Do you know the tantric positions that can intensify sex?

If there's one thing that helps (or gets in the way) of maintaining a long-term relationship, it's sex. It seems just a detail, but sexual satisfaction directly impacts the way the couple sees, treats and even talks.

In addition, sexually satisfied people are more: calm, patient, cheerful and complain less. Several researches have already pointed out this result, that is, it is not a secret kept under lock and key.

However, many couples today still do not understand this importance and neglect that aspect that keeps the relationship healthy and interesting. Our sexuality is like a new land, waiting to be discovered. There, we find fascinating things that we never imagined.

In other words: sex is too beautiful to be just for mom and dad.

Beautiful is not it?

That is why the tantric positions show us a new path and a new way of seeing our own sexuality and that of the partner. What gives more pleasure, more connection with the partner and intensifies our experience in orgasm.

Now, let's start to see the 5 tantric positions to have more intense and connected sex with your partner?

Before tantric positions: how to have tantric sex!

The principle behind tantric positions is not in WHAT is done during their execution, but in HOW they are accomplished.

So, it is useless to speak directly of the positions without addressing everything that is necessary to have an intense experience and that deepens the bonds between the couple.

One of the first things that needs to be done is preparation. Prepare the environment in advance for what will happen later. Remember, this is not just another day of sex, it should be a moment of intimacy that connects you two.

Therefore, preparing the environment with care is an essential step. For this, you can choose to:

  • Change the bedding for light or velvety fabrics;
  • Decorate the place with pillows, rugs or any other prop that makes the place more comfortable.
  • If you want, use candles or aphrodisiac incense.

Then, let's go to the next step: the connection.

To perform any position in a tantric way, it is necessary to create a space within ourselves to connect with each other and then initiate the energetic, emotional and sexual union between the two.

How to create a deep connection?

First, it is important to have a sincere conversation with the two. The couple must have a deep and sincere dialogue where they both say what they want, expect and even need during the act itself. With such a simple practice of talking, the couple already establishes bonds of trust and commitment. The limits are exposed and both parties are sure that they will be respected.

In addition to being sincere and saying what you want, it is also important that we work on the ability to listen to others without judgment. In this sense, it is very important not to get stuck in resentments, guilt and fears.

And to understand that the other is a universe different from ours, with different beliefs and truths. Where your fears, blocks, fears and guilt will be different from ours.

What to do during tantric positions?

When we talk about tantric practices, we realize that they are much more linked to how they are performed, than the technique itself. In other words: any sex can become tantric, it all depends on the way you do it.

Therefore, it is important to keep in mind the three principles of Tantra: breathing, sound and movement.

  • Breath: Breathe deeply, taking the air to your lower abdomen and letting it out through your mouth. Feel the breath relax your body and intensify your orgasm.
  • Sound: Let go of your voice on the bed. Release the air making an "ah" sound. This very simple act moves the sexual energy in our body in a very intense way.
  • Movement: moving your body is also an important enhancer that closes all previous aspects with a flourish. Move around (far beyond the traditional back and forth), roll around, try new directions.

Now that we know how to do tantric positions and unforgettable tantric sex. Let's get down to business!

1.Yab Yum

Most of the tantra materials that are presented on the internet and even in books, it is Yab Yum that is used to represent a sex with these ancestral principles. And all this popularization is not for nothing.

In fact, most of the time it is used as the final position, as it generates the effect of “charging batteries”. It also involves the couple in an extremely intimate setting, connecting the energies and intertwining each other and each other.

Poetic, isn't it?

But, that is exactly what this position is: poetic.

To perform it, the penetrating partner sits cross-legged, preferably on the floor. The receiver sits on your lap facing forward, legs wrapping around your partner's lower back.

The most interesting thing, in this case, is the countless number of possibilities: by tilting the pelvis upwards, we reach the G-point and stimulation is incredible. Anal penetration is also possible to reach point A in women or point P in men. However, it is worth remembering that anal sex is only delicious when extremely well lubricated. So always have coconut oil or an intimate lubricant on your hands.

2.Side side

At that moment you stop and think: wow, but I already know that position. Calm down! Do you remember that magic is in how it is performed? Well then. Staying “on the sidelines” with your partner, remembering breathing, sound and movement promotes greater circulation of all the body's energy, in addition to strengthening intimacy.

After all, being on the side or “scoop” is always a wonderful affection, isn't it?

So, invest in that position for more affection with your love.


If the "puppy" is already good, imagine a labrador? Who is kind, caring and fun? Of course, this is not the name of a position, but we love the idea of ​​playing with you.

In this variation of the traditional position, there is no dominance or subjugation. The penetrating part embraces and envelops the other with its own body. This makes sex even more intense and able to connect everyone involved.

In addition, it also activates our root chakra and helps balance that region, which is responsible for our security and sense of belonging.

These were just some of the positions capable of revolutionizing your sex life and your relationship, in an intense and practical way.

But, if you want to go deeper on this journey, get to know our free online tantra course for couples.


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