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When we started to incorporate the tantric path in our life, as a couple, we had several doubts and went through several peculiar moments. The main issue we experienced was finding a course that would meet our expectations and teach us how to put Tantra into practice in our relationship, especially when we talk about tantric sex.

Finding a tantric sex course can be a challenging process for the couple. There are several options on the market and although they can be increasingly valued, few actually deliver the content in a didactic way.

What does that mean? That everything that is taught needs to be transmitted in an easy way, where the student applies it quickly and manages to bring results to his life.

We know that Tantra can be confusing for people who still don't know this philosophy and that is why, when we decided to create our methodology to teach couples in our tantric sex course, we decided to focus on this issue.

In today's article we will address several important issues so that you can choose an option that truly meets your expectations.

In addition, we will work a little more on the subject and explain how Tantra can help in your relationship. We will cite issues that go far beyond sexuality for two and we will go into deep aspects regarding the emotions, blocks and even traumas that one of the two may have.

If you want to know more about the subject, continue with me as we will bring you more details on how a tantric sex course can improve your relationship.

 What I need to know before choosing a tantric sex course

Before choosing your tantric sex course, you need to clearly understand what Tantra is and how this practice can help you.

First of all, Tantra is an ancient philosophy. It goes far beyond sex and sees us as a complete being: there is no separation between what is sacred or what is profane.

We are all sacred and wonderful beings!

This way of thinking had as main influence Buddhist and Hindu texts. Therefore, it brings thoughts that equate the sexes and contemplate the feminine in a loving and welcoming way.

It is not about sex for sex, but it is a very deep journey of self-knowledge, transformation and strengthening of the links with our own existence.

It is possible that even you associated a tantric sex course with a brake sexuality, sex sessions focused only on an endless performance or even on videos that you can watch on the internet.

But, I need to tell you that this is not what you will find. It goes far beyond these superficial aspects.

Tantric practices for couples include several exercises that deepen intimacy, the pleasure is not only summarized in the performance, how much one of them can handle before orgasm or in concerns about their own aesthetic or that of their partner.

Of course, with practices, ejaculation control for men and the ease of reaching orgasms for women appears in a natural and subtle way. However, that is not the focus.

What do we learn in a tantric sex course?

In a tantric sex course we learned several practices and exercises that promote the couple's interaction, all based on great principles of Tantra.

However, unlike what you can find by wandering on the internet, it is not an extremely complex and time-consuming task.

But, it demands a lot of interest and willingness from both involved. This is because it is very different from what we were created.

We live in a society that experiences false sexuality. Where the sexy and erotic model is totally unreal, which extends to pornography.

Therefore, we have emotionally shaken women with low self-esteem and fear of their own bodies and men looking for a type of potency that does not exist.

The tantric sex course brings the three keys of Tantra (breath, sound and movement) to promote the idea of ​​a natural and real sex, with smells, sounds and tastes that naturally excite and seduce us.

Far from society's standards.

In addition, we have learned to promote each other's energetic and physical well-being and to strengthen bonds of trust and commitment, which are essential to increase the level of pleasure and orgasmic capacity.

And that's not all!

With a tantric sex course we learn to love ourselves and to see ourselves as a complete being in its own right. Contrary to what can be imagined, Tantra helps us in the integration process with our essence and gives us access to who we really are, individually and fully.

It is an incredible experience!

What do you expect from tantric sex?

As tantric professionals with thousands of students, we need to state that a tantric course, no matter what it is, goes far beyond sex and features techniques that often don't talk about sex itself.

It is necessary to break this centralization of penetration as a universal sexual practice. Raised in a heteronormative society, it is normal for us to have this vision.

But, sex goes far beyond that.

It's not about penetration. It's about pleasure, in its purest word. Penetration or even orgasm is just a consequence of it.

Our way inside Tantra

We started our way as tantric therapists and reborns through the Metamorphosis Center, where we started our learning process and started to understand all this incredible philosophy that was Tantra.

After serving hundreds of clients, we applied several Tantra groups and face-to-face courses for couples, and we realized that the doubt we had when looking for a tantric sex course was the same as that of several couples.

And yet, many of those who sought and were able to choose a methodology often found it very difficult to apply in practice.

For this reason, we decided to create a course where it was possible to teach tantric sex in a highly didactic and realistic way, which besides passing the theory, teach the practice in a complete way, but that is easily put into practice.

Thus came the course Online Course on Sexuality and Tantric Massage.

A complete course that addresses important issues such as the deconstruction of limiting standards about our sexuality and a full and healthy way to experience it.

In addition, it brings incredible techniques for the pleasure of the couple's intimacy both for the practice of tantric massage, as well as subjects of the tantric sex course itself.

Do you want to know how to bring all these benefits into your life and still take advantage of the free personal development course for men and women? So, don't miss this super opportunity and sign up now!


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