If you want to know how to have sex,

it is good that you understand some important things, before performing this fundamental act in the life of every human being.

If you are reading this text, you have never had sex and intend to prepare for your first time, how lucky you are to be researching! Seeking to integrate this wonderful moment of our human journey.

First of all, we must remember that we are all sexual and social beings by nature. Sex is the mother of all of us, and if you are a reader who has already had relationships and is looking for something more… How nice to be able to share and enhance this sensory, sensitive, emotional, physical experience. Anyway, such a complete and essential experience, sex!

Sex is the source of all life,

it is a manifestation of the perfection of our organisms that, as programmed by all the magnanimity of the universe, synchronize and perpetuate our human existence.

This vital human relationship, so much a part of ourselves, is a great adventure. That begins long before we are aware of its importance, our sex education is unfortunately very precarious! It leads us to subsist on mistakes that throughout life can generate trauma of irremediable proportions.

Well, sex is in us long before we are in the other, so the first thing we can do to refine our sex life is to get to know each other well! Try to understand why such situations give us pleasure and why others do not. But, how can we improve our loving bonds, with ourselves and with others?

For example, sometimes we are in a club and someone of the same sex arrives and wants to flirt with you. Perhaps you feel very coerced and have no desire to experiment, or maybe you allow yourself to. He recognizes that in addition to the genital organ we are all thinking bodies that can relate healthily in a thousand ways.

This illustrative situation is just to take the subject to very practical questions,

we need to recognize what gives us excitement and what doesn't. It is also necessary to remember how pornography induced prematurely and, sometimes, not even precociously just casually, is inserted in our sexual context and transforms our psyche and sexual habits into ordinary and dull acts.

So come on, first of all, what do I want for my sex life and how do I achieve it? We need to be honest with ourselves in order to have the sexual fullness we crave. Conscious of our body, desires and fantasies. We can surrender with more vigor and confidence to the other and, we can also deal better with that other body that is there before you, delivered and full of longings and desires, seeking to be satisfied.

So dear reader, of course, not everything is that simple. Sometimes we have no libido at all, or we lose what we once felt. Sometimes it takes a long time to find the true meaning of sexual pleasure, but that's okay, because that's part of it. This is the journey of this great adventure of being alive and being able to relate to the world.

With interest and help we can sublimate our sexual experiences throughout life,

because we also have to remember the emotional charge that is a very potent factor within this walk. For example, we can say that we only want sex with a certain person when he doesn't care about us, or we can feel horny just for something forbidden. Anyway, sexual pathologies are endless, but the basis is, as the Austrian psychoanalyst proves Wilhelm Reich in his numerous studies on vital or sexual energy, that a muscle armor appears and the disease manifests itself by blocking this energy, it is psychosomatic.

So, for the whole thing to taste good,

to be really good, we have to be well and want to make the other well too. We have to give a lot of affection, a lot of kisses, explore each part of the body, delight in the moment. Enjoy the sensation of discovering new sensations. Because sex with intimacy is really unparalleled, but casual sex can also be very good.

Everything varies. There are days, especially us women, that we are not in the mood for anything. Hormonal things. Men, on the other hand, are sometimes very frantic and have to enjoy 6, 7 and even more times a day, each organism is an organism. The main thing for sex to be really hot is that you listen to your intuition and realize what you want and what the other wants, it is a delicate moment, sometimes people in the middle of sex lose their will and are ashamed to speak . This is not good, because it traumatizes you. Being sincere during sex is something that has a lot of value, a good footprint is like that.

If you feel very insecure during sex,

look for methods that help you like breathing, meditations, Tantra courses, I will recommend a Tantra course that you will learn very simple techniques and that will provoke in the other an immense and intense pleasure, capable of unlocking any psycho-emotional barrier. A course that teaches technique to technique, step-by-step video lessons, for you to have an unforgettable sex! Best of all, it's free! You just need to register here:

The great thing about all this is: be yourself, be in yourself, understand what you want and why you want to, listen with your heart, look with smells, feel with thoughts and touch with emotion.

Good sex is uplifting,

it does very well and influences all areas of our life. So don't underestimate yourself, we are sexual beings par excellence. Just recovering our tranquility and wisdom, it is instinctive, and instinct is pleasure. We must and can feel a lot of pleasure, but this is like life, it is learned, also with mistakes.

Do not be afraid, surrender, believe in your desire, if you are not going to exceed the limit of the other, anything goes. Anything you want. Go softly, start with kisses, caress, use your hands, feet, arms, forearms, chin, eyelashes, fat, hair, trust the body, trust the joy of being able to love and be loved. Everything was created like that, with delivery, with the mix of bacteria, sweat and frenzy. Of course, we need to prevent ourselves from contracting illnesses and / or having an unwanted pregnancy, taking care of this part, the rest is delivering confidence and joy.

Watch the video and Good sex!


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