lingam massage
Lingam Massage
: Would you like to know a tantric massage technique on the penis, which not only provides more pleasure to the man, but which positively revolutionizes his sexuality?

I would like to take you to dry orgasms, sustain erection for much longer and give him the privilege of living expanded and full-body orgasms?

In this article we will introduce you what is, how it works, what are the benefits and how to do Lingam Massage or Lingam Massage.

We will still give you the possibility to learn more about practical tantric exercises in your relationships so free!

What is Lingam?

lingam is a word originated from Sanskrit, a sacred and ancient language from a place that today is the region of India. In Sanskrit, Lingam means "support column" or "penis".

But many Westerners lack an understanding of such a sacred meaning related to a genital organ.
Here in the West, a sexual organ is usually associated with something inappropriate, dirty, degrading.

Lingam is something sacred. Just like the yoni (vagina), it has a divine character, because it represents the masculine manifestation in our world.

Shiva Lingam - India

So the lingam massage is a Tantric massage male, a tantric massage done on the penis and genital region and that can last between 30min to 1h 30min.



Who is lingam massage for?

There are no contraindications for Lingam massage. It is suitable for men of any age who are interested in getting to know their own pleasure mechanisms better, developing body sensoriality and self-knowledge.

But it is especially suitable for the following cases:

1-Men who would like to increase erection support time

2-Men who would like to have more control over ejaculation

3-Men who have suffered some type of physical trauma and who have compromised their sexual functions

4-Men who suffer from sexual dysfunctions such as sexual impotence and premature ejaculation

5-Men who would like to cross the limits of conventional sexuality and know new types of orgasm, such as dry orgasms and multiple orgasms

What are the benefits of lingam massage?

Lingam massage offers men a new opportunity to experience sexual pleasure. A new way to feel pleasure and new ways to feel orgasm.

But of course here in TantraYogaLAB, in addition to penile massage we work a whole new sexual culture and a new way of treating sexuality, which involves tantric philosophy and a meditative posture.

So that the tantric maneuvers on the penis are just the “tip of the iceberg” of a whole new way of dealing with sexuality.

But even so, if we look closely at only the physical results of the male genital massage, and in a pragmatic way we can mention, right away, some benefits:

1-Greater support of male erection
2-Longer before ejaculation
3-Greater control over instincts and anxiety, which leads to premature ejaculation
4-Significant increase in libido and sexual and vital energy
5-New ways to feel orgasm - Dry, expanded, multiple orgasms

Remembering that male tantric massage can be used both in a loving context and in a therapeutic context.

Within the love relationship, lingam massage can be a new way of experiencing pleasure with your partner. A way for man to experience a new role in the relationship.

Normally, man has an active role, he wants to make, take, put, take out. When receiving a massage like the lingam massage, the man has the opportunity to be passive and indulge in pleasure for a long time.

Tantric maneuvers on the penis were developed for men to experience pleasure in a new way. Different from the one he is used to in both masturbation and penetration.

Because these genital maneuvers create new neural paths of pleasure in the male body. They bring new orgasmic possibilities beyond the experiences provided by masturbation or pure and simple penetration.

Lingam massage is meditation?

Tantric massage is an extremely important link between primitive sexuality, “fast food” style, merely physical, and a meditative sexuality.

Just the fact that a person stays from 30min to 1h 30min connected with his own sensations without "having to do something" already puts him in a state of deep connection with the present moment.

Because she just needs to "feel". No pretensions to performance, no obligations, no need to play a “role”. It's just a moment of hers. And that makes her focused on her own feelings, on her emotions.

So, all this process leads her to a deep work of self-knowledge. In addition to the recognition of one's sexuality, of how the energy flows in the body itself and what are its mechanisms of pleasure and expansion of vital energy.

It is a moment for man to experience himself, to experience his own nature, without restrictions and judgments.

