Like other oriental wisdoms, Tantra and tantric sex have several myths here in the West. In this text we will abordar 5 super common.

Tantric sex is tiring

As we are culturally encouraged to have quick sexual intercourse, the idea of ​​tantric sex that the act should / can take hours is scary at first. The truth is that in tantra one learns to enjoy the whole act, not just the penetration, making sex longer, but much more pleasurable.

2 Tantric sex is difficult

Another very common myth is that to have tantric sex you have to be super flexible and strong. Tantra teaches us to appreciate and respect our body and that of our partner. Therefore, all techniques can be practiced by the most different levels of physical conditioning.

3 Tantric sex is for couples only

Yes, Tantra does wonders for the life of two in a stable relationship. However, it teaches us that the other's body is a temple and that sexual intercourse is a moment of powerful energy exchange. Therefore, all our sexual relations, casual or not, deserve this affection and attention.

4 Tantra is only for young people

People of all ages can experience the benefits of healthy and active sexuality. If you have ever thought that age is an impediment to learning, we are here to tell you that this is not true. We have students of all ages and beautiful stories of reconnection with sexuality.

5 Tantra is for those who do Yoga

The previous practice of Yoga and other styles of meditation can help, but it is not a prerequisite. Tantra is a complete teaching. By learning tantra you will fully learn to feel and promote more pleasure in your life.

Now that you already know that Tantra is not a seven-headed animal, how about starting your learning in this art, free of charge?

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