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Sex with love: But what is love?

"Love is madness that is a divine gift, source of the main blessings bestowed on man."

To conceptualize Love, we draw on 'The Banquet', one of the most famous dialogues of the Greek philosopher Plato, both for its philosophical and literary content on the theme of love.

Platonic love is far from being purely physical and is directed towards the search for beauty. Knowing beauty in all its splendor is the goal of love. A love of contemplation and admiration.

In this dialogue, there is a banquet in which everyone present makes a speech about love. The interpretations of love range from the most superficial to the most profound:

  • Love is what gives us the courage to be better people.

  • There are two types of love: bodily love and heavenly love. One more physical and superficial, and the other more related to moral perfection.

  • In the beginning there were three types of beings: males, females and androgynous. The latter conspired against the gods and, as a punishment, Zeus divided them in two. Since then, humans have been looking for their other half - hence the myth of half the orange.

  • Love is a force for the contemplation of the purest and ideal beauty.

That is why Plato spoke of the love of wisdom as the most perfect and pure concept of love. Achieve wisdom, a type of spiritual beauty. For Plato, love is a cosmic principle.

Sex with love beyond the physical world

Sex with tantra love

For most people, love manifests itself through physical love. Plato said that the human being seeks immortality through the beloved, through procreation.

He does not deny physical love, but says that to fix on him is to remain still, compared to everything that is possible in relationships.

So Plato says that, in a sense, the universe really is in the other. You just need to transform that dimension and see not just the person, but the universe in him.

As he said in The banquet, by loving a person you are loving the universe and vice versa. It is to relate to genuine love, without selfishness. That is why Plato never supports the physical relationship only as a means of obtaining pleasure.

What about love in relationships?

Sex with tantra love

Realizing that all beautiful forms are worthy of love, we become sensitive to all of them. Passion becomes a genuine, loving and selfless passion.

For according to Plato, communion is walking together towards another point of consciousness, to a higher consciousness.

So that means that even though we are separated by different carnal bodies, we are all inserted into a large energy field that is in everything and acts on everyone.

Our physical body is the set of our thoughts, emotions and feelings that form an agglomeration of physical energies (physical body) and extra-physical energies (spiritual body).

That is why sex with love and fellowship of a couple happens when they have a search in common. A spiritual and physical search.

So in the practice of tantric sexuality, love is possible through the other. You surrender, you open up. Releases fears and blocks. You step out of the superficial plane of sexuality and deepen the relationship.

True sex with love happens when two people seek that point of higher consciousness through practice a union of souls, called Unio Mystica.

In the physical question, the tantric sexual experience seeks first of all the knowledge of itself. Is to be um I really can. It is not pretending, it is not repressing the truth due to social conditions. After that it is to abandon the division. Division is the whole problem. This division creates antagonism in us.

Think with the Heart

chakra of love anahata

For the ancient Egyptian, man thought with his heart. Because heart was the center that made decisions and made the individual's choices.

But today we live in the mental age. How is sex with love possible in the mental age? Love is supposed to come from the heart. But sometimes the heart seems to be no longer part of our daily lives.

Despite this, it is already known that more than half of the heart is made up of neurons of the same nature as those that make up the brain system.

Joseph Chilton Pearce, author of The biology of Transcendence, calls this "the greatest biological apparatus and the seat of our greatest intelligence".

A test that measures brain waves shows that the electromagnetic signals from the heart are much stronger than brain waves. The electromagnetic frequency of the heart can be taken from three meters away from the choir! Without placing electrodes on it!

Yoga and Tantra have been studying these effects on the body for millennia. In Eastern philosophies, the Chakra system (energy circles of the body) already comprises this intelligence from other organs besides the brain. Other organs can communicate in a peculiar way, which we don't even know, during sex.

Connecting Chakras

We have 7 main chakras or "energy centers" in the body. But the chakras that are most closely related to our theme are the first, the second and the fourth.

seven tantra chakras

The first Chakra

basic tantra chakra

O muladhara it is located at the base of the spine (in the last bone, coccyx), more precisely in the perineum region. It is linked to the adrenal glands, responsible for the release in the blood of the hormone adrenaline, which impels us to preserve our life in situations of danger or decision. It is the survival chakra.

