In recent years, Tantra has grown exponentially and its popularity has increased in Western society. But even with its great repercussion, there are still some erroneous ideas on the subject. If you want to know more about things that nobody tells you about Tantric Sex, we are here for that!

But, as usual, we need to talk a little more about the issue and we will present all the essential aspects about Tantric Sex.

After all, what is Tantric Sex?

Tantric sex is a Hindu practice and for this ancient civilization it is a way of weaving and expanding energy. It is an extremely old knowledge and has existed for more than 5 years.

In short, it is a milder form of sex that increases intimacy, thus developing a greater connection between mind and body. In this way, greater body awareness is gained in the sexual act that can lead to powerful orgasms.

Examples of this high level of body awareness and excitement are:

  • Full body orgasms
  • Energetic orgasms
  • Female ejaculation
  • Dry orgasm (for men)

Think about your first sexual experience for a moment. It was probably quick and shallow. After all, have you ever seen a teenager research tantric sex? And okay, after all, it is natural and a stage of life.

Having sex quickly seems interesting at first, but with time and maturity we realize that this practice is no longer as satisfying as it was before. And worse: many times in the end we are not satisfied.

This sexual dissatisfaction is a very profound signal from our body showing that we need something beyond the traditional, a deep and intense connection with our own selves.

Reflect: why swallow a piece of cake without chewing, if you can enjoy each bite calmly and savor the delicious taste of the dough and icing. Or, what's the use of taking a trip with incredible landscapes if you don't look out the window?

Tantric Sex is here to show you that!

If you are tired of your routine or even want to restart your sex life this is a very interesting way, as it finds depth in your act of love.

Why try tantric sex?

Some experts believe that by extending the effort and time devoted to sex, you will be able to achieve a higher form of ecstasy. The co-founder of The School of Healthy Pleasure, Dominnique Karetsos says:

"When we become more aware of ourselves, we are better able to live within our experiences, and that is true for sex."

It must be for this reason that many celebrities are adapted to the practice, such as Heather Graham, Sean 'Diddy' Combs and even Rita Wilson.

In fact, Rita, who is Tom Hanks's wife, has even gone so far as to give some solid advice on tantric sex

But now, enough with the bullshit and let's go to the 5 facts that nobody tells you about Tantric Sex!

1 - Tantric sex is not necessarily about penetration

We have the habit of relating most sexual practices to penetration and this is a mistake on our part. In tantric sex, penetration can happen, or not, and it depends on the couple and the agreement between both.

There is no need for penetration for intense pleasure to be achieved. Sex has to be fully explored, as we enjoy breathing, sounds and movement. Therefore, these three factors are the principles of Tantra, where it teaches us to find pleasure.

2 - Tantric sex releases energy

Everything we know is formed by energy. When we relate, we are also releasing that energy.

Through Tantric Sex, we not only release all this energy, but we also subtly release and for ourselves all the orgasmic potential that is stored in it.

3 - Mixing relaxation and excitement

When we are comfortable with a situation, we tend to relax. During the practice of tantric sex, we witness a mixture between different levels of relaxation and excitement, this “play” makes the act more pleasurable and intense.

4 - Change the way you see life and your relationship

Often, we are so used to the difficulties of life, that we produce a personal fog that overshadows the true nature of events. A simple problem can become a gigantic storm, simply because you cannot see your partner the way he / she really is.

Tantric sex can promote greater lovingness, passion and even greater understanding with your partner, this makes this fog produced by ourselves become less dense and your view of events becomes clearer.

5 - It is a pleasure hormone pump

Our brain produces hormones that are essential for controlling our feelings, like Dopamine, which is directly linked to our mood. With tantric practices, we bombard our brain with the hormones of pleasure. Thus, our body acts positively and can regulate its production of linked hormones, bringing greater relaxation and lightness to your life and social life.

These were our 5 facts that nobody tells you about tantra, do you want to change your life and start a new experience with tantric sex? Access our Online courses and transform your life now!


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