Therefore, lingam massage can be treated as a work of initiation for meditation. Because it leads man to look at himself through “feeling”, without interrupting the “doing” mind, without worrying about having to give pleasure, having to sustain an erection, having to ejaculate.

The new male pleasure

But many men are stuck with these old obligations. Like having to sustain an erection, feeling that the sex doesn't end until he ejaculates ...

Finally, conditioning that does not let you experience the experience in a relaxed, relaxed and fluid way.

Because the man has a very different process than the woman when it comes to orgasm. The man is very attached to ejaculation. Since adolescence he associates his own pleasure and his own orgasm with ejaculation.

For the common man is not like the woman who feels pleasure in a diffuse way, spread throughout the body and is not attached to an event, such as ejaculation, to claim that she came.

The man seeks ejaculation and treats it as a synonym for orgasm.

That's why the lingam tantric massage is a meditative and male orgasm expansion work. and comes to reframe it.

For one of the objectives of maneuvers on the penis is to work on detachment from ejaculation so that the man can explore new ways of feeling pleasure.

This way, he will be able to discover new types of orgasm. It is possible, during the massage, dry orgasms e até multiple orgasms.

So this is a job that leads men to develop pleasure mechanisms similar to female pleasure. A diffuse pleasure, spread and expanded throughout the body.

Does lingam massage affect female pleasure?

One of the great benefits of this transformation is that the man, when experiencing orgasm and pleasure in a diffuse and widespread way, starts to empathize with female pleasure.

And so comes to better understand how the orgasmic mechanism of women occurs, since he already felt it on his skin and understands how the whole process goes.

As a consequence, he detaches himself from ejaculation and his own erection and starts to become more interested in the “preliminaries”.

Thus, man understands that pleasure can be obtained not only with the penis itself and with ejaculation, but like the whole body and in many different ways.

Lingam massage step by step

I think you now understand that the  Lingam massage it is not a simple masturbation and all the benefits that it can bring we will learn how to do male tantric massage in practice.

The lingam massage is composed of maneuvers throughout the genital region and maneuvers on the penis, which flee of traditional male stimuli that are similar to masturbation.

In other words, they are tantric maneuvers made with the aim of bringing new and disassociated sensations to the famous “come and go” that masturbation tries to simulate.

But if you want to start venturing out and learn how to do this massage, you should follow some important guidelines:

1-Prepare a quiet environment with indirect light and with little chance of interference for the next hour. If available, use a mat covered with a clean sheet that can get dirty. If you don't have the mat you can use a bed.

2-Lubrication: We usually indicate a vegetable oil from grape seed. If you want to have more practical cleaning, use a lubricant gel water-based, which can come in contact with mucous membranes.

3-Prepare a playlist that lasts at least 30 minutes and leave a soft or indirect lighting. Below is a list of songs that we have prepared for the 30min practices.

4-Ask the man to lie down and preferably passive.

lingam massage on men

5-Lubricate your hands well and start with gentle touches along the entire body, alternating movements in the perineum, in the body of the penis, in the scrotal sac and in the penile glans.

Learn lingam massage

6-Use your creativity, avoid back-and-forth maneuvers, which repeat the stimuli of masturbation and use your intuition. Play with the penis, rub the penile glans, smooth, stretch ... Observe the man's reactions and prioritize those maneuvers that work best.

7-Try to maintain eye contact as much as possible and observe how the rhythm of breathing influences the rhythm of the massage.

8-Experiment with movements of smoothing, rotation, stretching ... massage the perineum, the scrotum and the entire genial region, with great care. 

Lingam massage workshop

How to go deeper into tantric techniques:

It is clear that here we will not be able to explain in detail all the maneuvers and this is not a complete training on tantric massage.

But if you want to know more about tantra and delve into techniques for couples get to know our free ebook with practical exercises for couples or if you want to go even deeper and revolutionize the sexuality of your relationship get to know our sexuality course and tantric massage.

lingam massage

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A new sexuality awaits you.



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