The second chakra is that of sexuality.

tantra sexuality chakra

O swadhisthana It is found in the region of the lower abdomen. It is physically linked to the testicles, the ovaries and female energy, the maternal uterus, procreation (the creation of other things too, such as personal, professional projects) ...

The sex chakra energizes the entire genital and urinary tract, it also takes care of filtering and circulating fluids in the kidneys and expelling all the excretions from the body.

Love chakra or Heart chakra.

tantra love chacrka

Anáhata it is the fourth Chakra. It is in the heart region, in the center of the chest. It is responsible for energizing the cardiorespiratory system, and all the energy in the chest.

Considered the center of love and channel of expression of feelings, it is also linked to balance, universal love, compassion, altruism and, physically, the immune system.

The heart chakra has the function of balancing the energies of all other chakras, since it is in the center, having below it three lower chakras associated with existence on Earth, and above, three higher chakras, more subtle and associated with the spiritual plane. It is the heart that connects Heaven with Earth, it is the connection of spirituality through matter.

When blocked, the person feels depression, anguish, irritation, stitches in the chest, is excessively materialistic and attached. Physically, the block can generate infarction, tachycardia. In women, breast cancer can surface.

So, when we bring the heart chakras together in a genuine, loving embrace, we take the first step towards sex with love.

Tantric love in practice

sex with tantra love

Tantra is an ancient philosophy, originally from India and that seeks the recognition of the Being of Consciousness, of the Essence, of the Spirit through practical and technical methods such as breaths, concentrations, meditations, in a pleasant and libertarian way. It is the union of spirit with matter.

As a practical and non-speculative philosophy of life, there is no energy spent on “why”, but on “how”; an example is instead of worrying about the “why” of suffering, looking for the “how” to be happy.

Hence Tantra is known as a behavioral philosophy that encourages you to know who you are, how to be happy, free, energetic and, as far as possible, self-sufficient.

Osho lessons to do sex with love:

sex with love osho tantra

1-Never have sex without meditating. It is important to acquire a higher level of awareness for the encounter. The couple should sit silently in a soft light and remain motionless, like a statue, for 40 minutes.

One must seek the total absence of thoughts and the slow breathing to the limit of what is possible for each one. This exercise prepares the body for love, for the subtle movement of pleasure. Classical background music helps.

2-The veneration. It is essential to worship your partner and let yourself be worshiped by him. Face to face, naked, the partners raise their admiration for each other, this is because tantric sex can only be practiced between gods, and gods must be venerated. This phase should also take around 40 minutes.

This attitude must be sublime, true, gestural, symbolic. Perfumes can be used that will be rubbed on feet and hands, and flowers on the bed. Humanity becomes irrelevant, the name and the rest, everything is pure energy.

3-During sex, don't do it, let yourself be done for him. Slowly, slowly, make your body and your partner's body a musical instrument, where the energies will make the same music flow.

sex with tantra love

How Tantra can help your relationship

The biggest difference between tantric therapy and other therapies is that it goes directly into the nucleus. Whatever the problem, we don't need to study or classify different types of people's mental or emotional “problems”, as is the case, for example, in Western medicine, which has lists of diseases and is discovering new diseases.

Because in Eastern philosophy there is no such thing, we always try to go to the essence. So, whatever the manifestation of imbalance, we always do the same job. In the case of Tantra, go to the heart. From the mind to the heart. From breastplates to vulnerability.

So, in Tantra connected to Osho, which is what we propose, there are several levels. Active meditations, where breathing, movement and body and emotional expression are worked on, dances that seek self-knowledge, self-expression, healing wounds.

How does tantric therapy work?

sex with love tantric meditation for couples

Tantric therapy focuses on the dissolution of physical and emotional breastplates. Muscular breastplates, caused by hurt, wounds that do not allow us to be released, free. Because these breastplates block abundance, ecstasy and relationships.

No sexuality course and tantric massage, these active meditations are taken to the field of sexuality and make you pay more attention during sex.

So we turn sex into meditation. We teach tools for people to discover themselves through breathing techniques, observing the other, surrendering and trusting the other and in a very pleasant way.

Each couple and each person has a level of understanding and perception of the techniques and of what love is. The more you practice, the greater the level of understanding.

I want to start practicing now!

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