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If you opened this article you are probably looking for some knowledge capable of transforming the reality of your relationship through a Tantra Online Course for Couples.

Just for that motivation I need to congratulate you.

Unlike many couples who simply give up on a relationship in the face of challenging times, you are willing to upgrade your relationship. You can also seek to intensify your intimacy with your partner and build a healthy, sexually full and, of course, happy relationship together!

This is the first step in transforming your relationship.

In this article you will understand how an Online Tantra Course for Couples can give that upgrade in your relationship. In addition, you will also understand how it is possible to address personal issues related to trauma, fears and blockages in a personal way through practices in couples.

Let's start!

tantra for couples

Why do so many people take an Online Tantra Course for Couples?

Today, our society faces a constant wave of distance. Men and women are increasingly focused on their social positions and less and less integrated with each other, as a couple.

In this regard, we think it is important to remember that we use heteronormative language only because the people who most often come to us are heterosexual couples. But everything we will work on here can also be applied to gay couples.

Thus, a Tantra Online Course for couples is an incredible opportunity to provide an intimate moment between the couple. First, starting this activity together, like any other, is an interesting process to promote the couple's intimacy.

After all, you take quality time to explore each other, heal intimate wounds or even unsolved issues in the newsroom, open up an internal space for the situation and transform your sexuality and your relationship.

Taking a Tantra Online Course for Couples is to learn knowledge based on Tantra masters who reproduce ancient techniques from different oriental philosophies that have learned to work and deepen love.


Sacred Sex: Learning a new view of sex with an Online Tantra Course for Couples.

There is a very interesting phrase from Osho that demonstrates this new view on sex that happens in a relationship when we start an online tantra course for couples.

 “Approach the sexual act as if you are approaching the temple of the divine. Approach the sexual act as if it were prayer, as if it were meditation. Feel the sanctity of it. ”

Osho, was an important modern guru who spread Tantra to the West in a deep and loving way, bringing this sacred view of sex to Western eyes.

It turns out that our society sees sex in an extremely limited way: it is either just for procreation, or purely for the pleasure of the ego.

What do you mean ego pleasure?

Our Western sexuality is based on performance and results. In other words, men suffer extremely from pressure related to the time they last in a relationship, the size of their sexual organs and limit their pleasure for fear of appearing "gay".

Women charge themselves to have orgasms instantly, with an intense performance like the actresses in pornographic films.

And as if all those expectations were not enough, there is still a fear of real sex on both sides, the result of an erotic culture where sex does not smell or taste. Making people feel fear and fear of their own body fluids.

In a Tantra Online Course for Couples, we learned to break these patterns.

Sex is seen as a food for the soul and a proof of love with our own essence. Even if there is no deep love involved between the two poles of the relationship, it is a gift to ourselves, as we create a connection with the pleasure that our own is capable of providing.

When we take a Tantra Online Course for Couples with someone who loves the deepest ties even more, we reconstruct behavior patterns and forgive what can afflict us.

In addition, sex itself is seen in a Sacred and Healing way. It becomes a time of rebalancing and reconnecting with the negative and positive principles of energies.

Improvement of the energy system

In addition to the physical and emotional benefits, there are also energetic ones. It may seem strange, but imagine awakening all its potential that is latent in your body, just waiting to be released?

When we learn to control our sexual energy, we are able to expand our horizons and awaken our kundalini.

Kundalini is our strongest energy, which is lodged at the base of the spine and remains asleep until it is awakened. Many people wonder how to tap into that potential.

However, through the tantric practices that are taught in an Online Tantra Course for Couples it is possible to facilitate this process and awaken our body. After all, there is an energetic rebalancing and the expansion of consciousness.

Our Online Tantra Course for Couples

Based on our personal experiences, whether as tantric therapists or as a couple, we created the Online Course on Sexuality and Tantric Massage.

In it, you will find a very rich and vast content that addresses essential themes for the transformation of your sexuality and the expansion of pleasure for the couple.

We didactically present essential principles for understanding Tantra and all the practices of our Online Tantra Course for Couples.

We also teach exercises that helped several people in our face-to-face retreats such as active meditation, which brings integration with our own body and facilitates the state of presence.

In addition, in the Online Tantra Course for Couples we address a new way of looking at sex and the interconnection between negative and positive energies. Breaking several paradigms of our current society that prevent men and women from living a free, intense and loving sexuality.

And yet, in order to bring about a complete transformation, you will have access to two courses that built your individual change. This will intensify the relationship with your own body, your pleasure and all the orgasmic possibilities. They are: Cosmic Woman and Primordial Man.

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