Woman receiving tantric massage
Woman receiving tantric massage

Tantric massage: Do you want to know what a tantric massage is? Want to know how it works, all the benefits and how to do a tantric massage today? I would like to learn tantric exercises for couples in free video lessons?

Because it follows the thread, which in this article you will find EVERYTHING, simply EVERYTHING you need to know about this magical massage, which breaks sexual paradigms and refreshes just about everything you know about sex.

You will have access to a complete walkthrough to know the types of tantric massage that exist and how to do tantric massage on men or women,

You will also be able to receive in your email tantric techniques for free couples and you will know a little about each type of tantric massage out there.

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Do you know what Tantra is?

The word Tantra is surrounded by mysteries and misunderstandings. It usually comes with promises, magic and sexuality-related fantasies.

Tantra is a behavioral philosophy that emerged more than 5000 years ago in the region where India is today.

This philosophy flourished in a society that had essentially depressing, matriarchal characteristics and used sexual energy in a mature, conscious way, with spiritual and sacred goals.

Quite different from the way we use it today.

If you want to go deeper and better understand the origin of Tantra and its basic precepts, just click on the article link below:

Learn more: What is Tantra

What is Tantric Massage?

Tantric massage was introduced in the West, at the end of the XNUMXth century, by disciples of a Tantric master called OSHO.

It has been used therapeutically since then. I will list here the main benefits of tantric massage:

1.Expand and unlock all the energetic and orgasmic potential of the human body.

2. Dissolve bonds and unlock sexual, emotional and energetic issues.

3. Bring a new meaning to the way a human being feels and experiences orgasm.

4. Creates new and healthy neural pathways related to pleasure within the human body.

5. Therapeutically treating various sexual dysfunctions both in women, when related to vaginal pain, vaginismus and lack of orgasm as in men when related to problems with erection and premature ejaculation.

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As a tantric therapist and sex therapist I have seen very intense and transformative processes with tantric massage techniques.

I have accompanied many men and women and I know that tantric massages, when done systematically and properly, can revolutionize the sex life of most people.

It may sound crazy, but it's possible!

But after all, is it possible to experience full-body orgasms?

Orgasms that can last 20, 30, 40 minutes?

Is it possible for a man to have multiple orgasms?

And dry orgasms?

I know it's hard to believe this, after all a very high percentage of women report not having orgasms, they say they are dissatisfied in their sexuality and complain a lot about the male attitude and sex in general.

Besides that most men fail to ejaculate before their partner has even an orgasm.

Tantric massage with couples

But it is a fact that we live in a culture that avoids sex education, represses sexuality and does not discuss the topic so openly.

Many argue the opposite, that sexuality is no longer a taboo.

But who knows how much of that can be seen in practice. Perhaps sex has never been so free, but it has also never been so trivialized.

There are researches that show that around 80% of sexually active women have feigned orgasm at least once in their life.

But the beauty of life is that we can always change the present and, consequently, the future. We can look at the "here and now" and initiate positive change, focused on our health and sexual awareness.

And this is where tantric massage comes in. Oh really? Can Tantric Massage help you that much?

Yes! And keep an eye out for me to explain why and how.

Tantric massage workshops and courses

Getting to know the tantric massage more deeply:

In the method we use here, at Tantra Yoga LAB, tantric massage is made up of 3 levels. Are they:

Tantric massage - Sensitive massage
Tantric massage - Sensitive massage

Level 1- Sensitive massage

In sensitive massage the whole body is explored.

It is a massage that aims to wake up the sensory agents on the body surface.

To bring awareness to the largest sexual organ in the human body, the skin.

It is a very important massage for those who have never received a tantric massage.

Because her role is to re-educate and expand bodily sensoriality. Get out of focus on the genitals and remember that the whole body has orgasmic potential.

Did you know that inside the body there are currents of electricity running all the time?

Yeah. Orgasm itself is nothing more than a bio-electric explosion.

And sensitive is a massage that awakens this skin's bioelectricity. Do you know those "chills" we feel when we get a sniff in the gang?

It is bioelectricity at work. The skin is all bristling and we have a delicious sensation. Like a bioelectric wave spreading.

Tantric massage - Sensitive massage
Tantric massage - Sensitive massage

Sensitive is a massage done with the tip of the fingers along the entire body, exploring the entire surface of the skin, from head to toe.

There is also an emphasis and greater care when touching the palms, face and soles.

In addition, Sensitive massage has a curative character in order to bring welcoming, care and lovingness to the relationship. It is a subtle, loving and very welcoming touch.

Some people burst into tears when touched carefully and lovingly in a sensitive massage. They release a lot of emotional content and rescue a wonderful feeling of worthiness.

Level 2-Massage on male and female genitals

Here come the tantric massages made on Organs genitals of both men and women. Male and female massages are called Lingam massage and Yoni massage.

lingam it is a word from Sanskrit (a sacred Hindu language) that means "support column" or "penis".

Tantric Massage Workshops and Courses

Yoni it is also a Sanskrit word, which means "portal of life" or "vagina".

Tantric Massage Workshops and Courses

How does male tantric massage work?

A Tantric massage offers men new horizons to experience and feel pleasure.

It brings the following benefits:

1-Greater support of male erection
2-Longer before ejaculation
3-Greater control over instincts and anxiety, which leads to premature ejaculation
4-Significant increase in libido, sexual and vital energy
5-New ways to feel orgasm - Dry, expanded, multiple orgasms

All tantric maneuvers made from male massage are done in a way that decondition old patterns sexual issues linked to the addiction to masturbation, linked to exaggerated preoccupation with erection and ejaculation.

