How to have more orgasms: how to awaken your dormant orgasmic potential? Have you lived to your full potential of pleasure? Is it possible to experience full body orgasms? Multiple orgasms and vaginal orgasms with your partner?

This article seeks to answer those questions and still give you access to practical exercises and massage techniques to revolutionize your sex life.

So come on?

The female orgasm

Many women experience some kind of blockage when it comes to pleasure and orgasm. Some have difficulty expressing something that they know has not yet been manifested in their sexuality.

After all, who doesn't want to live a free and full sexuality?

Main causes of female difficulty

Among the main causes of lack of female orgasm are:

-Man ejaculates too fast and does not give the woman enough time to reach the climax of pleasure

-Lack of knowledge of anatomy and how the female sexual organ works

-Poor communication about sex (talk about what kind of stimulation a person likes)

-Problems in the relationship like conflicts or lack of trust

-Anxiety about sexual performance

-Fear of relaxing, surrendering and getting out of control

-A traumatic physical or emotional memory (for example sexual abuse)

-Psychological disorders with depression

-Physical damage to the spinal cord, changes in Organs genitals, multiple sclerosis or diabetes

Important: Most causes are psycho-emotional and not physical

For centuries, female sexuality has been surrounded by a prohibitive moral fog, which blames pleasure and self-knowledge related to sexuality itself.

So, it's no wonder that, in the XNUMXst century, 50% of Brazilian women report not masturbating and 40% report not reaching orgasm.

But when there is no significant physical damage in orgasm-related enervations, the lack of orgasms is overwhelmingly related to psycho-emotional causes.

This means that the female orgasm it often does not happen for psycho-emotional reasons.

It's like there is a self-boycott unconscious of our own pleasure.

But where do these causes come from?

There is a warning bell within us women when we begin to feel pleasure. This bell is usually an alert, a warning, a repression coming from an internal voice that does not allow us to feel pleasure.

It is a voice that boycotts the sensory experience. A voice that takes us out of the field of sensations and takes us to the mental field, of judgments and classifications. So this is where a widespread boycott of female orgasms.

After all kinds of mental elucubations, the feeling that usually remains in cases like this is the guilt or fear.

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But what? How does it influence my orgasm?

Sometimes the guilt is for feeling "dirty", feeling "impure", feeling "pissed". After all, it is not "right" for a woman to indulge in pleasure. "What would Mom think if she saw me here coming and moaning like that?" It is almost terrifying to imagine such a scenario.

But make no mistake. Because this guilt has been built since generations much earlier than that of our mothers. It goes back a few centuries and has very deep roots in our unconscious.

Many women died at the stake fighting this construction. Many women were raped, beaten, tried and criminalized for defending the right to equality and freedom.

Fear of what?

Sometimes it is the fear of being free. Fear of being hurt emotionally. Fear of being judged. And fear becomes distressing feeling of trying to keep control.

After all, what will happen if I totally surrender and let all this energy flow come to the surface? What will my partner think of me? What will be revealed if I let it all explode?

Fear of loss of control is often associated with a lack of trust in the partner. It's like it's too intimate to be shared.

Because it may be that my true "I" reveals itself and the person who is with me may not like what they will see.

But how do I get rid of those blocks and have more and better orgasms?

Fortunately, we live in an era in which we have the strength to break free from these retrograde, prohibitive and boycotting constructions. Today the world is not perfect but it is a little fairer, more free and with a lot of knowledge available.

A rescue of your sacred femininity is possible in a healthy and healing way. There is no miracle.

But a constant work of reaffirmation, self-worthiness and self-love can transform your sexuality. That is why it is necessary to give more value to yourself, to honor your own body.

Honor your sexuality and your “yoni”

Yoni is a word in Sanskrit (a sacred language from the region of India), which means “the portal of life”

The vagina cannot be dirty, improper, ugly. But it must be seen as something sacred.

So it is necessary to reinforce this concept, this self-love.

A few simple yet powerful exercises can help a lot:

1-Look more in the mirror, get to know your yoni better. Love her. Tell her nice little things as you look at her: “I love you, my beautiful! I accept you. You are beautiful, hot… you are a source of power! ”

2-Take time to get to know your pleasure better: touch your yoni with love, feel it part by part, in an almost meditative process.

Discover the sensations of touch the lips, I touch the clitoris, I touch the vaginal rings... in short, explore yourself and learn your own mechanisms so that you can then pass this knowledge on to your partner.

3-Exercise the pelvic muscles. The enervations that are related to orgasm are in close contact with the muscles of the pelvic region. Squeeze and loosen exercises can help a lot.
Try 10 contractions in a row and take a break. Do this for 5 minutes 5 times a week.

This will help you to have more control and awareness of your entire pelvic region, nerves and muscles related to orgasm.

4-Try to do tantric exercises with your partner and call him to learn how to do tantric massage techniques.

If you don't know tantric massage, you don't know what you're missing.

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Tantric techniques are undoubtedly one of the most powerful ways for you to expand and experience all the orgasmic potential you deserve.

Here at Tantra Yoga LAB we offer free video lessons for you to practice with your partner.

There are also techniques aimed at couples, in which both men and women can learn more about female and male orgasms, Tantric massage and practices that increase the couple's connection, intimacy and pleasure.

To learn them, get to know our Course on Sexuality and Tantric Massage.



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