Is he too fast in bed?

Have you ever been frustrated by the relationship ending much earlier than it should?
Would you like to change that in your relationship and bring greater sexual maturity to your partner?

Because in this article we will start by explaining a little bit about what happened to men so that they would develop this type of behavior and soon afterwards you will have access to free and very powerful material, which can change your relationship from water to wine!

To understand why,  we need to go back a little bit in time and understand the sexual history behind men today.

What sex education did they have? What were your teachers? What were your examples? What were your past experiences? And why so insensitive? Why do you have sex like you have a jackhammer between your legs?

The main causes of him being too fast in bed:

If I were to summarize, based on my therapeutic experience and serious research on male sexuality, everything revolves around two main topics: male sex education and addiction to masturbation.

But what is sex for the male world?

Basically men learn what they know about sex by watching pornography and participating in male bar circles. Unfortunately, these two environments are infested with lies. And there is no solid education based on lies. So frustration is inevitable.

In pornography he learns that he needs to have a huge penis, that he needs to ejaculate liters and that women like or deserve to be abused and raped. At the bar he learns that a real man is one who has sex with many women, never cheats and enjoys 3,4,5 times in one night.

This all leads him to believe that his concerns must be mainly: having sex with many different women, having a Herculean erection and being manly.
In male sexual circles you don't talk about emotions, about affection, love ...

What about masturbation? What does she have to do with it?

Masturbation has become an addiction for the modern man. Because as a teenager, he learned to vent his sexual needs through masturbation.

And over time he created a mechanism, an addicted neural routine related to ejaculation.

That's why a man who masturbates frequently can ejaculate in up to 2 minutes. It's cutting-edge biotechnology! LOL…

He may even be late for an important appointment, but he finds a loophole and in 2 minutes he starts an orgasm there before going to work.

Then an premature ejaculator is born, who hooks his body in super-fast ejaculation and who, through his sexual education, developed a sexually ill mind, imagining insatiable and nymphomaniac women, like those portrayed in porn movies.

But and now? What can be done?

This story needs to be retold, reprogrammed.

And for that it is necessary to show that this model does not work, that these characters from pornographic films DO NOT EXIST. It is necessary to tell some truths for the male world.

In addition, they need to learn more about female anatomy, about the female orgasmic process and take a little focus on "performance" and an excessive focus on "performance".

Here there is a wonderful tutorial about how a man can learn to give an intimate massage to a woman.

We need to show them that this sexual model is a failure, but that there is hope.

That their sexuality can improve a lot if they decide to give up this failed model.

This model that frustrates both themselves and their partners.

And they can go much further! They may develop a hyper orgastic ability. You can experience dry orgasms, full body orgasms.

Besides, you don't need to care so much about this story of virility, erection and liters of sperm and still give your partner a lot of pleasure.

You need to help them take that weight off "Manly man" back and present them with a more humane, creative sexuality, with more and better possibilities.

For that, we developed the sexuality course and tantric massage.

Composed of complete video lessons on the best and most used techniques of Tantric massage and practices of global tantric therapy.

If you want to get to know us better before making a decision, sign up for our email list and receive a free e-book made with great care with practical exercises for couples.

A new sexuality awaits you!



  1. Paulo December 3, 2018 at 18:58 pm

    I received an e-mail informing about the week of the free Workshop and it contains the number of whatsapp 351915451456 to request the receipt of more information and material. I was unable to register to send the word "List". If it is possible to send material to 061 9 95337852.



    1. admin December 3, 2018 at 20:06 pm

      ok, Paulo. Thank you. You must enter +351 915 451 456, as the number is from Portugal. 😉

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