In general, people are very attached to their own minds, they end up being confused with it. But the mind is only a tool. We are not the mind. It is important that we can have the ability to forget about it a little. Leave it a little aside. Not that it is not useful. She is. It helps us to solve problems of a logical nature and is the center that coordinates the use of reason. But our existence must not be seen as a problem to be solved. People always want to “solve” their own lives and not live them. As long as we think that life is a problem to be solved, meditation will not be possible, life will not be possible and we will be alienated from our own being, being slaves of our own intellect.

In addition to the mind, there is a center in our body that is closely linked to emotions, to "feeling" and "living". Our center or heart chakra. The cardiac energy center is linked mainly to the way of loving, which is not limited to the love between two partners, but which encompasses the love of the human being and of life. It is what allows us to face life with an open chest, with confidence. Reconnecting with this loving vibration, full of confidence and surrender puts the individual on a new level of perception. It brings you to a new reality, a new perspective of living, leaving aside the discriminations and abstractions of the intellect, which prevent us from being natural and spontaneous, from feeling and living the reality of our own originality, guided by the voice of intuition. The heart must be the guide and not the mind. When the heart vibrates everything is right and life is total. Osho said: “Always choose what makes your heart flutter. Despite all the consequences ”

development process in which you must become a scientist from within. It is not your intellect that will be asked for, but the totality of your being, in its fullness. To understand existence, you will need a mutation, you will have to explore, experience. You will experience meditations that aim to open and expand the heart, love, confidence and self-esteem. Come see our work. At Tantra Yoga Lab we deal with the tantric precepts of the path of love, a path that goes from the mind to the heart.




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