Sex is pleasurable, delicious. It is a moment of incredible connection with your own body and your partner. It even seems a little obvious to say that "feeling pain in sex is not normal".

Although in theory, yes, it is really obvious, in practice things happen differently.

Many men and women get used to discomfort and even pain in bed and stop looking for help, be it medical or therapeutic. They spend an emotional and sexual life without pleasure, entering into a relationship only as a way of "fulfilling their role". Whether it's a man or a woman. 

That is why it is so important to discuss the matter. Approaching that any discomfort is not normal, but that it does have treatment. Sex is pleasure and you deserve to feel all the good that your body can provide you.

Therefore, throughout this article we will explain some of the possible causes of this problem, and, of course, help you with some tips that will facilitate your healing process.

Pain in sex is serious!

It is not a mild nuisance, it is not something normal. Many people they have already produced this speech for themselves as a way to lessen the pain of this condition. However, entering this state means accepting the situation, which is serious and may even indicate some type of more serious illness.

So, before we talk a little bit about the tantric view and how the practices of tantric therapy are able to reverse this situation, let's address physical issues that can influence and generate discomfort or pain during the H hour.

Let's see!

Physical causes

When this is the subject, the discomfort can arise both from a lack of sexual self-knowledge (which we will talk about later) and from illnesses.

Men and women may present this issue as a symptom for some illness that needs medical treatment.

Some of the male problems that generate pain at the time are:

In women, the most common causes are:

Of course, these pains are not just about these causes. For this reason, a medical analysis is necessary to identify if there is any physical cause. Once this hypothesis is removed and the tests performed are all in line with expectations, it is possible to expand the possibilities and find other ways to deal with (and cure) this situation. 

Pain is a response from the body.

Beforeand anything, we need to understand what pain is, by itself it has a meaning. It is a response from our body indicating that something is not going well. She is trying to say, "calm down, something is wrong here."

At time H, especially for women, it can be challenging to say to your partner in all letters: stop, I am in pain! However, it is important to have this communication and expose to the partner what is really happening in the relationship.

We need to address that this nuisance may be due to some individual mental factor being personal. But, this does not mean that it is "less important" than a physical cause, on the contrary, it requires as much concern as it can be more difficult to be cured.

Sexual dysfunctions have, in most cases, their cause linked to the psychological. So I decided to address the most common of them here.

Among women, the most common of these is vaginismus characterized by involuntary contraction of the muscles of the vagina. This problem is not just something that happens in bed, but it can even hinder the performance of gynecological exams. The contracting muscles do not allow penetration or will make consultation with a professional very difficult.

Now, for both men and women, what stands out is the dyspareunia flame, which consists of na pain in sex before or after contact, the sensation resembles a twinge or burning sensation that occurs right at the beginning of penetration.

How to deal with pain in sex?

First, sexual self-knowledge is a powerful tool for dealing with one's own healing. Identify how your body behaves, whether in sex or during masturbation. It doesn't matter if you are a woman or a man, note some important questions such as:

  • How long does it take you to get aroused sexually? Women: how long do you take to be able to receive penetration?
  • How does your body behave when you are excited?
  • What thoughts fill your mind?

All questions are key to identifying what can trigger your body's response. Some have very simple answers such as: the time of foreplay during sex is less than the time they need for penetration.

In some cases, of course, it can be derived from trauma or sexual blockages. And in those cases, the tantric therapy, practices such as active meditation and tantric massage itself are crucial for a loving and efficient treatment, after all, tantric practices relax our muscles and prepare our minds for high states of pleasure, disconnecting our body from fears.

Furthermore, when they are practiced by couples, during sex, it provides an immense connection, decreasing more and more the pain during the relationship, until finally, to have the cure. In other words, it is as if the couple lowered the ego's barriers and devoted a moment to themselves and to the other. Full of love, affection and understanding.

We hope that this text has helped in this challenging time. However, know that no matter how difficult you feel this moment IT IS POSSIBLE TO HEAL. got any questions? Comment below that we will answer your question!


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