Dry orgasm is a subject that certainly generates much controversy, how can a man have a dry orgasm? How does it work? Does the man ejaculate during the process? Calm down, we are here to help you with this issue!

Our culture restricts the ability to receive male stimuli only to the penis, but that is not exactly how it works, the man can enjoy several different stimuli and this can provide him not only very intense levels of pleasure, but also different types of orgasm.

In today's text, we will address this issue further. However, before anything else we need to warn you: you may not understand or even doubt everything we will quote here.

But, this is part of a process that we all go through: the limitation of pleasure.

Our society treats the male body as if only the Lingan (penis) is capable of providing pleasure to the man.

Today, you will discover that male pleasure is an incredible sea of ​​possibilities, which are far from social fears, blocks or taboos.

Let's start?

Beyond Dry Orgasm: Tantric vs. Classic Orgasm

No Tantra, we start from the vision of unifying pleasure. That is, the whole body is explored and participates in the process. This allows a free circulation of energy and brings a feeling of fullness and revitalization of the body.

In the Classic orgasm, on the other hand, we explore only the genitals and some erogenous areas of the body, where at the end we feel a sensation of energy loss, as if we had been discharged, together with a feeling of relaxation due to the release of body tensions.

This relaxation is linked to the neurological process of orgasm. However, soon after there is physical tiredness.

In this energetic aspect, man expels his vital energy. When you are young, this procedure is natural and recovery is extremely fast. But, over time it can be harmful, as it is depositing its strongest energy, failing to apply to something that interest, like some project or event.

Looking at it this way, tantric orgasm brings more benefits in the long run and allows us to recover our vitality, providing an energetic change in the body, with less thoughts in your mind and with a more open heart where you and your partner become just one.

In addition to allowing the exploration of the entire body as an orgasmic being. After all, the skin is the largest organ in the human body, isn't it?

The types of orgasms.

There are several types of orgasms, some need a little more training to be achieved and others happen automatically, as they are functions of our body. So that you understand what each one is and how it is possible to reach them, we will now explain each one a little better.

Ejaculatory orgasm

The ejaculatory orgasm is the most common among them, it does not need any training to be achieved and it occurs naturally, only through the stimulation of the penis. It can generate a feeling of tiredness and discouragement right after the end that can intensify over time and symbolizes this loss of vitality on the part of man.

Some men are affected by a very intense emotion like guilt or shame. This type of question occurs mainly because of a repressive or judgmental creation.

Dry orgasm

As much as it is still considered a myth among men, dry orgasm can be an ally in your performance during intercourse as long as you have the right stimulus. Since there is no ejaculation upon reaching him, the man feels more able to continue the relationship than when he reaches the ejaculatory.

In addition, it is possible that they happen several times during sexual intercourse (or masturbation) so that the man can enjoy the moment even more.

Prostate orgasm

Being considered the biggest taboo of male sexuality, prostate orgasm suffers from a lot of prejudice, where it is believed that it may be the key to the awakening of male homosexuality. This is just a myth and very harmful to pleasure, because we are born with our sexual orientation, there is no “awakening” or anything like that.

No one begins to be attracted to the same sex by exploring their own bodies. This type of thinking is toxic and only limits the individual more and more.

And worse: it can pose a risk to health, because of this reason many men refuse to perform the touch exam to prevent irregularities or even prostate cancer.

The prostate is the male P Point, being an area the size of a walnut, which provides extreme pleasure. This region is accessed through the anus and that is exactly why it is surrounded by taboos. But when man decides to explore this region he creates a greater connection with his orgasmic potential.

And of course, it provides an orgasm in the prostate.

Energetic Orgasm

The energetic orgasm is a type of orgasm still little known by most men, because it happens when we raise to incredible levels of energy. It is an immense sensation that completely fills the body and the soul, moreover, it leads to altered states of consciousness.

Similar to very intense meditations or even shamanic practices using a drink or herb to induce this state, it expands consciousness and aligns all chakras.

Multiple male orgasms (and dry orgasm)

Yes, it is possible! It takes place on plateaus. That is, one and then the other. However, it requires a lot of preparation from man. The ideal, in reality, is that these orgasms are dry, because that way the man preserves his vital energy to use in other areas of his life.

How to achieve all these orgasms?

Achieving this type of orgasm occurs in stages through techniques and means that train your body to raise the level of pleasure, control ejaculation and improve your orgasmic potential.

In addition, it is also necessary to undo beliefs and blocks that allow this opportunity.

Tantric therapy is a safe and loving way to begin this process of transcending your current reality. Break the boundaries and find the free, prosperous and pleasure-filled man you were born to be!

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