When we talk about sex, the beginning of a relationship is always very hectic for the couple. But as time goes on things can get cold. And at that time sex tips can be the differential to get out of the routine.

For this reason, we decided to write this article to help all couples who are in such a critical phase of the relationship. However, before we actually talk about them, let's address some important points to improve the relationship and the intimacy between the two.

Let's start?

Sex and routine

As the relationship reaches new degrees of intimacy, it is natural to decrease care for certain aspects of our lives. For example: many people no longer have that initial concern of the relationship with aesthetics or are less concerned with the way their partner sees them, after all, they have known each other for so long, why worry about that?

This is a natural process that all relationships go through. But if we add to that an intense work routine, tiredness, stress and a limited mentality about sex, the result can be frightening.

Sex becomes monotonous and the frequency is less and less. Consequently, the connection diminishes and the two parts of the relationship go through a deep stage of frustration, whether romantic or sexual.

But, what are the main symptoms of this phase in the relationship? What indicates that a couple is facing this challenge in their relationship?

Some of the signs of frustration in a relationship are:

  • Lack of patience with the partner;
  • Loss of desire in the other;
  • Feeling of lack;
  • Low libido;
  • Decreased sex quality.

If you identified with any of these points, we need to talk. Your relationship is most likely going through this phase. But, the good news is that with dedication it is possible to reverse this situation.

To circumvent this situation it is important to invest in time for two and perform practices that bring more connection and intimacy, thus increasing pleasure and saying “goodbye” to frustration. That is why we take special care in our Sexuality and Tantric Massage course, which is geared towards couples, to present techniques that are important and applicable in all stages of the relationship, at all times. (If you want to know, please click here)

But, another important point is to make a little reflection: how is my libido doing?

In some cases, frustration in the relationship can be rooted in the lack of libido (that is, the opposite way), which affects everyone in the relationship. Therefore, sex tips alone will not definitely resolve all issues and it is necessary to analyze the situation further.

Besides sex tips: what to do when I don't feel like having sex?

When the problem is due to lack of libido, it can be related to physical, emotional and energetic factors. Therefore, it has less to do with the couple and more relationship with each individual separately. Some of the factors that can cause and loss of libido are:

  • Stress;
  • Sedentary lifestyle;
  • Anxiety;
  • Hormonal Dysfunctions;
  • Changes in habits that impact everyday life;
  • Energy block (mainly in the first and second chakra)

These are just SOME of the reasons. There are several points that trigger low libido, if you feel that this is what hinders your relationship, it is important to seek professional help whether from a therapist or doctor.

The emotional factor can also interfere with unwillingness, such as depression. A depressive person tends to look less for his partners and may even not feel like having sex, even if sought after. In these cases, as in previous cases, it is very important that she undergoes follow-up.

Low libido can also cause reflexes in the other partner who tends to feel less desired, with shaky confidence and in some cases may doubt the other's feelings. These are common reflexes of how each person reacts to a situation.

And how to fix this issue?

A frank, assertive and loving conversation will provide all the welcome needed to expose their feelings and for both to find a solution to the issue.

The most important thing here is to leave the ego behind and not be looking for "culprits". Whether it's a deeper frustration in the relationship or a lack of libido. Everything requires understanding, acceptance and focus between the couple.

What about the routine? Here are some sex tips to solve!

At the beginning of the relationship, when the passion speaks louder, it is common to want sex more often. But, as feelings subside, it is common for this “need” to decrease.

First of all, don't blame yourself for that.

The routine is also perfectly common. The day-to-day and our daily obligations naturally create an environment that goes against sex. And again: don't blame yourself for that.

Guilt is largely responsible for inhibiting pleasure and creating blockages in the circulation of our sexual energy.

But, to start this process of breaking the routine and improving the relationship, we separated some simple sex tips. But very effective.

Prepare the environment ... or not!

What is your sexual routine? The first thing is to identify it. In some cases, a position, a time and a day can be determined.

The first point is: break this routine.

For this, you can bet on an interesting environment, with sheets with a different texture, use candles, pillows and incense to compose the perfect environment.

This disconnects our mind from stress, relaxes and heightens sensations.

But, if you expect the ideal situation and it doesn't arrive, you can invest in the unexpected quickies;

But, even if it is a quick sex it must be performed with presence and focus. Always supporting sound, breathing and movement to keep things even more intense!

But, there is another warning: this can help liven things up, but don't let the quickies become routine.

Talk, talk and talk!

Talking about sex, before, after or during any time of the day is very interesting for a relationship.

Of course, a spicier conversation will also spice things up, but here I am talking about a sincere, feeling-based conversation.

This helps to understand what the partner likes and to share the likes with, thus generating a positive intimacy and improving the quality of sex.

This can also help in the (re) discovery of the relationship and sex.

For this, it is also important to set aside blocks, fear, beliefs and taboos that may be interfering with the situation. Be honest, welcoming and sincere with each other.

Relax and enjoy!

Relaxing and enjoying the moment with your partner is extremely important. Get off automatic and start developing a more intimate relationship.

How about watching a movie together? With the right to kisses from a couple of teenagers? A walk hand in hand, an exit to a restaurant.

This break from routine is such a simple practice that few couples really do.

In fact, I need to say that this is the big secret of this post: everything is very simple. But, these sex tips need to be put into practice.

So, get out of your comfort zone. Open yourself up to new experiences, new knowledge, explore new parts of your body and allow yourself to feel the pleasure you never felt.

Breathe together (the best of sex tips)

This is an intense and important connection technique. Synchronize your breaths, breathing deeply and inhaling to produce a sound.

This moves energy, relaxes body tensions and increases the couple's connection.

Try it during penetration, harmonizing with your movements and looking yourself in the eye.

The result will be incredible!

Tantric massage

Tantric massage is an intense and quick way to break the routine. Thus, through precise touches in the regions of greatest pleasure in the body, it is possible to improve our sexual energy, promote more connection between the couple and reach incredible levels of pleasure.

In the video below you can discover some very interesting things about female tantric massage!

But, if you are willing to step out of your comfort zone and take a step further to have a healthy relationship, full of love and with wonderful sex, click on the link below and be our student!

I am willing to get out of the rut!


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