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The study of the spiritual practice known as Tantra is crucial for the connection between the body and the mind. The translation of the word means "instrument to expand", that is, through it it is possible to increase your perception of consciousness.

Through the different tantra courses that we offer, several different approaches to this practice can be known. We have the following courses:

  • Sexuality and Tantric Massage
  • Training in Tantric Massotherapy
  • Cosmic Woman Course
  • Yoni Yoga - Pompoir, Tantra and Yoga
  • Yoni Massage Course
  • Lingam Massage Course
  • Training in Tantric Massotherapy
  • Free course for couples
  • Tantra Secrets Ebook

In addition to increasing your self-knowledge, so that your sex life is much more complete, our online tantra course brings countless other knowledge. In this way, the student also improves his quality of life.

How does professional tantra course?

Training in tantric therapy is essential for those who want to start working in this area. In addition to learning the technique for making individual calls, with this tantric course you can also apply the tantra technique in groups. The influence that the Internet has in this market was also not neglected in this course, so that you can also learn how to attract customers through personal marketing tactics, among other teachings.

You will find some of the following content during the course:

  • Technique to provide assistance to men, women and couples, with information on different anatomies and approaches in each case;
  • Explanations about what the first contact with the customer should be like;
  • Complementary material with several bibliographies available in pdf;
  • Teachings to set up the ideal care room.

That way, through our professional course, you can help people to have a happier and more fulfilling life.

How to access a free online tantra course?

To give you the opportunity to learn more about how the tantric approach works, we offer a free course for couples. With it, students can develop a greater connection with their partners. In addition, we have made available an ebook on the secrets of Tantra, which is available for free temporarily.

Opt for free tantra courses it is your chance to learn more about our work, and to decide more consciously on what will be your later choice in relation to the other courses we offer. 

That way, with tantra you can develop fully. Contact us right now to learn more about our courses, we will be happy to answer any questions you have.