Many men would like to live full and meaningful loving relationships with their partners. For they are tired of superficial and meaningless relationships.

Others would like to unravel the mysteries of sexuality, female orgasms and awaken in their partners all the potential for latent pleasure in them.

There is a third group that understands that sexuality, intimacy and connection they should not be seen separately.

If you are in that group this article can give you new Horizons about what is really important for female sexuality, to take it to high energetic, orgasmic levels and we go further ...

What will you find in this article?

Here you will find 5 strategies to increase pleasure and deepen your connection with her, will have the opportunity to know ancient, tantric practices, which deepen intimacy and can awaken all the orgasmic potential of you and your partner.

You will also understand some of the main mistakes that men make trying to create more intimacy and give more pleasure to their partners.

So come on?

#Step 1- Have a true connection INTENT

It all starts with intention. The intention is like a direction we choose.

If you have a superficial intention, you will attract superficial relationships.

If you have a deep intention, you will attract deep relationships.

So, if you just want to have more achievements and accumulate women in your contact list, forget it. This article is not for you!

A true connection intention is a desire to get to know someone in depth. To explore, investigate and scrutinize everything that person has to offer. It is a desire to go in essence, to know and feel someone with a single depth.

A true connection, a connection of souls, normally starts with a present eye contact. But you need eye contact that is, at the same time, genuinely interested in getting to know the other while being brave enough to let yourself be seen.

And this is where the overwhelming majority of men sin.

There is a huge fear of opening up, being vulnerable, fragile. As if it were a fear of being discovered.

Studies have already shown that characteristic most appreciated by a woman in a man is honesty.

Honesty implies not only being willing to show your qualities, but being brave enough to show your feelings as a human being and being sincere in this regard.

It is the ability to let yourself be discovered. To surrender to the relationship with an open heart.

And a lot of that filter happens by looking. A man who does not meet the eyes is usually afraid of being discovered.

And that is a characteristic that can be developed. Here at Tantra Yoga LAB we offer you a free workshop to develop true and deep connections through meditations and tantric techniques for couples.

Just access the banner below and check it out. You will not regret.

And the best: it's free!

#Step 2- Know the female anatomy and the main pleasure mechanisms well

Not knowing the female anatomy and trying to give a woman pleasurable experiences in bed is like trying to drive a car without knowing what the accelerator, brake pedals are and where the steering wheel is.

Clitoral anatomy

The vast majority of men still do not know that a woman's main pleasure area is EXTERNAL to the vagina.

The greatest amount of female enervations and sensory agents are found in the clitoris and its surroundings.

And when it comes to penetration it is important to know the location and the best way to stimulate a woman's G-spot. This can be decisive to take you to new levels of pleasure.

One of the most interesting things about my discovery of female sexuality happened when I was 18 and I read a wonderful book called “The Hite report".

This book is a report of a study done with more than 3000 women , focusing on female sexuality, in the mid-70s. There, some unusual discoveries caught my attention:

1-Most women only reached orgasm with their partner when he made NO pelvic movements. This usually happened with the woman sitting and on top of the man.

In other words, that movement of frantic back and forth that we men love to see in pornographic films is not as effective as we imagined. In fact, it is not at all effective.

2-The other thing that caught my attention was that most women reported not reaching orgasm. But even so, what mattered most to them was seeing their partner's pleasure and to know that he loved her.

It really touched my beliefs about how women are treated by men and how they are not reciprocated for the love they pour into their partners.

But make no mistake. This is changing and fast. They are no longer as submissive and permissive as before.

This research was done in the 70s. Today's women are more demanding, empowered and no longer accept these crumbs that 1970s men were willing to offer.

# Step3- Don't be in a hurry or go straight to the point

As a tantric therapist I have seen over 500 women and I say that the most recurring complaint I hear is: “I don't have orgasms. My partner is too fast ”

And here it is worth going back to the item above and reaffirming one thing: Female pleasure is not in that crusher way to penetrate, nor is it essentially located in the vaginal canal.

Female pleasure goes far beyond that.

Women enjoy a very different way from men. They are not attached to a specific event how is ejaculation for men.

For them pleasure happens in an expanded way, I would even say “holistic”. It is much more common, for example, for women to experience full-body orgasms, which is rarely the case for men.

That is why I reiterate that female pleasure must be explored far beyond vaginal borders.

The entire body is orgasmic. The whole body carries a potential for pleasure.

And it’s worth saying to you, the man who’s reading this, that your body also carries this potential, but we’re so attached to ejaculation that we do not give ourselves the right to explore other forms of pleasure.

Learn to better develop your orgasmic potential through tantric techniques for couples

#Step 4- Explore body senses well

In the previous item I said a little bit about “what not to do“. Here we’ll talk a little more about “what to do".

A de-genitalization of pleasure it is a very important step in the development of orgasmic potential in both the male and female bodies.

E God gave us 5 senses that connect us with the “here and now”. But a lot of people still have sex thinking.

The person's mind is plotting a lot of crap.

He's worrying about his performance, trying to reach or force an orgasm for his partner, worrying about the penis. Whether or not you are erect, whether or not your erection will last until the end.

Whether or not ejaculation is coming ... anyway. All of this leaves man in a state of non-presence.

And the best way to disconnect from all those boring little things is to focus on the senses bodily effects.

The first one is vision. We talked about it a little bit up there, about the connection of looking, of feeling the presence of the other through looking ... but we still have 4 other senses. Smell, for example. It is a wonderful sense.

Have you seen how puppies look when a dog is in heat?

Have you seen how the Stallion Bulls look when they get close to a female?

If not, watch.

Smell is something that triggers incredible triggers in our brain. So exploring the smell can be fascinating.

In addition to smell, there is taste, hearing and touch.

In our free workshop we offer guided classes so you can use some of our precious senses in a guided way, based on tantric meditative techniques very deep and effective.

#Step 5- Relax, play more, be spontaneous and learn to receive

Access to bodily senses is already a great way to send away that annoying little devil who keeps telling us about our erection and our ejaculation every second.

But a tantric teaching that I learned from the master OSHO is that not only sexuality, but life must be taken in the spirit of Leela.

 Leela = Joke.

Jesus Christ himself said that “Truly I say to you, unless you are converted and become like children, you will in no way enter the kingdom of heaven."

We need to keep the flame of our inner child alive, the flame of the will to explore, play, discover and keep a light and enthusiastic look.

Spontaneity is one of the most beautiful things that a human being can cultivate. The most charismatic and incredible people I know cultivate this characteristic.

Don't take sex too seriously, don't be so strict. Dance, play. Allow yourself to receive pleasure without always having to be “active”. Be passive too. Allow yourself to receive pleasure, explore your own body and live to the fullest of your potential.

I wish you, from the bottom of my heart, a light life, full of discoveries and a full sexuality!




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