One of the doubts we receive the most today is a common issue for several couples. Some people have heard about tantric sex, they know the benefits it has for life and even for a relationship for two, but they don't know how to insert these concepts into their relationship. And that will be today's topic: how to insert Tantra into your relationship?

In this article we’ll talk a little bit more about Tantra, Tantric Sex. In addition, we will give you some tips on how to approach the subject in your relationship in a healthy, loving and subtle way.

What is Tantric Sex?

When we talk about Tantric Sex we are dealing with connection, a deep connection with your partner and also with your own body. It takes sex to another level, where the focus is no longer on stimulating the genitals until an orgasm is reached. But, yes, to awaken all the senses of the body for a new experience, thus being able to reach gigantic degrees of pleasure.

The main objective is not orgasm, but pleasure. Thus, during practice the couple spends hours and hours without reaching the climax, thus prolonging the pleasure and increasing the bonds with their partner.

But all these concepts go beyond sex, it helps us overcome several factors that interfere and damage our relationship, such as insecurities, shyness or even guilt.

What are the benefits of Tantra for the couple?

When we put tantra in the relationship, we noticed an increase in intimacy, as well as greater delivery during sex and more trust between both parties. In addition to these factors, we also develop greater body awareness, which comes through knowledge of sexual anatomy. And that generates, thus, the awakening of sensory regions that were dormant in our body.

We also learn to control our state of excitement, connecting better with our partner. This makes the sexual act a complete experience, where we manage to enhance our orgasms and move our sexual energy in a conscious way.

How to bring Tantra into my relationship?

For a relationship to be harmonious we must focus on the conversation, understanding your partner and how he feels about sex is fundamental for proposing any kind of improvement. So the first tip for bringing tantra into your relationship is dialogue!

Talk to your partner, understand how he feels, what are his fears and insecurities, try to seek answers as to why he takes certain actions that are not interesting for the couple. After having a complete analysis of the situation try to try to show how much tantra could provide benefits for your relationship.

But, attention! The idea here is not to be invasive or aggressive towards others. It is having patience and lovingness. Start the dialogue by addressing the aspects you like best, what you love about your partner and the high points of the relationship.

Then ask your partner: how can it get any better?

And then it is possible to indicate points where both can be better for the relationship.

Insecure people tend to have a certain resistance to new things, this is a normal human reaction. Therefore, before proposing any kind of change in the relationship, present your partner for some basic concepts.

Also, create a safe and non-judgmental space so that he or she can be sincere and open your heart about your relationship and sexual connection.

How to Insert Tantra into the Relationship: The Practice

Okay! Your partner has already started to understand better and is willing to take the next step and start with tantric practices.

This is amazing. But, how to start?

Take the first steps with some simple meditation and breathing exercises, it can be cool to break the ice early on and to let each other lose their shyness.

Tantra, in addition to sex, also teaches us about vulnerability and intimacy, so never push yourself, each of us has a different pace, respect your partner's time.

In the Sexuality and Tantric Massage course, you will find safe content and full of tips to deepen the bonds of the relationship and expand pleasure through the ancient teachings of Tantra.

In this way, both can safely increase pleasure, respecting their own limits and that of the partner without running the risk of performing some practice in the wrong way or without the knowledge necessary to enjoy the moment.

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