Much is questioned about this subject: Sex and Tantra.

When we talk about tantric sex, an aura of curiosity and mystery about the practice is created. However, when we go deeper into this issue, we understand that sex and Tantra are different things.

Exactly. Sex and Tantra are different things and that will be our subject throughout this text.

Sex, without any tantric bias, is surrounded by taboos that directly interfere with our perception of pleasure. As an example, we can mention:

  • People's view of themselves or their partner.
  • Fear of being judged or not having sexual skills to meet the needs of others
  • Make comparisons with pornographic media
  • lack of connection with the body

Ufa! How much is there? Did you identify with any of these issues?

But when Sex and Tantra come together, the view about the sexual act changes and we find a real sea of ​​possibilities. There are endless ways to generate and feel pleasure.

Come on?

Sex and Tantra: a matter of time

In the world where we live, we are constantly fighting against time, whether because of our work, children or several other factors and this ends up hindering the sexual relationship, not least because we are unable to dedicate many hours of our life to ourselves.

This is perfectly normal and understandable. However, it is necessary that

The relationship about Sex and Tantra is also linked to the question of time. This means that for tantric sex, time is not taken into account. In fact, when we are truly immersed, it is as if it did not exist.

That's because it is possible to spend many hours having sex without reaching a climax. After all, it is a tribal philosophy, which seeks to awaken the Kundalini.

Kundalini is the sacred energy of life, the driver of our essence and without it we are not completely full.

But, how does Tantra help in this energetic aspect?

It allows you to develop a greater awareness of pleasure and its energy. It awakens in us a capacity to manipulate all the energetic potential present in our body and in a subtle, loving, but intense way it awakens what is asleep.

But, after all, what is tantric sex?

When sex and Tantra meet, that's where Tantric Sex is born. This is because it is a philosophy based on the manipulation of energy itself for the sake of pleasure, expansion of consciousness and love.

Tantra provides you with the necessary knowledge and experiences in your own body through meditations and experiences that allow you to change your paradigms regarding sexuality, pleasure and yourself.

However, it is worth remembering that he is not directly linked to his sexual performance, with group sex or orgies. If you look for Tantra for these purposes, I can already tell you that you will end up frustrated in the middle of the road.

Sex and Tantra although they are different things are interconnected and generate a much better result!

If you are looking for your own evolution with a loving and welcoming path, then stay here with me for a while longer!

With it you take ownership of your consciousness, your energy perception and the influence of sexual energy on the body.

Why do you have sex?

This question may seem strange, but let's go a little deeper to understand the motivation.

Many people begin sexual intercourse for reasons that are very personal, far beyond pleasure or reproduction. This is because, we were created to face sex as something prohibited, which should not be commented on. But even so, it must be done.

Incoherent isn't it?

And it is exactly this inconsistency that is so toxic not only for individuals at an intimate and personal level, but also in relationships.

This is because bosoms are created not to talk, talk or even have sex (in the case of most girls), we are discouraged from exploring ourselves when we are alone.

However, in a relationship, sex becomes the target of demands. In many cases, couples live frustrated intimate lives, with lack of communication and constant fear.

That is why the motivation for this act is so important: do you have sex because you like it or because of some social imposition?

Sex is pleasurable and leads to indescribable experiences. However, it must be free and not filled with fear and social impositions.

Sex and Tantra: breaking the inconsistencies

Sex and Tantra is a wonderful combination, because through it we find a break for this inconsistency that so afflicts the western population.

After all, Sex and Tantra show a realistic, loving and welcoming view of sexuality. In addition, it develops awareness of the body and all the pleasure it is capable of providing us.

Do you want to start breaking these limiting patterns? Then download our e-book for FREE THE SECRETS OF TANTRA and take the first step to discover a path to a pleasurable and satisfying sexuality.


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