Thailand. This kind of knowledge is naturally part of the eastern peoples and even supports their preventive medicine. Different, for example, from Western society and the way we see crystals.

This is because crystals have their own physical and energetic properties. When used correctly, they alter the body's magnetic field and influence cells to promote the healing of female sexuality.

In addition, they can also be programmed for a specific function, which contributes to other aspects of our life such as prosperity, relationships and even professional life.

There are several types of crystals. But, in the Yoni Yoga course I present 5 types that are the most suitable and safe for beginners. They are: black obsidian, rose quartz, crystal quartz, amethyst and jade.

Today, in particular, we will talk about black obsidian, rose quartz and amethyst.

Are Yoni Eggs safe?

If you are still a beginner in pompoarism you may have some questions such as:

  • How can I get it out?
  • Will he hurt me?
  • Doesn't this cause any gynecological problems?

All of these questions are valid and super important. But, calm down, I'm going to talk about all of them right now.

They are polished especially for this and everything used in their production is cleaned before being sold. But, it is very important that before the first use, a physical and energetic cleaning is carried out on your friend, so that he is free of all external influences and becomes ready for use.

In addition, placement and cleaning after use is also easy and if you have a strengthened pelvic floor, this becomes easier and easier.

To clean your stone physically you will only need a mild soap. I work with crystals that have no holes, so cleaning is quick, easy and there is no risk to your intimate health.

But, it varies from person to person. Many professionals use stones with holes and that's fine, just be extra careful when cleaning.

The expulsion of the Yoni Egg is done naturally, with pompoar exercises, in addition, her own weight helps at the time of taking.

Now, let's talk about the ownership of each Yoni Egg?

Meaning of Crystals: Black Obsidian

This stone is known to be intense and the effects it produces appear quickly. Although it is common for many people to be afraid of it, as black obsidian is super indicated to help face our “shadow” side and welcome it.

That is, with it you uncover truths that you do not want to face, expose flaws, weaknesses and blockages.

Are you experiencing a problem that cannot identify a solution? Any depressive state? So, obsidian is its most interesting indication. It will point the way to overcoming and even indicate the destructive behaviors that prevent our lives from going well and healthy.

In addition, it provides courage and self-confidence to promote the cleanliness of your own life.

But, you have to be careful, because if you are not ready for the depth of this crystal, you can be scared. Be ready for the intensity!


This stone, in addition to a beautiful purple color, is also linked with our mind and everything related to it. Therefore, it has the property of transmuting energy and behaviors, reducing dispersion, depression and mental uncontrolled.

If you are looking to increase your intuition, memory and clarity of your thoughts, it is a wonderful option. This stone, because of its ability to
But, here is an addendum: it needs to be used with caution in women with paranoid and schizoid tendencies.

Rose Quartz

Considered the stone of love, friendship and heart, this stone has the potential for highly loving healing. It helps to improve your relationship, bringing up the needs and welcoming in a gentle way what gets in the way of your love life today.

In addition, it also gently removes negative energies giving room for positive emotions and full of tenderness.

How to choose the best Yoni Egg?

When it comes to stones and crystals it is extremely important to keep in mind the source. It is necessary that your Yoni Egg be from a reliable location to avoid problems with bad cutting or even some type of forgery.

But, in addition to this technical aspect, I particularly prefer to "be chosen" than to choose a stone. I like to let my heart and energy guide me to one that will contribute to the healing and expansion of my sexuality.

If you have felt this call within your heart, get to know the course Yoni Yoga that unites the practices of Yoga, Tantra and the use of Yoni Eggs to heal traumas, improve the relationship with our body and feminine, in addition to freeing our orgasmic capacity.

Wow… Today we talked a lot about Yoni Eggs. What did you think of this post? Comment down here!


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