This is the question of most people interested in buying some content or course online for the first time, does studying online work? Will I be able to extract the same amount of information as from a face-to-face course? And in the case of an online tantra course, will I really learn and absorb all the content?

We are here to help you with this issue!

But first, we have to talk about Tantra and everything that supports and enables the execution of an online tantra course.

Let's start?

What is Tantra?

Tantra has taken over the West, but few Westerners know what Tantra really is. Some historians report its origin in India, around the XNUMXth or XNUMXth century AD, while others claim that this ancient tradition had its origins in the pre-Aryan period.

To talk about an online tantra course, we don't need to go into these more theoretical aspects of philosophy, but rather into practical concepts. However, it is important to bring some basic concepts to understand the importance of good facilitators in an online or face-to-face learning environment.

In short, the word tantra means "instrument to expand", helping to raise our awareness from the ordinary to the extraordinary with the ultimate goal of self-realization.

Today, many people are looking for an online tantra course to dissolve relationship problems or even improve a couple's sex life.

In this way, they aim to create more intimacy with their partner, which brings many benefits not only for sex, but for emotional and energetic issues.

Others use tantra to increase their abilities as a lover or even in search of self-knowledge, thus promoting greater personal expansion and achieving the longed-for self-realization.

How can an online tantra course help your sexuality?

The Tantra online course brings many benefits to your life and your relationship because it helps us to understand that the universe is alive and presents a free manifestation. In other words, that freedom is the joy of pure and true Divine Consciousness.

Your body is also seen as a Temple and the Divine Energy of this place is your sexual energy, acting as an instrument of spiritual transformation.

When we work with our intimacy, it is common to be afraid or even ashamed of the exposure. For this reason, looking for a method where it is possible to feel welcomed, with free and totally relaxed experiences is essential for a good development.

The methods presented in an online tantra course are suitable for learning the Tantra due to this factor. This is because all the concepts of the course are worked alone, in the privacy of your own company or accompanied by your partner.

Now, we have entered the moment where we must reflect on learning. When we are uncomfortable, we tend to create invisible barriers to protect ourselves, which can hamper the complete absorption of essential feelings and information in any tantra course.

But anyway: does an online Tantra course work?

Learning in an environment where we are used to living, can be a new experience and much more immersive than in a face-to-face location.

Preparing the environment for the class, having a good conversation with your partner beforehand, laughing and relaxing improve your physical and spiritual abilities and expand your experiences with the course.

For us, Tantra is above all an extremely practical and personal path. Therefore, it is important that each person has a personal and non-transferable experience period.

However, this level of delivery and disposition is not found in face-to-face events or courses, as our Ego can block our commitment to practice.

This is because we may have fears, blocks and insecurities related to other people or even the facilitator.

Many people, especially those who already have a degree in holistic therapies, often question the energy factor of an online course.

Let's not lie that “face-to-face” brings an intense energy. But, an online tantra course also has its energy content. Since we are talking about an audio class, that is, that has the sound!

Yes, sound is a profound way of transmitting energy.

Our Online Tantra Course

O Online Tantra Course offered by Tantra Yoga LAB, has the necessary tools to deepen your connection and increase your sexual awareness. Thus, it is possible to discover new ways to experience pleasure and self-knowledge.

Learning to respect your own body and its limits is essential for healthy living. So, with the right information, you experience sexuality on a vibrational level never before experienced.

The search for self-knowledge is yours and individual, nothing more just than giving yourself the luxury of doing it in your time, calmly, free of demands and frustrations.

For this, technology can be our ally in the times in which we live, use it to your advantage, seek the necessary knowledge and accept the changes and transformations that are to come in your life!


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