tantra testimonial

Years ago I drove home from work, my head full of problems from the place where I was employed and I wished for a moment that there was a "magic button in my head" to shut my mind off all worries.

That's because I was exhausted from my own mind. They were problems with my self-esteem, with my work and even my marriage was not going well.

It was when I saw the first signs of meditation, but I was too concerned with looking for that magic button that I simply ignored that information.

Then, on another occasion, Tantra appeared in my life…. And in that instant my life changed. It was a moment of complete revolution and today I think that if I had paid more attention to what I discovered after a tiring day, I would have saved a lot of the stress, pressure and fear that I felt.

Perhaps you are in this situation now, with problems at work, lack of self-esteem or even your marriage is not going well. But, what I'm going to tell you in the next few lines has the potential to be the game changer in your life.

Although the word "tantra" can generate some strange comparisons in people with little knowledge on the subject, meditation is one of the most applied exercises on the tantric path.

But I don't judge the “me” from the past. After all, we Westerners, and especially Brazilians, are very uninformed about this Eastern behavioral philosophy. After all, there are cultural aspects that escape our reality.

With a little dedication and practice I quickly managed to convert my mind that was a tsunami of thoughts and emotion to a crystal clear and calm lake.

And that is what I am going to teach you today. Stay with me that we will learn more about Tantra and the revolutions it will make in your life. Then, I will still make a super special invitation that will certainly bring a lot of pleasure, comfort and fullness to your journey.

tantra testimonial

After all, what is Tantra?

Basically, Tantra is a philosophy built on beliefs from several ancient Hindu and Buddhist texts dating from around the first millennium AD.

It is very quickly possible to describe how centralization with the divine through a sacred sexuality and free from the toxic taboos of modern society.

Barbara Carrellas, who is the author of Urban Tantra and one of the most important figures internationally in the tantric community, conceptualizes this philosophy as a practice that frees us. It is not just about sex, but the base energy present in all of us.

This is what drives us towards life change.

How can Tantra exercises improve my relationships and my sexuality?

Although Tantra may seem to simply give more pleasure to intercourse, the exercises go far beyond that and often act as an interlacing for the couple in discovering themselves as separate individuals and as lovers.

 This is because, unlike other traditions that see the body as dangerous and sinful, tantra sees it as a direct connection to the divine. In this way, the pleasure he gives us has a transcendental, positive and sacred aspect. It must be contemplated and not judged.

To view relationships, pleasure and the body in this way is to expand the mind. It may seem difficult at first. This happens, because when looking at our culture, this type of thinking is culturally removed from our social relationships and sex.

Although it has exercises and a theory that has been extensively studied and scientifically proven, this philosophy is also practical and straightforward. In an extremely loving way, without much technical knowledge it is possible to start practicing the first exercises that will be responsible for your change.

Very similar to those meditation apps, which teach some basic techniques that act as a tool of transformation and calm for the individual.

tantra testimonial

The keys to Tantra: how are these exercises built?

When analyzing exercises, it is extremely important to understand why they have such a potential for transmutation. No, I did not say transformer, but transmuter and you know why?

It turns out that the practices are so powerful that they can transmute negative feelings and thoughts into love, gratitude and pleasure. This is the great magic that tantric practices bring.

All the supports of the practices happen upon three specific points. They are the three keys to tantra: breathing, sound and movement.

These are the principles that have remained hidden for hundreds of years and have been rated as immoral or sinful. But, today they have found enough space within our culture to be disseminated and help more and more people daily.

Let's talk a little more about them now, so that you understand our SUPER SPECIAL gift! Let's continue a little longer, okay?

tantra testimonial

First key of Tantra: breathing

Breathing is a necessary act for all of us, however, most people do not pay attention to this natural act and tend to breathe unconsciously.

That is, it maintains a breath on the top of the chest, of accelerated and locked force. When we change the way we breathe and start to adopt a more fluid, subtle way, taking the air to the pelvic region, we completely change our energy.

We break energetic blocks and we also break blocks, traumas and fears that are in our physical and emotional bodies.

In addition, it dissolves tensions and allows us to be more present in our bodies and in our own pleasure.

It is as if life smiles with each inhalation and exhalation!

Second key of Tantra: sound

Sound is inherent in humans. We groan in pain or pleasure. Therefore, it is clear that sound manipulation would also be a principle within Tantra.

In Eastern philosophies, mantras, or mystical sounds that emanate a specific energy, are used. Tantra uses this power to expand pleasure and connect to its orgasmic potential.

John Blofel is one of the western names responsible for researching these "magic sounds", he found that it was not necessary to know the meaning or pronounce them correctly for them to have effects, such as their powers!

Third key of tantra: movement

Have you heard that without movement, there is no life? This is the truth, either through science or through holistic approaches. It is necessary that the human being is in constant movement for his life to be prosperous and happy.

Tantra uses this approach for pleasure with practices that move the body, our energy and the soul.

The union of these three foundations is the basis of tantric techniques. And that for you to be able to start applying these wonders in your life we ​​are going to provide a FREE WORKSHOP for you to revolutionize your relationship NOW! Click here and find out how to change your life!




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