It may seem strange, but the exaggerated concern of men to be manly is what usually causes the main sexual dysfunctions of a psycho-somatic order.

Normally, the man who has the habit of masturbating frequently hooked his body to feel the pleasure in the same way, and his ejaculatory reflex was very accelerated.

But lingam tantric massage, which is a tantric massage done on the penis, through various maneuvers, wakes up new sensory areas, and, if done in a consistent way, creates new erection support habits and expands male pleasure.

It is possible for man to achieve dry orgasms, full body orgasms, multiple orgasms and, of course, ejaculatory orgasms.

How to do the male tantric massage, the lingam massage?

Would you like to know how to give a beautiful full tantric massage to a man?

Check out our article on how to make a Lingam Massage or check out our online course on sexuality and tantric massage.

This is a video class course in which we teach all the complete tantric massage techniques, both for men and women as well as advanced tantric techniques for couples.

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OK! We talked about men. But what about female tantric massage?

Tantric Massage Workshops and Courses

A Tantric massage feminine, also called yoni massage, as in the masculine, prioritizes a loving, affective, careful and very present touch.

The yoni massage is done in such a way that all the stimuli are made each one in time, covering all the potentially erogenous areas of the woman's body.

Piece by piece.

The woman's body and (the man's too) need time for arousal to happen, for the brain to send the right commands to the endocrine glands to produce the hormones needed for an orgasmic experience to happen.

Tantric massage on women gives the right time for the female body to produce the hormones necessary for an ideal orgastic experience and for the woman to experience expanded, multiple, ejaculatory and non-ejaculatory orgasms ...


Tantric massage treats dysfunctions

In addition, the touch, being done in a careful and loving way, helps in many cases of physical and sexual trauma, because they bring new meaning to the sensitivity of the genital region.

Therefore, many women who have pain memories related to sex, when receiving a massage regularly, can reframe those painful memories.

They transform memories, which were previously associated with some violence or traumatic event, into something loving and pleasurable.

A yoni massage can also help, in a therapeutic way, in cases of vaginal pain such as dyspareunia, difficulties in having sex or difficulty in reaching orgasm, anorgasmia.

How does female tantric massage work?

Tantric Massage Workshops and Courses

During the “Yoni Massage”The woman receives careful stimuli in the main areas and glands related to pleasure and also receives a very special clitoral massage.

Then, the work with the clitoris is done in order to give tone to the clitoral nerve so that the woman can know all of her real orgasmic potential and can learn, with each massage, to sustain her pleasure for longer and raise it to levels higher and higher.

Yoni massage is, above all, a tool for self-knowledge, rediscovering one's own body, one's vagina and one's sexuality.

So in the short term, the female tantric massage produces the regulation of the entire endocrine-hormonal system and produces hormones related to immediate joy, well-being and pleasure.

But in the long run it helps the woman to free herself from guilt in feeling pleasure and to signify her sexuality as something splendid, joyful and in harmony with her own essence.

Therefore, tantric massage, when done consistently, is a work of profound healing of human sexuality. Freeing unnecessary bonds and discovering new horizons.



Tantric Massage Workshops and Courses

How to do a female tantric massage?

If you want to receive a massage like this or if you think your partner deserves to receive a tantric massage take a look at this step by step that we did for you down here on how to do a full tantric massage on women:

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Level 3- G spot maneuvers (in women)

The most advanced level for a complete tantric massage is the level at which we do stimuli at the “G point” when done on the woman, and at the “P point” when done on the man.

Here we move on to tantric maneuvers that deal with even deeper emotional issues from the person receiving the massage.

G-spot stimulation during Tantric Massage
G-spot stimulation during Tantric Massage

This level is reached only when there is a deep surrender of the recipient and the level of excitement and pleasure is already at an advanced stage.

The “G spot” brings new types of orgasms for women by stimulating the “G spot” or “G area”.

This maneuver can boost the female ejaculatory process and lead her to orgasmic experiences in addition to those related only to clitoral stimulation.

Because, at the emotional level, the maneuvers at the “G-spot” can bring up contents, which were often still submerged and forgotten in the female unconscious.

So that the tantric massage composed of maneuvers in the "G-spot" can represent a profound liberation, delivery and reframing of female sexuality.

Tantric Massage courses and workshops

Level 3.1 - P spot maneuvers (in men)

Tantric massage with "P spot" is considered something revolutionary for male sexuality. It maneuvers the prostate smoothly and with great sensitivity.

The tantric maneuver at the “P point” should be done only if there is clear and prior consent from the man.

Thus, men discover a new way of feeling pleasure in their own bodies, in addition to breaking an enormous cultural barrier.

So that the “P spot” puts man in a new place. For it demystifies the sexist view of male pleasure and frees man from many unconscious bonds.

Do you want to learn, with professionals, how to do a full tantric massage in detailed videos?

Tantric Massage courses and workshops

No Course on Sexuality and Tantric Massage. you will learn in detail all the complete tantric massage techniques (for both men and women) that we apply here at Tantra Yoga LAB.

You will learn tantric massage on video and the techniques are performed on real people.

But you will not learn just that. You will also learn advanced tantric techniques for couples. It is a super complete and didactic online tantra course.

Take a look at course page to know everything in great detail. I guarantee you will not regret it.

Also subscribe to our Youtube channel and receive our videos regularly

A new sexuality awaits you!

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I decided to leave here, for you to know better, a video in which I explain a little more about the relationship between tantric massage, orgasm and its relationship with spirituality.




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